Our Beloved Basil

Posted by Pia

In memory of our Warrior Prince...

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Our Beloved Basil...We miss you already...

1 Our Beloved Basil...We miss you already...

Dearest Basil,
You and your human mom, Lynn, are in our thoughts today.

As a devoted follower of The Daily Wag and a member of our extended Daily Wag family, your canine commentary will be sorely missed.

We are thankful that you allowed us to share in a portion of the eleven and a half wonderful years that you and your devoted human mom had together.

Rest assured Basil, you will not be forgotten and your legacy will undoubtedly live on with all of us here at The Daily Wag.

In kinship,
Francesca, Sharkey, G.K.,
all of your Glue Squad comrades (critters and humans alike),
your fellow Daily Wag Readers,
Martha and Pia.

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  • Dear Lynn,
    I am so sorry to hear about our Warrior Prince. What a great picture of our little buddy. We knew it was coming, but it hurts none the less. I know all too well the emptiness that is with you and your family today. Our Sheltie, Mopsa O'Plainfield(aka: Sandy)was with us 15 years. Although we want them forever, they have to leave. I dream of a heaven where all the dear little (and big) friends are waiting for us to come to them.
    We are all with you, Lynn.
    Your friends,
    Sharon & Rebel

  • Good morning Dr. Pia,
    Thank you so much for dedicating your post to our little brother Basil, Warrior Prince. I know this will make Lynn cry just as Karen is right now too but it will make her smile at the same time as she will be very happy that you honored him like this.
    I will miss him so much. When I would type my comment in the morning I would always wonder who was going to be the first one to have a comment. It was either Zoe, me or Basil. Zoe was pretty regular at veing first but then Basil came into the picture. When I would go back to check the blog to read all the comments, I would smile when I saw my little buddy beat me to be the first one. As for Lynn, that lady went above and beyond for him. He had health problems right from the start but that didn't stop her from giving him a wonderful loving home and doing everything she could to keep him going all these years. She is remarkable.
    And the picture, he truly looks like a great Warrior Prince. I will miss you my little friend but you will always be in mine and Karen's heart.
    Love to you Warrior Prince. We will meet one day.
    We will help your mom in any way we can.

  • Today is a sad day and a happy day. Sad because when I get home and blog from home I won't have my new friend Basil to share stories with BUT happy because I know he is my new guardian angel. Why you all are asking???????? Because I got the word late last night that I am going home tomorrow!!!!!! I know Basil was up there pulling strings for me because he knows how much I want to get to my human family. I am so excited. I am going to do great in training today and Lily told me mom will be picking me up at 2:30 tomorrow. We will do a class together before I leave so Lily can tell her all my new commands then we are out of here!!!!

    Thanks Basil :) and never leave me. You know me.... Im going to need all the back up I can get. LOL

    PS Could you keep a close eye on Zoe too. I know she was very upset when she heard the news . And she gets into a bit of trouble too so she will need an angel too.

    Chloe xx

  • Good Morning Dr. Pia

    Thank you for making today's blog in memory of my boyfriend Basil. I just love him so much. Did I tell you he sent me a hand made black leather collar with little paw prints on it? I think of him every time I put it on and I'll cherish it forever. I have his picture on the refrigerator because every time mom and I look at it we would say a prayer he would get better. What is that phrase only the good die young - hell I'll be here forever.

    Basil you will be truly missed.



  • Beloved Basil, you will be greatly missed. Mom and I cried when we read about your passing, and our condolences go to your Mom (Lynn). We know we will see you again someday...save a place for us near you.

  • Dr Pia, DW Doggies/humans and the Glue Squad,
    What a wonderful Tribute to Sweet Basil! Yes we all will miss him and always remember him and the comments.
    I fell asleep last night crying thinking of Basil and how much we love our animals, the pain of losing them and that's because we LOVE them so much. How Blessed Basil was to have had the Love and care from Lynn and family, this for sure makes me feel better knowing that such love was given.
    Lynn I pray for your heart to heal...

    Just knowing people that you have never met have this kind of concern and feed back is certainly endearing.

    Everyone here, may your weekend be peaceful.
    Hugs :-)
    delia & Kitty =^..^=

  • This brings such sadness. Our hearts go out to Lynn and to the new Angel, Basil.
    Fala and Winnie. And our Mom, alex.

  • Dear Francesca, Sharkey, G.K.,Glue Squad, Daily Wag followers, Martha and Dr. Pia,
    I went to The Daily Wag this morning and was thinking in my mind I would go to the previous posts from yesterday, to help me through this day. Everyone was so marvelous in their love and support. And as Maddox said, I smiled and cried when to my surprise was the photo of my little Warrior Prince from Christmas. What an honor to have such a wonderful dedicaton with the photo. I am so grateful to you Dr. Pia for organizing and doing this dedication. I feel so empty everywhere I go in the house it reminds me of the Warrior Prince. You and The Glue Squad are keeping me in line knowing the love that is felt for the both of us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU AGAIN, CLEAR UP TO GOD.
    With all my love and appreciation to each and every one of you,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. It was so nice of you for letting someone else make the post today in memory of Basil. When my Mommy read the post yesterday, she had to stop and wipe a tear or two. I know how both Mommy and Daddy feel. Their hearts and prayers are with you today Lynn. May you be comforted during your time of loss. We all will miss Basil.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi Dr. Pia, This wonderful ceremony that you provided for all of us is outstanding and presenting the stunning photo of our Warrior Prince Basil is so awesome! I made a copy so that I can have a good memory of our fabulous friend and attach it on my living room wall! Dearest Lynn and family, you certainly were outstanding care takers of our delightful buddy, handsome Basil and we know he loved you as much as you loved him! I feel that all dogs, kitties and other animals deserve the kind of care and love given by all of the followers of The Daily Wag and those involved in sharing this wonderful blog! Dudley Do Right and I certainly love all of you and we wish all of you the best! We hope you all have a great day and we know Angel Basil will be watching over all of us! Love, Jan &DDR

  • Hi Dr.Pia and all the glue Squad,
    What a beautiful dedication to our dear friend Warrior prince Basil!! Mom is sending out a donation to the animal shelter in his memory and is looking for sunflower seeds to plant by the garden to remind us of the sunshine he brought us each day. You did such a wonderful job taking care of him Lynn. Every day we will think of our special Prince Basil and remember his courage.
    Love to all the people and pets of our glue squad!!
    Abby and Tracie her mom.

  • Dear Lynn, Francesca, Sharkey, G.K. and Glue Squad,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. We will miss Basil, but know he is waiting for all of us at the Rainbow Bridge, people and animals alike. We lost our Zora on April 14, Mom has been very sad since then, but today she smiled and said that now she knows that Zora had a job to do somewhere else. She was waiting for Basil to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge. We know that you were the best dog mom possible, Lynn, and hope that the memories and love you shared with Basil make this time easier...

    Your friends,

    Lily and Fergie

  • Dr. Pia thank you for dedicating today's blog post to our mighty Warrior Prince Basil Boy. Just reading through everyone's beautiful comments brings the tears again but I know that our sweet little Angel is romping free again. He can breathe like he's never breathed before. His courage and dignity will always be with us. His love and compassion inspires like no other. Sweet Lynn, I know that your heart is heavy but just remember that your wonderul boy may be gone in his physical form but he amazing spirit and soul will always be there to love and comfort you and all of us.

    Chloe I am so happy you are on your way home. It was such a happy gift to hear from your Mom Carolyn last night that you are coming home Friday. It truly did lift my spirits up. :smile:

  • I am not a Glue Squad member, but I have been following Basil's health updates, and now he is gone. Such a brave fellow. He will be missed so much. I, too, feel like Basil was part of my family. Lynn, thank you for faithfully keeping us informed. Basil was special.

  • The Warrior Prince will always live on in our hearts..what an honor to have had him for a friend..like I said before..I know Ivy, the Wonder Dog, Kit-Bang and Quigley the guinea pig have already welcomed him into their group,and they are heavens version of the Glue Squad...love, Cora-Belle

  • Dr. Pia,
    Thank you so much for this dedication to our dear Basil. This means so much to all of the Glue Squad members.
    Lynn, you know how much the Warrior Prince meant to all of us. And we know how much you are hurting. If I could tell you one thing to do it would be to set aside about 5 minutes every day to think about something that Basil did in his lifetime that made you smile or laugh out loud. That will help you to dwell on the happy parts of his life. And remember, the Glue Squad sticks together through the good and the bad things that happen in life. You will always be part of us because Basil was part of you.
    Again Dr. Pia, thank you for remembering our dear friend Basil.

  • Thanks for Dr. Pia for sharing Basil's photo and kind words about a great dog and his Mama Lynn :) Life is filled with beginnings and ends and hopefully in between wonderful and funny stories which help to make the ends a little easier. Lola is still not up to writing. She's a tuff little girl but she's asked me to fill in today. Hugs to Franny, how are you doing sweet thing? Sharkey, you might have your paws full keeping your sister calm and relaxed while the eye mends.

    Well would you believe.... It was such a lousy weather wise day when I began this post and now the sun is shining bright. Have a nice evening everyone. Rita for Little Lola.


  • Hi Dr Pia, Many thanks for a wonderful tribute to Warrior Prince Basil today. His picture is so very special and appeared that he enjoyed having his picture taken. Mom has read & read again all the beautiful comments from everyone and each time, her eyes tear up knowing the feeling Lynn is experiencing. It has brought back memories to her & Dad when my big brother, Keebler passed very suddenly in January. It was a very long month for them, expecting to see him come around the corner,out in the yard, etc. However, nobody can take away their memories of him, his unconditional love that he gave in his own loving way. My job is to keep them on their toes every day & going forward so we will all have our own memories once again.

    Lynn & Family, stay strong and always remember the good times spent with Basil Buddy.

    Till next time,
    Missy Chow

  • I am so very sorry for your loss! It hurts so much to say goodbye to our beloved pets. I pray you find peace during your time of grief and that yor heart is filled with wonderful memories of your sweet Basil.


  • Lynn,

    So sorry for your loss.

    Sir Kirby and family

  • Oh, wow, Zoe! I feel soooooooo bad for you... Poor boyfriend. Has he been sick for a while? I haven't been reading DW lately. Poor poor you... {:'(
    Heartfelt love from

  • Lynn is a dear friend of mine and she had kept me up to date on basil's health issues. I am saddened to hear he is gone but know he is in doggie heaven with my Pepper, Sammie and Gracie having a play-date. Thank you so much for posting a memorial of him. I know Lynn appreciated so much.

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