Fiona's Rescue Captures Hearts Around The Globe

Posted by Pia

In the past month, an amazing thing has happened. A little blind dog named Fiona, rescued from certain death by a heroic man, captured the hearts of people all over the world.


After many an animal lover sent me the video, I reluctantly grabbed a tissue and hit play.

Fiona's rescue was heartwarming to say the least... And for some reason the rescuer's name-Eldad- stuck with me and wrung a bell. It finally dawned on me that a few years ago, Eldad and I were both called in the middle of the night to help rescue a cat who was believed to have crawled up in a car engine for warmth. Those situations rarely include a formal introduction, so even though Eldad and I had spent hours together accessing a car engine from every angle imaginable, we had never been formally introduced. Covered in grease and reluctant to give up we could find no sign of a cat in on or near that engine. We surmised that the cat must have freed herself and fled just prior to our arrival. Later our assessment was confirmed and the grease covered kitty was safely retrieved from a nearby vacant lot.

Since energy attracts similar energy, I was not surprised to learn that my friend, colleague and executive director, Abbie Moore has also been witness to the rescue efforts of this compassionate crusader. Having been given his number by another local rescuer, Abbie enrolled Eldad to help her capture a terrified and vulnerable small dog who she'd seen on her daily commute. When Eldad drove 50 miles before dawn on 3 consecutive days in the pouring rain to help a relative stranger safely trap a soul in need- he ended up positively impacting 2 worthy souls.

According to Abbie, meeting Eldad changed her life. Abbie already works tirelessly to show others how many wonderful animals await adoption in shelters nationwide. Now Eldad allowed her to see that she could also help in the day to day encounters that, up until then, left her feeling helpless and alone.

Eldad Hagar, who along with his wife Audrey runs Hope For Paws rescue, is well known in the Los Angeles area as the go-to guy when there's a difficult rescue or trapping situation. Eldad often brings along a video camera to capture his dramatic rescues, with the intention of helping people all across the country learn how to safely trap strays in need. This is why he happened to be filming when the little blind white dog...well, I won't ruin it for you. If you're not among the million people who have watched this video, watch it now. You are sure to be inspired.

Since this video went viral, Eldad and Fiona have been featured all over the place, including on ABC News with Diane Sawyer. Look for them to be on Anderson Cooper's show this month!

Now, do yourself a favor and watch Eldad's other YouTube videos on his channel. Don't miss Nala, and Eldad's recent rescue of five strays at once.

And definitely watch Chase's transformation as Eldad offers her a chance to show the world what treasure lies within her- and within so many others like her, who are routinely written off and mislabeled as aggressive or otherwise 'unadoptable.'

I join Eldad in wanting others to understand the importance of us humans becoming advocates for animals in need. When there is one person willing to step up, others are nearby, willing to join forces and bring injured, frightened, vulnerable animals the love and care they need and deserve. Give it a try, support others who help, and spread the word!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

Keep up the great work Eldad and Audrey!

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  • Something for Francesca + Sharkey Lovers:
    Another great rescue organization is
    "French Bulldog Rescue Network" which is a special rescue organization that specializes on French Bulldogs.
    They help you surrender one OR adopt one and have a very caring way to screen every bulldog before putting it on the available page.
    Whats reat about this organisation: If you want this specific breed you can adopt the perfect bulldog that fits your personality! And they are very honest about the health status of the dogs.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. You always seem to have a good story about rescued animals. Keep us informed of what is going on with those less fortunate animals. Some of us just don’t know just how lucky we really are to have a good home. It’s stopped raining for a while but they say “thunderstorms” on Sunday. I don’t like the sound of that.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Morning Dr Pia,
    Mimi & I will have to look at the movie when we get home. We'll have tissues ready, for sure.
    Hope everybody had a good nights sleep!
    Your pal,

  • Good Morning Dr. Pia,
    I don't know if it's my computer or the Video, but I couldn't get the Video to play...I'll try to find it somehow...You work with some incredible animal loving and compassionate people...
    Fiona looks like how I found our little Poodle dog Pippa, zerknitterten...

    Bless you and all those involved.

    delia & Kitty =^, ,^=

  • Hi Dr. Pia, Thanks again for another great blog post! After reading this and viewing the video about Fiona's rescue, I can finally comment now that my tears are over with. Eldad and Abbie certainly do outstanding things to save animals from danger! Sweet, little Fiona was so lucky to be found by Eldad and the sweetheart turned out to have a great life! Wish this would happen all the time and sure wish animals never had to experience being a stay. One day my brother and I found a stray dog running down our street and we were able to take him to our vet and the Animal Control person was able to find his family and he was safe! His family had just moved to our area and for some reason he escaped and didn't know where to go. Thank God we found him! Hope you have a great weekend and hope all of our Daily Wag followers do, too! Hey Cora-Belle, what an amazing event you and Lucinda had-sure glad you are both OK!! Love to all, Jan and DDR

  • Dr. Pia, like i have said before, every critter deserves a loving home..thank goodness for compassionate humans...I feel good today, think it was all the excitement yesterday..but Lucinda says we will not be walking by any bushes for awhile..Darn! I thought it was like old times.!....the siberian husky from down the road is out in the yard, that means her people will be here on their quad any minute...wonder what is up?...I better get out there and form a welcoming committee..over and out, Cora-Belle

  • I'm back!
    Hey Delia! Mimi had problems with her work computer running the video, too. We're home now & were able to watch. What a great day for Fiona. I'm glad they could fix one of her eyes.
    Thanks, Dr. Pia.
    Your pal,

  • This is the second time I am commenting today. I don't know what happened. I couldn't open the video and my post didn't go through. Anyway, I am glad there are such good people in the world like Dr. Pia and people like her. I wish the laws would be more strict regarding the people that abuse and abandon animals
    Well, it is almost bedtime but I wanted to check in
    till tomorrow,

  • I watched the video and my heart signs with joy knowing Fiona has a furever loving home and that all turned out well with her eyes...I posted the video on my FaceBook!
    All the humans mentioned above including you Dr.Pia are Angels with big hearts!

    delia <3

  • I am so impressed and excited that Martha Stewart is supporting Hope For Paws. Eldad and Audrey are amazing people. I first came across Eldad's videos about a year ago. Anyone reading this MUST get a whole box of tissues and watch a bunch. Your life will be changed. I was inspired to volunteer at my local shelter, and now regularly walk dogs. Great for the figure and soul.
    Watch the videos, wipe away your tears then act... donate, volunteer, become a foster, "adopt dont shop" for pets. And above all never pass a stray or abused animal without doing something. If you can't rescue them yourself then call someone who can.

  • Thank you beautiful aussie dog,that was a beautiful post,
    I have four rescue dogs myself and they are the most wounderful dogs anyone could ever have, they don't hold a grudge,they are so forgiving.I rescued a chow mix that was starved,beaten and throwed out on the expressway to get ran over,I named her angel baby.She stays by my side and follows me all around the house and sleeps with me.She is the best thing or should I said they are the best things that every happen to me.They all lay around my feet when I watch tv and around my bed when I sleep.I'm so thankful to have them. barbara

  • This is to my angel baby, She is my friend, my partner,my defender,my dog.I'm her life,her love,her leader. She will be faithful and true,to the last beat of her heart. I owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion! I love you angel baby !!! Thanks for being my best friend! Mom



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