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Last week I introduced you all to Zelda- a dog whose life changed so many other lives for the better. And now upon her passing, her influence remains very much alive through the efforts of her grieving human best friend.

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Wise Zelda sporting that knowing look.

1 Wise Zelda sporting that knowing look.

Zelda- bring a smile to others as always!

2 Zelda- bring a smile to others as always!

Trudy - Rescued in the nick of time...

3 Trudy - Rescued in the nick of time...

Trudy today- helping others as a Certified Therapy Dog!

4 Trudy today- helping others as a Certified Therapy Dog!

Arrow (before)- She was frightened and frail...

5 Arrow (before)- She was frightened and frail...

Arrow (now)- happy and hard at work as a service dog!

6 Arrow (now)- happy and hard at work as a service dog!

Two very releived rescued pooches, able to stay together because of DIrty Dog Squad.

7 Two very releived rescued pooches, able to stay together because of DIrty Dog Squad.

While Zelda's rescuer is feeling all of the despair and sadness that comes naturally after such a loss, he is also doing something very fitting and constructive in tribute to Ms. Z.

The Dirty Dog Squad, originally founded because of Zelda, now seeks to help even more dogs in need. The Zelda Foundation has been created to continue Zelda's positive influence on others. The foundation's focus is on helping to save senior dogs and those who have been given up due to special needs- the dogs that find themselves suddenly alone and scared with no way to show the world the amazing gifts that remain for anyone willing to open their heart and take a chance on them.

This tribute is so fitting - Zelda's life influenced an otherwise cautious human, to step up on her behalf, and by doing so, he defined himself and his mission. Now in Zelda's absense, he is providing other humans with a way to step up and connect to something bigger than themselves.

The foundation in her name offers compassionate humans and special dogs like Zelda a chance to find one another - a chance that is otherwise against the odds, yet holds the promise to reveal just what that dog and that human needs for each to flourish.

Grief leaves us fragile but it also creates fertile soil for new growth. I am heartened to see new signs of life taking root in the space left by Zelda's passing. Her positive influence on others remains alive and well.

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

For a wonderful story about Zelda, be sure to read: Zelda Rides Shotgun.
Please consider supporting The Zelda Foundation and be sure to spread the word in her honor.

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  • Hello Dr. Pia,
    That is a wonderful thing that was done in honor of Zelda
    I hope many good things happen through the foundation
    love to all,

  • Hello Dr. Pia,
    As always, thank you for bringing us a continued story of great substance. Zelda and her owner were/are remarkable. Mom and I are planning a gift to her foundation. It is doing great work!!!!
    Love & licks,

  • Aaaaaaaaw, that's so nice....
    I really like Arrow's happy story especially, but I like them all!
    And so What's up?

  • Anyways,I sure do love MY home!
    What are your nice homes like? How many siblings do you have?

    Jumps, licks, and Love,

  • Thank you Dr. Pia for continuing Zelda's story. Arrow's before pic is so sad. Mimi & I are very happy she was rescued.
    I liked Zelda's silly hat!
    Til tomorrow.
    Your Pal,

  • Hi Dr. Pia, Thanks again for these photos of wonderful Zelda and more great dogs that have been saved and are doing special things and look so beautiful and happy! You and your friends certainly do a terrific job saving so many animals and my heart goes out to all of you for these great jobs! I'm going to check all of your websites ASAP and thanks again for all that you do! Love to all, Jan & DDR PS-How nice that The Daily Wag is getting more and more followers!

  • LOL we all pretend to be dogs............

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    And hello to you too Dr. Pia. Thanks for sharing this with us. Now when I think of the “Z” dog, I will be able to think of Zelda and not just Zoe. After all she, Zoe, is always chewing on TP or ripping off some doll’s head. Half a week gone and time is getting closer to those mountains. The mountains are calling and I must go.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • OK I stopped crying and I now can see the keyboard to comment...my heart goes out to the owner of Zelda, and I would like to say, Thank You for having given Zelda a loving furever home. The story is heart wrenching and loving, I forced myself to read it, as I did looking at all the Posted photos here. I'm just too emotional when it comes to animals suffering, I wish I could be different, but that's just who and how I am.

    I pray for all the animals in need...I just don't understand how anyone can be cruel to a helpless animal...now the tears come...so I will say, Thank You again Dr.Pia for sharing and letting us know about Zelda and the organizations represented by her name.

    delia & Kitty =^; ;^= sends her tear filled condolences

  • Dr Pia,
    What a wonderful story. It makes me feel so sad to think of all the pets that need help. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family who takes great care of me. (Even though they are sending me to boot camp LOL. But I know that is to help me.) Anyway, I here mom and sister Abbie talking all the time. They go every other month to our local shelter and make donations of food for the cats and dogs in memory of Katie, there little dog they had before me.
    So, onto something different. Mom comes home today for lunch and surprises me with a noon walk.:) We go on our merry way and when we get home....walk up the steps to go in the house....mom locked us out :( And it was really hot too. Thank God she brought her cell phone to call someone to let us in. 10 min. later here comes Aunt Denise to the rescue. Had a nice long drink a snack then back into my crate for a nice nap. Life is good :)
    Hope everyone has a great day

    Chloe xx

  • I'm back....this is to follow up to Zoe from yesterdays post. Mom said you should come with me to boot camp, you need it :)

    Chloe xx

  • ..thank goodness for people who care about our animal buddies..and shame on the ones who don't!..We here at the farm/ranch care for dumped off cats...we have nine healthy happy get to live here till the end of their days feral cats...as a matter of fact i better go spy on the naughty guys ..over and out..Cora-belle

  • Hello, Dr. Pia,
    We just knew something good would come from Zelda's life! What a special girl she was, to inspire so many good things for so many special dogs!Thank you for sharing more of her story, and the stories of Arrow and Trudy. We think it's fabulous that those girls are giving back as therapy dogs-what better way to show how loving and forgiving dogs can be?
    We're very busy on squirrel patrol these days. I, Lily noticed there were THREE squirrels in our oak tree this morning! Fergie looked busy, but paid no attention to me barking at those squirrels.Thanks to Zora, who did pay attention to me, and helped me get those critters out of our yard.
    Have a great evening, everybody, Mom says she saw another squirrel in the yard, and Fergie seems to be looking for a rabbit in the bushes(and not finding it!). She says I've got to go back out, and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day, help Zora(who's being good for once!), and get those flea-carrying creatures away from our yard!

    Your pals,
    Lily, Fergie, and Zora

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