Finding Safety in an Apple Tree

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In our never-ending quest to be crackerjack squirrel chasers, we tore across the farm after one the other day.  We were just inches away from its tail, when the darn thing darted and made a beeline for the hollow of an old apple tree.  You’ll get yours yet, squirrel!

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  • Good morning ladies,
    Oh those nutty squirrels! Be careful sticking your sweet heads in holes..
    We're worn out from the Super Bowl last night. What a game. I kept hanging out in the kitchen looking for a snack & I even tried to be extra nice to our guests hoping they would pass a tidbit on, but no luck.
    Hope everybody had a good weekend.
    Your pal,

  • Good morning girls,
    Too bad about the squirrel getting away. Next time have someone throw a big net over the tree so you can get that pesky squirrel
    Welcome to the group Bailey. I saw you introduced yourself on Friday
    How about that football game yesterday? Did everyone have a party? Madonna did a good job with the half time show but I think they should hire the Glue Squad next year.
    We could have Barbie heads and giant rolls of TP all around the stage. We could have squirrels on top of the TP and Cora-Belle could come out on a chariot and bark out some tunes. All the little ones like Basil, Rebel, F & S, Zoe, Dudley, Kitty and all the cats on the blog could be pulled out by the bigger ones like me, Kirby Bear, GK, Chloe (she is young but strong). Martha could decorate everything with glitter. It would be spectacular. And we would make sure there would be no clothing malfunction with Cora-Belle's sweater vest. Ah, sometimes I wonder how I come up with some of this stuff. hehehehehe

    could be driven out

  • Wow, Francesca, I'm impressed with how easily you climbed that tree! Frenchies appear to be quite agile (not to mention remarkably intelligent and knowledgeable). Do you also jump rope? Do you play tug-of-war with the cats? Later!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    What a weekend this was. It way 74 degrees yesterday and this is still winter. Everyone was talking about the rain but it never happened. The weather people don’t know what they are talking about. Should be as warm again today. I think I will find a good hiding spot. When it’s this warm I feel a bath coming on. Squirrels are my pastime too. I chase them all the time. Haven’t caught one as of yet, but one day watch out. I guess I will have to learn to climb in order to catch one. Is there any cats around who would give me some pointers?
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Ladies,
    First donkey topiaries and now squirrels. You two aren't snowed in like old Basil. We had 15 inches Friday at my house. The kids had snow days and people were off work. Dad made me a maize in the snow for doing my business. Mom has been putting bread out for the squirrels in the way back that I can't get to. They used to eat out of our bird seed feeders, so that stopped.

    Bailey, I want to give you a big Basil welcome. I think I tried to encourage you back in the photos time in Dec. to join in---were you the fawn Frenchie in the photos? Welcome, welcome, and welcome again. This glue squad is a great bunch.

    Maddox, I think your idea of the glue squad performing at the next Superbowl is a great one. Well, if we cannot perform there, then how about Martha's show. Those that can't be on in person, could do that scipe thing. Everyone have a good day and rest from the big weekend.

    Love & licks,

  • Hi Girl Friends &G.K., OOPS! The photos are missing, but we did see them late last night and you girls looked so cute! Franny, why weren't you wearing your jacket? How cute to see you climb that tree and try to find that squirrel! I'm sure you will chase more squirrels as it gets closer to spring! We had a lovely weekend with sunshine most of each day and got to go for a nice, long walk again-super! Hope you all had a great weekend and how great to see the Giants win the Super Bowl! Hey Baily, welcome to our Glue Squad group! Hope all of you have another great, safe, healthy, happy day! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+ P.S. The photos finally showed up!

  • How athletic you are Francesca! Climbing a tree, that's really cool, actually amazing ;-)

    Well, from what I understand, that the tree squirrels don't hibernate and are not as active in the Winter, I see Squirrels through the winter, they have their Dreys(winter tree nests)in the fork of branches. Kitty is happy watching the Squirrels chase each other around the trees now, guess getting ready for their mating girls would be so active here.

    Love #3 Photo....So cute!!! :-) <3
    till tomorrow,
    delia & Kitty

  • Note #2...
    First...Welcome to the clan, Bailey.. new friends are great!
    Hey, Maddox..I do love your BIG plans for next year..
    I can dance for Cheerios! LOL
    your pal,

  • Ahhhh the never ending adventures of F & S: Squirrel Chasers. I love all of the photos, Sharkey's paw on Franny's back, Franny setting a new high jump record. Those wiley squirrels must be sharing intel with each other that's why they keep escaping you two.

    Wild SB game. I'm sure MommyM is happy since the Giants won the game. :smile:

  • ..good idea Maddox, we would be a sensation!..Don't feel badly frenchies, outdoor critters laugh at me all the time..and sooner or later it all backfires on my ramp..must take a snooze over and out Cora-belle

  • What a cute and funny blog today!

    Crackerjack Squirrel Chasers is the best!

    Maybe you can get into Martha's craft room and create a peanut type of disguise.

    That will for sure fool the fluff tails! :)


  • Hello girls..and GK,
    We have lots of squirrels at my house too. They are fast but I am real close to getting one. Mom says one of these days it's going to happen. I already got a bunny and a mole. The bunny survived but sorry to say the mole didn't. I had a fun weekend playing outside. Mom went to see Zoe and the gang this weekend. Sure can't wait till I can go visit.
    And I have good news....... mom is finally letting me go out in the morning by myself to do my busiess. I don't know why she thinks she had to walk out with me every morning, but this morning at 5am bright and early she let me go by myself. Of course she was watching from the window (she doesn't know I saw her)to make sure I was ok. I know I am still just a pup, but I am getting bigger and bigger everyday and can take care of myself :) I am also getting quicker grabbing the TP rolls and running out the back door. That is something I learned from cousin Zoe. The yard was full of chewed up rolls. Mom had to go out and clean everything up :)
    I have three more weeks of "school" then I will be finished my training. Sure hope mom doesn't sign me up for any more classes. We are exhausted when we come home and all those little dogs do is yap at me.
    And Maddox, that is a great idea. But I know I am a husky and I'm suppose to like to pull but I would rather be pulled. LOL I have fun sledding on the sled with sister Abbie rather then pulling her. But we can talk about the details when it gets closer and Martha gets us booked.HAHA
    Hope everyone has a good day. I am off to see what is going on out in the living room, maybe something to chew.

    Chloe XX

  • Hey Cora Belle,
    Have been meaning to tell you that I have a set of stairs in almost every room. They are even covered in fake lambie wool-there is one to the couch in the frontroom, one to every bed. Now that I am used to it it is fun.
    Love & licks,

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