Helping With the Burlap Project

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The crew at the farm has been working so hard lately cleaning up storm damage, planting new trees, and preparing for winter.  As you probably know, Martha likes to cover all the boxwood shrubs with burlap to protect them from the winter elements.  This is a huge job, as more and more boxwood keep getting planted and we, Frenchies, are always ready and willing to help.

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  • Hello Ladies,
    Boxwoods today hey???? You are both such a big help to Mama Martha. Mom and I saw Clive and his buddies on her holiday send off show yesterday. They were being very silly and had reindeer antlers on their heads. They were very well mannered I thought. We could not begin to be outside covering boxwood with burlap today. As I write it is 5 below zero. I am putting off going out to do my business as long as I can. Keep up the good work girls helping everyone on the farm. It is a big job but someone has to do it.
    Love & licks,

  • Work, work, work. I bet that is the middle name for both of you. Francesca Work Stewart and Sharkey Work Stewart. GK myst be Genghis Khan I Will Go Hide Till The Work Is Done Stewart. Wyhat can I say, he is my son and I love him.
    Cora Belle, be careful of the furniture. You could hurt yourself. Move slower in the house. Kirby Bear, I feel sorry for you. Wearing one of those collars must be awful. And not being able to scratch were you were bitten must drive you up a wall. I am hopful that you will heal very quickly. Five degrees below zero Basil, where do you live? Wow, that would be cold even for a furry chow. When you get wunter, you get it fast.
    Well, I am getting ready to take Dick for a walk around the neighborhood so I will catch up with all of you later.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    When the burlap goes up, winter is on the way. Basil I surely would like to be where you are. I really do like the cold weather; no fleas. At night some of the neighborhood cats get into my back yard. That’s how the fleas get in there. As I have said many times, “Cats are for chasing.” I can’t get to the itchy places but Mommy does put something on the spots which keeps the itchy feeling away. Next winter let’s all plan on meeting at Mommy Martha’s and help the girls put up the burlap. It’s a sure bet that GK will not help. Maybe when he gets off the ‘show circuit’ he will help more.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • You said it, Maddox! What fantastic workers you gals are. We all know though that we dogs love to have things to do or life would be too boring, right?
    Hey Basil, stay warm little buddy. We aren't so cold yet. Mimi is anxious for some snow (I think she's nuts).
    Have a good day all,

  • Hi Girl Friends &G.K., Thanks so much for sharing the latest project you are helping Martha's farm crew do to get everything ready to survive winter which seems pretty near!! I love seeing how that job is done and how great that you love helping the guys!! It's also great to see that those boxwood hedges survived that terrible snow storm at the end of October! You two always seem so happy to help out at Martha's terrific farm!! Hey Kirby, sure hope those awful, itchy flea bites are doing better! I had to wear one of those plastic things once and it was horrible-hope you are OK! Hey Basil, sure hope you stay warm-it's pretty cold here, too! Hey F&S, it sure was fun to see your 3 donkey friends on Martha's TV Show yesterday-how cute they are!!! Hope everyone has a nice, safe day today! Love Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • "Building frames all day
    with stakes and twine that stay,
    the shrubs are now safe
    from Winter's cold quake,
    We are Martha's Elves"

    (sung to the tune of "We Are Santa's Elves" from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) :smile:

  • ..what helpers..yes, you need to sing the work song that Sonya created..Basil, where do you live?...brrrr...I thought it was cold at 22 this a.m.,...rats!..I missed the donkeys on the Martha show...I love donks - minigoats, heck I like all my animal buddies...the only reason I like snow Rebel, is becaause I get to see all the critter tracks around the farm/ranch in the snow..if I get a flea I blame the raccoons and otters..I;m sure my buddy , Kit-Bang would not allow one to live on her body..hope you heal soon, Kirby..Maddox hope you and Dick had a good walk..see anything interesting?? I must get out there and fire off a couple barks...later buddies..cora-belle

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