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Remember Guppy? The long-lost suspected-sibling of Minnow? Well the two little canine 'fishes' got to reunite on a recent trip to Palm Springs.

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1 "Guppy?" "Minnow?"

Guppy, Minnow and Biscuit admiring their humans. 

2 Guppy, Minnow and Biscuit admiring their humans. Biscuit: "They've come so far since we adopted them..."


3 Minnow: "Oh's so relaxing here and it warms my heart to see you looking so well!

Daisy sharing her memory of the day when Minnow and Guppy were reunited over a year ago....

4 Daisy sharing her memory of the day when Minnow and Guppy were reunited over a year ago.... Minnow: "I love you Dais but you've told this story at least 10 times this weekend..."

Minnow and Guppy like to look tough sometimes...

5 Minnow and Guppy like to look tough sometimes...

Minnow giggled all weekend...

6 Minnow giggled all weekend...


7 Minnow: "Stop! I can't take it... stomach hurts from laughing...stop."


8 Minnow: "ahh...good stuff...funny kids are wearing me out..."

Minnow and Guppy pose for a family photo.

9 Minnow and Guppy pose for a family photo.


10 Minnow: "Who is or the statue behind me?"


11 Guppy: "Who is more handsome... me or this silly face on a stick with no ears?"

12 "Ok...I'm rested and ready to party... who brought the disco ball?"


13 Guppy: "Our humans should be back from the store any second now with the vermouth and yappy hour snacks..."

Guppy and brother Joe resting fireside.

14 Guppy and brother Joe resting fireside.

Guppy confirms Minnow's identity

15 Guppy confirms Minnow's identity "That's Minnow alright..."

Guppy offers Minnow the same courtesy...but Minnow is too exhausted from the previous night of dancing and debauchery.

16 Guppy offers Minnow the same courtesy...but Minnow is too exhausted from the previous night of dancing and debauchery.


17 Minnow: "Can you ladies keep it down? We were out all night...I can't get that 'It's raining men' song out of my head..."


18 Minnow: "I know it sounds crazy but I feel like someone's following me..."


19 Guppy: "OMG! I feel the same way!"


20 Minnow: "She looks just like me, but she's much bigger!"


21 Minnow: "Aha! I was right! Guppy I need some back-up over here!"

Guppy confronts the situation head on,

22 Guppy confronts the situation head on, "Who are you and why are you tormenting me like this?"


23 Minnow: "Stop tail gaiting!" "Who are you and what is it you want from me?"


24 Guppy: "You guys are missing all these rays."

Daisy and Guppy sunbathing.

25 Daisy and Guppy sunbathing. Guppy: "Daisy, you're in my sun again!"

26 "Where is the waiter? What's a pooch gotta do to get some service around here?"


27 Minnow: "I know! When is that cabana boy gonna return with my drink?"


28 Guppy: "Waiter... Can I get a Mint Julep and a bowl of seltzer for the lady? And charge it to my room please..."

Guppy strikes a pose

29 Guppy strikes a pose


30 Minnow: " I think I got some color by the pool today."


31 Guppy: "Who is that woman and why is she ALWAYS here?"


32 Daisy: "Isn't this a great color for me? And it's so retro..."


33 Guppy: "This bamboo is very Zen"


34 Minnow: "Ahh, life is good now...our humans are safe and sound in our care."

Some of my human girlfriends and I got away for a few days to a fabulously hip mid-century modern abode in the desert. It was a BYOAP of sorts... bring your own adopted pooch(s). Or maybe it was a BYOAH...Bring your own adoptive human...Hmmm...Hard to say which it was... Depends who you ask...

In any event, a good time was truly had by all. And it was the first time that Guppy and Minnow got to see one another since being saved over a year ago! As some of you may recall, soon after I adopted Minnow, we learned of Gus, or "A1118656" (soon to be Guppy), who came into the shelter at the same time as my Minnow. They looked just alike and had similar details in their profiles. They had both been recovering in shelter's medical ward at the same time but Guppy had been left behind :( .

Weeks had passed since I got Minnow and we feared the worst. With advocates Shawne and Leigh on board to foster Guppy (and eventually adopt him)- we rushed to find out his fate!

Luckily we were able to find him and bring the family back together! Now Minnow and Guppy each had a new family and forever home!

While we can never be certain if they are related- these two definitely seem more interested in each other than they do in other pooches. I know us humans can be biased in how we view things at times- but I must say, there did seem to be an immediate connection between Guppy and Minnow when we first put them together - and it was still going strong when they reconnected recently-over a year later! Whatever it is... we are thrilled they are both safe and sound in the kind of homes that every critter deserves.

In many ways Minnow saved Guppy. In fact, anyone who corrects the myths and spreads the word about these amazing shelter animals is saving more worthy little souls. I like to think of us all as their advocates...or "Minnows for Guppies..." Perhaps we should organize and 'march on Washington' with that motto....

Better yet- let's spread the word about the little treasures in need of homes in more viral ways- eg post a search box right on your website where people can search for a shelter animal in their area, or link your Facebook page to a new critter profile each day. Foster for a rescue group if you can, and help others to find their new best buddy at a shelter or rescue group.

Everyone benefits from some positive 'petworking!' Maybe I should call it "The Minnow Effect"...kinda catchy no?

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Hi Dr. Pia, Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful blog about Minnow, Guppy, Daisy, and Joe!!!! They are all beautiful babies and look so happy to see each other! Minnow and Guppy could be related because they look a lot alike and know each other, also! Sweet little Minnow sure does resemble my sweet little Dudley Do Right because he is part Chihuahua, too and his face looks like hers! He is a bit bigger, but that is because he is Boston Terrier and Pomeranian! Hope you have a wonderful day and be sure to hug your babies for us! Have a great New Year! Love to all, Jan and DDR PS-So glad we could finally comment! Viewed your blog at 7AM but couldn't comment then.

  • Hi Dr. Pia,
    The comments was set on comments off yesterday so I could not send you a message. But, if you look back at it today, I just wanted to say that I think that is great that Guppy and Minnow got together. How nice for them. I hope people remember the poor pets that are in need of homes and in need of love.
    Happy New Year to you Dr. Pia.
    PS - I will get my picture and info to you regarding the Glue Squad. I am a furry beast, but very loveable. hehehehehe

  • Oh I remember sweet little Minnow, mommie delia did a miniature painting of her! I do hope that Guppy is related, nonetheless they remember each other, how great is that... :)

    I pray for all the homeless pets to get a fur-ever home.

    Stay safe and healthy and may the year of 2012 be great!

    I Love you Dr.Pia...your DW Kitty =^..^=

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