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Francesca and I love all of your photos!  The community we have built through our blog is truly amazing!

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Chadwick G.'s dachshunds, Sadie and Jasper, pose like the bears from Grandin Road, the same as Martha has in her home.

1 Chadwick G.'s dachshunds, Sadie and Jasper, pose like the bears from Grandin Road, the same as Martha has in her home.

Christ S. used this photo of his sister's dogs, Cookie, Muffin, and Blue, as this year's Christmas card.

2 Christ S. used this photo of his sister's dogs, Cookie, Muffin, and Blue, as this year's Christmas card.

Pam from New Mexico sends photos of Maude the Bulldog...

3 Pam from New Mexico sends photos of Maude the Bulldog...

...and Ugo the Spinone, both in festive Santa Hats.

4 ...and Ugo the Spinone, both in festive Santa Hats.

Ugo loves the snow!

5 Ugo loves the snow!

Marjory and John H. say their keeshound, Edd E BowWower, loves sitting by the tree!

6 Marjory and John H. say their keeshound, Edd E BowWower, loves sitting by the tree!

Karen M.'s poodle, Rufus, is quite the patriotic pup!

7 Karen M.'s poodle, Rufus, is quite the patriotic pup!

Susie P.'s son's cat, Pouncey, is hoping Santa will leave her a chipmunk in her stocking.

8 Susie P.'s son's cat, Pouncey, is hoping Santa will leave her a chipmunk in her stocking.

Jackie T. says this is Bowzer's favorite Christmas shirt.

9 Jackie T. says this is Bowzer's favorite Christmas shirt.

Gordon, Jane C.'s 15 year old poodle, loves his new plush bed!

10 Gordon, Jane C.'s 15 year old poodle, loves his new plush bed!

Kathy M. says Merry Christmas from Sophie!

11 Kathy M. says Merry Christmas from Sophie!

12 "My name is D’ozhee. My mommy loves me and is getting me ready for the Holidays."

Huck looks quite dapper in his Christmas sweater.

13 Huck looks quite dapper in his Christmas sweater.

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  • Good Morning F & S

    So what was up with the DW comment section yesterday it said CLOSED FOR COMMENTS??? Well I'm glad it is working today.

    I see you are still getting lots of pictures I wonder how many want to join the Glue Squad? Maddox do you think we should start charging an initiation fee? We could make enough money for all of us to take a road trip to go visit Franny, Sharkey and G.K. what do you think guys?

    I'm not looking forward to New Years eve our neighbors shoot off fireworks and you can also hear them from the Philadelphia waterfront - I hate those loud noises. T-Bone will be freaking out as usual the big baby, Precious and Sophie need their hearing checked because it doesn't seem to bother them and I'll just snuggle with mom she'll keep me safe.

    So this will probably be our last blog for 2011 where did the time go? I wish everyone, pets and humans, at the DW a very Happy, Healthy New Year!!! I hope 2012 is a great year for everyone. Whatever your plans are this holiday weekend be safe and enjoy your pets, family and friends.

    Happy New Year and God Bless Us All!!!!!

    Zoe and Ann

  • Boy F & guys sure do have a lot of friends. I am still getting to know my neighbor friends,mom is still a little nervous having me around other dogs.But I am excited because mom is going to be meeting one of my new friends soon. Her name is Lil B and she just came home from Afganistan. It took a lot of work from "No Pet Left Behind", but with the help of a lot of people and donations from everyone she was able to come here to America. Her soldier is still fighting over there and will be home in January. He misses her so much. Lil B would be waiting for him every time he came home from a mission with his plattoon. Maybe you could talk to your mommy and she could do something on her show to tell everyone in our country about all the hard work No Pet Left Behind does. They could really use somemore support. And I heard mom talking to other people about how happy the dogs make our soldiers overseas while they are away. TJ and Lil B will be reunited real soon and I know it is going to be great!
    Well, have a great to sit in front of the fire, its' pretty chilly outside this morning so there is a it of frost on my couch outside.

    Chloe xx

  • Good morning my Glue Squad peeps.
    Another nice set of pictures today on the post. I wish they would start commenting like the rest of us do so we could get to know them better. We have a good time on here.
    Yesterday was a big day. Karen's mom turned 80. She got two beautiful flower arrangements that were shaped like dogs. They were very cute and she enjoyed them very much.
    Well, it is time to make our New Year's resolutions gang. What are yours? I don't need to lose weight so that is out. I don't need to get botox or anything like that cause I am hot stuff so that is out. I don't need to behave any better, as I am pretty good, so that is out. So, I guess the only thing left is to try to be the best Glue Squad member that I can be, to be supportive to each and every one of you and to love you to pieces.
    I hope you all had a great Christmas and that the New Year brings us all even closer than we are now.
    Happy New Year to Francesca, Sharkey, my boy GK, Martha, the staff at DW, Uncle Carlos and to my very special friends, THE GLUE SQUAD.
    Love always,

  • Hi everybody!
    What a great bunch of pals. I might reconsider sweater wearing after seeing Huck in his Christmas sweater.
    Have a great day all.
    your pal,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Great pictures again today. Well Zoe, if you turn your head around and look behind your butt you’ll find the year; it’s behind you. This year has passed quickly and now we are going to have a new year ahead of us. I hope things will be better in the coming year than this past year. So many have been sick but they are better now. Just like Maddox, I’m perfect the way I am so I don’t need any New Years resolutions. If you believe that then I have a bridge to sell you. Happy New Year to all on the DW.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Ladies,
    It is wonderful getting to see so many friends. I love seeing all the photos. On Mama Martha's blog I see she was in Colorado. What's up with not calling your old Basil Boy and saying hello, or did you all get to come along. I sure hope you haven't had to spend the holidays alone. I have been so busy being a nurse to Mom and Dad with their bad virus (now thinking the flu)that I haven't had time for myself much. Tomorrow night is usually a foodie night, but not this year---r and r, I think. I can't believe the New Year is almost here. As far as resolutions go, I have been pretty good, so I think I am with Maddox. I will try to be an even better buddy to all my DW pals. Thank you all for your continued friendship and support with all my Crohn's Disease stuff and we wish you the best and healthiest 2012 and hope you ring in the New Year safely.
    Love & best wishes,
    Basil and Lynn

  • Hi Girl Friends &G.K., I really love seeing all of the beautiful photos you share with us on every blog and the comments from you three wonderful friends are always terrific! You are the best animal bloggers I have ever seen and I've learned a lot from you this year and can't wait to see what's going on in 2012! All of you followers are fantastic and like Zoe said I would love to meet all of you, also! Maddox, you are the superb Glue Squad leader who always has great ideas for all of us to enjoy, too! Our weather is wet, windy, and a little warmer than usual and I have to go out most days and help Mom cut lots of wood so we will stay warm in our home. Wishing all of you Happy New Year and I hope all of 2012 will be great for all of us to enjoy! Love, Dudley Do Right & Jan PS-If you didn't receive my photos, please let me know and I will get my uncle to send some more! DDR

  • Hey Zoe.... if you do start charging a fee will I be exempt since I am your cousin????? I would love to be in the Glue Squad.. what do I need to do.

    I hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy New Year and I am looking forward to getting to know all of you much better this coming New Year!!

    Hugs and Kisses

  • Hey Chloe - sorry you have to pay. Only the board of directors is exempt. Of course I'm on the board so you need to send me a check. If I'm correct Maddox told me the fee is $5,000. That can be made payable to Zoe, Maddox and Basil. We are in charge of the funds ;)

    We accept checks, cash and credit cards.


  • Happy New Year! I didn't think my dogs, Sadie and Jasper, were going to make the cut. I am thrilled! So many cute loving faces here.

  • How adorable those doggies!!!!
    Geepers where are all the Gatos???

    Love ya all...Kitty =^..^=

  • Would like to ad my two Chihuahua's to your list...
    They are Mr. T and Lucky Lady Dragon too!!!

  • Zoe....can payment be made to you by giving you a red solo cup filled with your favorite drink?? Mom told me about your "problem" lol

    It is such a beautiful day here in NJ. I love sitting in the yard trying to catch the birds. Those little guys fly right over my head. One of these days they will be mine!!!! The beaver is out in the lake now. He thinks he's tough wacking his tail in the water at me. Just let him come into the yard, he will be mine too haha. Have a great day everyone.


  • I just love seeing all of the DW pals that are out there. You're right Maddox, I wish more of our friends came out and played too but it's great that they're out there. I have a suggestion: Would it be possible to create a photo gallery that way we could always see photos of our pals.

    Chloe that is such an awesome idea about showcasing No Pets Left Behind. It's such a win-win for everyone involved.

    I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year's weekend everyone. Bring on 2012 and more fun at the Daily Wag. Thanks to everyone here who makes this place possible and so much fun! :smile:

  • Another fine round of pooches and one feline! Let's hear it for the felines of the world! :)

    Happy and Healthy New Year! :)


  • ..more great photos..guess what glue squad.. time to make resolutions..I, for one, am not making any..have to cut this short Lucinda is not feeling well..says it is some nasty I must climb up my stairs and settle down next to her on the bed...Happy New Year all my dog buddies...cora-belle the cattle dog..p.s. happy birthday to Karens mom from me and Kit-bang and all the farm/ranch animals...

  • Thanks Sonya... I am going to send F & S pictures of Lil B. She is so cute and cant wait for her soldier to come home. Mom told me you were a friend of Aunt Ann's on FB so I am going to ask her to friend you. There are so many soldiers who meet dogs like Lil B and that is one of the few comforts they have while fighting war keeping us safe. I am so proud of Lil B and her soldier TJ and love the No Pets Left Behind program for bringing those dogs home
    Have a Happy New Year!!!

  • Hello everyone,
    I am just reading the comments now and that No Pets Left Behind is an awesome thing. My son is going to be doing his 3rd tour of duty soon. He has a dog and when he leaves it not only affects his family but his dog too. I want to look into that to see how I can help in some way. Thanks Chloe.
    Thank you also to Cora-Belle for wishing my mom a Happy Birthday. I am sorry to hear that James and Lucinda are sick but I know you will take excellent care of them. Make them take turns wearing your sweater, that will help to keep them warm.
    Dudley, I can't wait to see your picture. Basil, you have sick people to take care of too. I hope they get better soon. Rebel, I think you should wear a sweater, give it a try. They are the latest rage, just ask Cora-Belle. Zoe, dear sweet little Zoe. i hate to bring this up but Maddox told me to mention it. As far as sending the initiation fee to you, don't you think that is a little risky? What if you get your sudden urges and you can't find the TP? You are going to find the next best thing and that would probably be the checks that get sent to you. That could be a bad thing. Just sayin' girlfriend!!! Oh, Maddox told me to say something to you. Here it is (hehehehehehe)
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to each and everyone of you, animals and humans alike. Thank you for making this blog extra special.

  • Gee,
    Where are Franny and Sharkey and GK? No new post this morning. They must have had one heck of a New Year's Eve party. Well, they do just a fantastic job with this blog, they deserve a break.
    So, how many made resolutions and stuck to them so far? hehehehehe

  • guess you frenchies and G.K. must be resting up after the deserve a break..see you all tomarrow..cora-belle

  • I love reading your blog and seeing all the pictures of your friends. I also write a blog about my dog's life (

    I often see you guys on TV, when do you have time to write your posts?

  • Just before New Year's Day, I was looking at your blog as I do everyday, and there I was! I was so excited as was my family. I think I made a pretty nice Christmas picture and want to thank you for including it. My family was so happy and telling all their friends what a celebrity I am. Happy New Year to you all!


  • On October 1st I purchased a rescue dog. He turned out to have second stage heart worms and it cost me $576 plus $96 for the test to find the Heart worms. I feel royally screwed, first by the Humane Society who said he had been tested and treated for any and everything, and then by the Vet. Too bad for me because I loved the precious little thing from first glance. He chose me, not the other way around. He is Tibetan Spaniel (surely not pure breed, as a rescue dog). I had never heard of the breed nor had I seen one. I had put down my 17 year old Border Collie/Sheltie mix a year before and was still grieving. I prayed to just get my Annie back, only smaller and a lighter color rather than black and it had to be a little girl. I have never owned a boy dog. God said, too bad! All I have that fits the order is a little boy. I took a number of dogs into a little room to see how they would interact with me. He is the only one who even paid attention to me. He jumped up on the bench with me and glued himself to my right leg. As I said, he chose me. They said he was a stray for they did not know how long. It shows. He will eat anything including flies. He snaps them out of the air and says "yum"! He is the smartest dog I've ever owned, and I've had several really smart dogs. He heels, he stands back and will not eat until given permission, (unless I'm not looking and then he will eat my food as well as the cat's) He is house broke, and walks well on a leash. Very well behaved, and is not a barker or yapper. He seems more tender in his feelings than little girl dogs. Very loving and gentle. Wonderful with children. I am so happy with this dog that it is hard for me to express the ways. Plus, I got my Annie back! He is like her in so many ways that it is spooky! It is not just because both were dogs. He just is so like her in so many ways.
    I wish you would include his breed in your list and discuss them. The Tibetan Spaniels are choice little dogs! He is not tiny, but weighs ten to twelve pounds. A tiny bit larger than are Pomeranians with a slightly different hair pattern. Palomino colored with white points. Has lop over ears and the nose is not as short or pointed as the Pom, but not as deep as the Spaniel. The tail curls up over the back and has BEAUTIFUL long white silken hair that cascades over his back. Paws look like rabbit paws - longer and slimmer than dog paws. Has a spaniel face and head. He is a beautiful little fellow, with a wonderful personality.

  • Well, I should have read the other comments from the dogs before sending my comment. My dog is named Toby. I am getting a new digital camera soon and will send a picture of Toby and will let him write a letter to all of you guys.

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