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Dear Daily Waggers,
We want to thank you all for reading and enjoying our blog.  Those who help us post it are taking a little rest this week and we decided to run a few from the past.  We’ll be back soon!

Bonjour, mes fans fervents et dévoués.  (For those of you who do not know French - good day my loyal and adoring fans.)  You know that Martha has been putting us up on her blog for more than 70 weeks and I’ve been mulling this point over with Sharkey all along.  I mean, why should she have all the fun of having a blog?  Our lives are action-packed and just as interesting, if not more (if you’re of a certain audience.)  So, I’ve been coming up with a plan and finally, Sharkey has agreed.  We French bulldogs, are going to present the world with our very own blog called the Daily Wag.

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A special meeting was called with Martha, me, Sharkey, Laura (who will be expressing our voices), Christine (who will be our publicity agent), and of course, Eliad, our tech guy. The meeting was held in the big brown dining room at the marble dining room table. Because this meeting was so important, I was very, very attentive. Martha is looking at a preliminary design - she made a lot of notations with her red pen.

We were a little worried how the boss, Martha, would take this news of defecting from her blog.  But, you know Martha, always thinking about business.  Wouldn’t you know, in Martha’s grasp, our blog idea has grown into an entire pet channel!!!  It is going to be fabulous with so much fun and useful information.  In the meantime, Sharkey and I will be reporting all the exciting updates about that tidbit, and especially about our illustrious lives.  Let me share with you these photos of our first executive meeting for our new blog, The Daily Wag, or as they say in French, Le “Wag” Quotidien.

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  • Congratulations on your new blog! I'm a dalmatian living in Upstate New York and I've been following your adventures on the Martha Blog for a long time!

  • Awesome blog, and I look forward to reading it. I'm a Miniature Schnauzer living in Atlanta, and just like Lucky, I keep tabs on you guys. I just started my new blog, too - check it out!

  • .



    Butterfly, Jericho, Moses, Shakespeare, Noah, Spencer and Professor in the Sky with Diamonds!



  • Martha your dogs are are lovely and so is their new blog! I am really glad that you are continuing to educate the public on proper pet care. You have really made a difference. We can trust your info to be the best and you always make us smile too.
    Thanks for all you have contributed to the wonderful world of pet keeping.

  • My lab, Mayzie,and I look forward to following the illustrious lives of Francesca and Sharky!

  • Bonjour! My name is Judy , and so happy that you have a blog. Happy Trails1 woof woof Ps. I am a black pomeranian

  • Ollie is our miniature dachshund, and he has his own website, too!

  • Woof! Come visit our blog Martha!

  • Awww. You are quite possibly the cutest dogs in the world and surely the most eloquent! Let me know if you ever need a really good PA to organise your soon-to-be hectic lives! ;-) x

  • Hello! I am Preppy Pug living in Atlanta. If you ever visit Atlanta, we should do lunch at the doggie park with treats from the dog bakery that my mommy loves!

  • Hi Frannie and Sharkey!

    I'm Seamus, a Catahoula Bulldog! Can't wait to follow your adventures!

  • Congratulations! I'll enjoy reading your Doggie Blog. Now the Himalayans need their own blog!

  • Great idea, Francesca and Sharky! I'm an 8 m.o. choc. lab puppy. Check me out on http://www.hatchomatic.com!

  • Holy puppy chow, it's a Dog Blog! How cool is that?

    VERY cool.

    In fact, I give it two paws up.

    Crafty dad

  • Precious. I thought that I read somewhere that you also had a new chow, I am formerly owned by a 15 yo and 13 yo chow.

  • Congrats and welcome to the cyber doggie world--from a couple of adoring fans (Norwich Terriers) in San Francisco. (And our cat Howie thinks it's cool, but is pretending otherwise, as per usual with cats)

  • Bonjour! I am a Yorkshire Terrier living part time in the Netherlands, the rest of the time in Dallas. Great to see you asserting yourselves in this manner.

  • WIOW! Kudos, Francesca & Sharkey!
    My name is Mister Black. I am a cat but I dig dogs. Will check back later after my midmorning nap.
    Mister Black

  • I can't wait to read your adventures. I too am a french bulldog and if I lived closer we could go on play dates but I am in Tampa. Alas I will just have to see you on my owners computer screen.

  • Bonjour!

    My name is Cors. My mom and dad named me after a character in Welsh mythology. But everyone assumes I am named after beer (Coors). My mom hates that. I'm a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and I live in a green place with lots of cats and corn fields. Tennis balls are my favorite toys and I love peanut butter. What are your favorite things? I am excited to keep reading your blog!

  • Congrats on the new dog blog! Habibi and Beasley can't wait to read the adventures Francesca and Sharkey!

  • Congratulations Francesca and Sharkey!!

    I'm a Frenchie also and I am so looking forward to this blog!! As you know, we Frenchies have a difficult time buying off the rack, so I am anxiously awaiting your fashion finds!!

    Best Wishes!!!


  • Hello, and may I sniff your tails? I'm a mutt so pardon my forwardness. Not too well behaved in social settings, and typing is impossible until I get my nails trimmed. But what I want to know is...who IS this Martha Stewart person that is going around telling everyone to brush their dogs teeth! I've lived for ten years without ever having such a thing done and now I can hear them talking about doing just THAT, to me. I'm really good about nail trimming but how do you like it when Martha scrubs your gums?

    And (P.S.) Have to admit though, I love the Frenchys...and you two are MORE than refined. So, if you're not dating each other, could I stand a chance and ask for a date from the dog of my dreams? Francesca, dear, you're like ZaZa and I'm like Eddie Arnold but I could show you a whole other life in cow-country!

  • CATS is far from what it appears. Those letters are my initials. Loving The Daily Wag. Martha, you are such a genius! This message is actually from Missdaisy, my Welsh Pembroke tri-color Corgy. MIssdaiy lived from 1992-2004 and was the joy of my life. Her ashes sit on my piano. Please, this message is not meant to sound morbid, on the contrary. Missdaiy was intelligent, sensitive, good natured and a best friend. If she could have seen The Daily Wag, she would have given you and your dogs a big, "WOW, WOW!

  • I love the blog Martha! As usual it is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing what else your puppies can do in true Martha fashion.

  • Hey Sharkey and Francesca,

    Congratulations on your blog premiere!!

    Eliad Laskin, on your distinguished team, is also in a photo on Martha’s blog playing the piano. Great photo of him! To see him at the piano look at a recent posting titled, “A wonderful party with our decorating partners” on Martha’s blog.

  • Love the new dog blog! Francesca and Sharkey are adorable.

  • Hi Francesca & Sharkey,

    My name is Barney and I'm your friend across the pond in Ireland. I'm a sturdy German Shepard, getting up there in age, but aging gracefully, I might say. I'm huge fans of yours. If you ever require protection, I'm your guy. I'm sure as a result of this blog, you will be even more popular. I would also be up for escorting you both to Red Carpet events, should the need ever arise.

  • This is mrrrowy neat, how mommyMartha has given you a place all your own where you can express your creativities. I haven't been around dogs at all - you see, I'm a kittycat who stays inside. Mommy tells me and my sister Mandy =^..^= that we're all God's creatures and He made us to be sooo buutiful...well, what I'm tryin' to say is that I think I'm gonna' like you guys and want to be friends! I really love your mommie mrrrowy much! - I watch her every evening with MY mommie. She takes such good care of me, just like your mommie. =^..^=

  • I am so excited to get the chance to see the world through your eyes and Sharkey's. I am the caretaker and housekeeper for 8 dogs. I know how it looks through my eyes and ears when Kippy starts barking at 2 pm for her 3 pm dinner. I would like to know why she feels that she must announce dinner time to me when I have never missed it? I love that my home is full of dogs and would not have it any other way. A big thank you to Francesca, Sharkey and Martha for giving the dog's point of view from Kippy, Reggie, Raina, Gus, Kitty, Wookie, Moose and Squirrel.

  • It's about time you two got your own blog! My baby needs to get his own one of these days as well. Looking forward to your posts!

  • I do for a living is I Pet Set. I go to their house and stay with the pets, do you have a area in your magazine were I can put my card for people who are interested? Thank you for your time.
    Pet Nanny

  • You work so hard..but I like to sit and relax in the ivy out front!
    My name is Tootsie Bella and I have a Standard Poodle Brother!

  • cool blog i have a dog named maggie. she is 5 and has 2 puppies named cutie pie ,shes the girl and fat so, hes the boy. we call him fat so because hes really fat. I live in christian county witch is in kentucky and i love cats

  • Howdy Francesca and Sharkey,
    Way to go!!! You two are so adorable. I have been waiting for this for a long time. I remember Martha announcing that this was in the works. The blog looks Fabulous!!! Can't wait to see all your other animal friends on the farm. The donkeys are so cute and fluffy, just like me. My favorite video on Martha's blog is one that your boss posted with the two of you chasing each other around the farm. So, when are you going to have a doggie tea party at the farm and invite all of your fans over? Let me know and I'll spread the woof around!!

    Woof woof and all the best to you both and the boss lady!!!
    The Cutest Lhasa Apso in New Jersey

  • Fantastic blog! Love your pups and can't wait to hear all about their daily adventures. Oh and I of course want to see more pictures!!

  • Hi i am a 5 year old shitzu named maggie i have 2 puppies 1 boy named Fatso and one girl named Cutie Pie. I live in Christian County witch is in Kentucky. My owner is Debbie Ann Dragoo and my second owner is Christoper Allen Yates.This is the coolest blog ever and Sharkeyis so cute and i can't forget Francesca.

  • WOOF to Sharkey and Francesca. I am a 10 yr old Rottweiler (My Mom says I am a 100 pound lap puppy).
    I like your blog and look forward to checking in everyday. Mom and I can only watch Martha on Mondays and Tuesdays. However we can read your blog everyday! Sometimes I fall asleep listening to Martha's calming voice! You two are so lucky having her for your person! Love Junior

  • Hello Francesca and Sharkey. My name is Onyx (you can guess what color I am), and I am a big black boy cat. I would like to know how well you get along with your 5 cat brothers and sisters. I have 2 kittie sisters and they are a pain sometimes. My mama loves your mama and tapes your show so that we can watch it together. I am glad that you have your own blog so that we can be friends.

    Love, Onyx

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of frog-blogging, ladies! As I'm sure you're both aware, this is step one in the French Bulldog Plan for Total World Domination.

    A suggestion, however? Try to avoid referring to your human as 'boss'. While it might be good for their egos, it also gives them inflated ideas of their own worth, and there are few things more annoying than humans who start to aspire to be our equals.

    Come and visit me sometimes -- I've had my own blog for years, although I usually make my minion do the typing for me, lest I chip a nail.



    Tessa, Princess of the Universe

  • [...] Martha Stewart! Her dogs Francesca (Frenchie?) and Sharkey have a new site (The Daily Wag) and mommy Martha is twittering up a storm about it, enlisting both SnoopDogg and Perez to check it [...]

  • [...] Martha Stewart! Her dogs Francesca (Frenchie?) and Sharkey have a new site (The Daily Wag) and mommy Martha is twittering up a storm about it, enlisting both SnoopDogg and Perez to check it [...]

  • TOO FUNNY.. I love it!! Good job!! My favorite (no offense intended) is Francesca.. Keep up the good work gang! : )

  • Congratulations Francesca and Sharkey on your blog! We'll visit often. My human owner has photos of me and my Frenchie friends on her blog. Come see us!!

    Lotsa Love, Pipi

  • Congratulations Francesca and Sharkey on your blog! We'll visit often. My human owner has photos of me and my Frenchie friends on her blog. Come see us!!

    Lotsa Love, Pipi

  • Hi Francesca & Sharkey, I'm letting my mom write my comments for me today 'cause like another commentor, I need to get my toenails cut, also. I have always enjoyed seeing your photos on your mom's blog and I am really excited to see your new blog. I just love you both, Woo! Woo! I wish I could come play with you in the snow or any other time. I think you are both beautiful and I am rather handsome myself, so I know we would have fun together. Have a great day. My mom is going to take me for a walk if the rain holds off for awhile. Love, Dudley Do Right

  • I love your new blog - please keep me up to date on your adventures. I am a kitty, but, because you are both so adorable!!! I will read your "dog blog." Please tell your Mommy she is looking especially beautiful these days - is it a new hair style, different make-up?? See if you can find our her secret. My Mommy would reallllly like to know. Will be in touch. Love & purrs from Precious

  • Author Comment:

    Martha, indeed, does have a new hairdresser/makeup artist, Mary Curran. Mary has parted Martha's hair on the other side. We agree, she looks dazzling!

  • Great site & blog! Hope to see some articles on rescue and closing puppymils!
    Thank you very much and hope everyone always will spay and neuter their pets!

  • Bonjour mes amis. We are so happy to find your blog. I am a standard French Poodle and Frank, my big buddie is a Golden Retriever. We will surely follow your posts. We might even create our own blog. Fantastic idea.

  • I just love this blog idea with your dogs!
    The "Pets" section has always been my favorite:) My name is Comet & I'm a 3 yr old Golden Retriever. I like to participate in AKC competitons, & run & play in my big yard. I'm always into something, or adventure finds me, like Sharkey & Francesca. Or, sometimes I just take it easy & enjoy. My Mom is into feeding me healthy, keeping me clean, or going somewhere with me. Oh, & if you have any ideas on how to pretty-up my stainless steel bowls, please let me know. They look so blah. I saw on your site that you'll be honored by the spca next month -- that's a dog-done "good thing":) Please show us pictures of the event!

  • Please excuse my spelling error: I meant, it's a dog-gone "good thing",

  • Hi Francesca & Sharkey,
    What a fantastic blog! I wish you both great adventures & success...Obviously the two of you are very photogenic, & like me, share a deep love for fashion & acessories!

    I am a female West Highland terrier, living in Canada, who is currently loving the snow, & looking forward to reading up on all of your adventures, including tips on "tracking squirrels" and how to get more "treats" from your mommy...

    Look me up, if you ever head up to the "Great WHITE north", perhaps a little lunch, or cookies by the fire...? (: xoxo ZIGGY

  • Thank yOU. pLEASE TELL RESPONSIBLE PET OWNErS THAT CLEANING UP after a call of nature is the fitting thing to do in the 'hood. Your are role models for proper pet protocol.

  • This is so cute!! Love the picture of the two of them on The Daily Wag.

  • Ladies, I am so proud of you both. What a wonderful idea of creating your own blog. I think you will do just great and can't wait to see your new venture grow.

    Hugs and Kisses from Connecticut. :-)

  • Congratulations girls I knew this would be a success! Can't wait to read about more adventures with the two of you and your other friends on the farm.

    How about giving us a peek at life with Martha from your perspective? What about, 'A Day In The Life of Francesca and Sharkey?' Best of all, more photos!

    p.s. What's the scoop on your new little brother Genghis?

  • BRAVO mes petit cheris .....This is going to be so exciting!! I am a plus age mini schnauzer named Bismarck and even though I live in sunny California I have been spending most of my days napping. Now I have something to wake up for!!!Merci mon amis.......Liebchen, Bismarck

  • Love the Blog!!! Will link to my site, if you don't mind:)

  • Woof! We all really like the new blog! We're four adopted "kids"; "Balto" (Malamute), "Ozzi" (Big Heinz 57), "Hairy-It" (Shepherd/Chihuahua mix), and "Nikki" (Chihuhua). We love it when your "human" takes you to a taping. We're great fans & can't wait to hear about your adventures! Bow-wow 4 now! :)

    Our "parents" had to type this -- we're not allowed on their PC. ("Hairy-It" ate the last keyboard).

  • Sharkey! This is your Dad, GP!!

    CONGRATS on your blog, girls!

    I plan to do the daily read so I may keep up with your adventures!!

    Frenchies Rule!


  • Love your new site and will check with my Mom everyday to see what you are up to. I"m a miniature Lab and I love to chase squirrels too!

  • Good Morning Francesca and Sharkey, I am so excited that i can have time on the computer and write to the Dail Wag! Are you gonna put any spring fashions on the blog? I am going to get shaved, and mommy said i have to lose weight. Have any suggestions for that? I would appreicate some tips. Good Day, and a BIG LICK to the both of you. Woof Woof Judy

  • Hey Francesca and Sharkey,
    Congrats and a big BOW WOW to you both for this utterly cool canine blog!
    My mom is typing here cos I still am learning how to blog but follow your Mom's blog all the time!
    My name is Martha and I am a Yorkshire terrier. I have two brothers named Stewart and Bentley. Hmmmm...wonder who we were named after!! ROFB..."rolling on the floor barking!!"
    How many times a month do you two get baths? Just wondered.
    Have much success in your new blog! Mom looks great btw...love the new do!
    Martha OXOX "tailwag"

  • Our names are Nadia, Sadie and Oprah. Sadie and Oprah look alot like Francesca & Sharkey and Nadia is brindle. Our human mom thinks we are the cutest French Bulldogs in the world. We are so happy that Martha has a pet site and that Francesca & Sharkey are creating a blog. We will check in often.

  • hey, francesca: lots in common. i just launched my new canine comedy web series at noon today. wanna grab a bite/a brewski? my treat. i'm feeling lucky and you're looking good. could make for a cool night. hit me up on facebook, babe. -- todd

  • Congradulations from me and my black pomeranian Muffin. We will be checking your blog often :)

  • Hi, Martha! My name is Mary Todd Lincoln and I'm an 8-year-old pug who was adopted from the Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA). I'm so glad you started a blog! My mom, who works at the PSPCA, also started a blog about furry friends. It's called "PSPCA Tails," you should check it out: http://pspcatails.blogspot.com/ See if you can find my picture.....I'm the adorable doggie kissing another doggie in the "Smooch-a-Pooch" kissing booth!

    Mary Todd Lincoln

  • How cool is this! I am a frenchie, myself, and I am so excited to see other frenchies making it in the bigtime. I get so excited when your mom has you on her show, because my mom watches it, and I think it's funny when your mom tries to get you to do something and you don't. I give my mom a hard time too, sometimes, but I'm cute, so she loves me anyway.

  • Congratulations on your blog! Our owner (Momma) finds your blog filled with excellent pet care advice also.
    We would like to say that we will be checking your blog often.

    Hunter, Serg, and Mercedes :)

  • Hello there! I love your blog!! I am a Golden Lab from L.A. My mom and I love Martha and I was soooo woofed up when I found out about the Daily Wag!!
    Lick~ Lick~

  • Too cute !!!

    Kathy :)

  • Hi Francesca & Sharkey. I am Louie and I am a Frenchie, too. I look like Francesca. I love your blog. Are you silly like me? My mom thinks I am so goofy, but she loves me very much. Frenchies are the best!

  • More more! I want more pictures of cute dogs.

  • Francesca & Sharkey - Thank you so much for the comment re your Mommy looking especially lovely these days. Her new look is fantastic - she looks "dewy fresh & beautiful"!! Please tell her so & write soon on your blog so we special pets can keep up-to-date on the latest. Love,purrs & merci from Precious

  • Yes, Sharkey you do look very attentive at the table.
    What fun. Keep speaking french. I love your sweaters.

  • This is such a cute blog! Dogs are such amazing animals. My family and I are working towards bringing a very special dog into our home, an autism assistance dog for our little boy, Jude. Please check out our website to learn more about these wonderful dogs - http://www.4pawsforjude.com! Also, please consider joining our facebook cause. http://apps.facebook.com/causes/213954/44669256?m=cc366e79 We could really use all of the support that we can get. Thanks in advance!

  • Francesca and Sharkey - very cool that you have your own blog. My name is Zoe and I visited your show when your mom had the BYOB show. I was only 6 months old then and I got lots of tv exposure. I'm told I'm a very attractive Frenchie. I look a little like you Franny but I have a little white in my chest. I'm living down here in South Jersey with mom and dad along with my 2 sisters Sophie and Precious and my big brother T-Bone who are all Labs. I of course am Queen of this castle. I may be 18 pounds but I keep those 100 pounders in line. I love to cause trouble. My best fun is when the other are all laying around watching TV and I decide it's play time and start biting everyone's tails - mom and dad go balistic - much fun though.
    I look forward to reading your blog every day. Oh and tell Martha I'll still check hers as well.

    Love you guys :)

  • My dear husband is allergic to absolutely any animal with fur (really!) and unfortunately that means we cannot have the doggies and cats that I love so much. It will be fun reading this blog to see what other pets and their owners are up to!

  • Good Morning, my friends, i got shaved, and look fat. Mom says i need to lose weight. I have a small treadmill, but have not use it too much this winter. I guess i was just lazy, but now i have to lose it and exercise more. I have told my friends about the Daily Wag and they were stoked. A big lick for Francesca, and 2 big licks to Starkey, as i am a southern female. Woof Woof Judy

  • Bonjour Francesca and Sharkey- love your blog! We are two Frenchies living in MN and are big supporters of French Bulldog rescue. Check out our site, we have fun products on our shopping mall and all proceeds go to benefit the rescue Frenchies! Looking forward to reading more from the two of you.
    xoxo, the tiny divas- Darla (brindle, age 11 1/2) and Ava (cream, age 1 1/2 and a former FBRN rescue girl)

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey,

    Lasher, Dusty and Prudence say meow! Best of luck, we'll be pawing our way thru your blog everyday!

  • Oh and Linus the mouse to!!!

  • Bon Woof, I'm on my mom's blog too. It was the grandkids idea but I get a lot of press. Love your Mom, she has made my home very comfortable. Blogging is fun and you get to meet a lot of friends!
    Ben the Cocker Spaniel

  • Hello Starkey and Francesca. We are Scottish Terrier Twins, Kiffen & Kieran and we live with our mom in Colorado. We love to hang out at the dogpark near our house. AHROOOOOO

    Kiffen and Kieran

  • Sharkey & Francesca - CONGRATS!!! I love it when I get to see you on the Martha show and now my mom and I can sit on the couch with the laptop and keep up with all your adventures! If you ever make it to Kansas, give me a bark!

  • Love the new blog. Sully the West Highland Terrier runs my illustration blog from time to time. And he has his own twitter.

  • Hello from a fellow cream frenchie!

  • Great to see more dogs out there blogging! Cute pics, too. ;-)

    JackieLou (the Dachshund)

    p.s. Found you via your Mom's tweet... welcome to Twitter. It's a fun thing.

  • 'Allo Francesca and Sharkey. It is great to see you blogging. Francesca, I spent some time in Pinewood MN, too, after I was rescued, so perhaps we played together before you went to your Mama Martha. I am a brindle girl, too, and live with my FB step-sisters Chloe et Demi. I hope someday your Mama might mention to all her amis what a good thing is-- I wouldn't have my wonderful family if it wasn't for French Bulldog Rescue Network.

  • well it's about time you put a site on that I could get my paws on! I am Kodi and I was named such because I looked like a Kodiac bear cub when I was able to fit in a shoebox. Then my nose kept growing -kinda like that kid called Pinochio and I turned out to be a sheltie. Everyone always tells me how beautiful I am and I think my best friend Quinny is jealous. Quinny is a duck who taught me that salad is delicious. I will often "share" his when he is not looking. Perhaps mommy will upload a photo of us- if her computer lets her!

  • It's me again- Kodi-the sheltie. If Quinny ever comes on to post, don't tell him I eat his salad!

  • Bonjour! Cors! Je'mappelle Shoeboy...and that's about all the French I know and probably spelled it wrong! Just wanted to let you know that I, too, loved the tennis balls but my mom said we couldn't play with them anymore because of what happened to Oprah's dear best friend. (Not Gayle, but her sweet Cocker Spaniel.) Anyway, who would have known that a tennis ball can choke a poor dog to death! We felt very sorry for Oprah. I hear that she has just gotten a new pup! Ahh, life goes on, yes? (I'm sure there's an appropriate French phrase for 'life goes on' but I'm clueless as to what it is!) :) Love this blog don't you!?!

  • Hiya! My name is Star, and I'm a 6 year old Dog. My mom says something about me being mostly "lab" but I don't really know what my background is. I was once lost, then found, then another lady locked me in a cage for 4 months while she was at work. When my mom came and got me, I thought she was crazy. She kept talking and I didn't understand english. But now I do. I have a huge vocabulary, and I am smarter than all the dogs in this neighborhood. They will all tell you that too! I'm also the boss of the house and all the dogs I play and take walks with. I used to have to go to the Doctor (I hate that word!) but now I feel really good, and my tummy doesn't hurt. My mom feeds me the BEST! I eat all raw meat and bones, and sometimes liver and gizzards. I like the big marrow bones the best!I am very happy sleeping in bed with my Mom, and I miss her when she has to go to work. I usually sleep all day and wait for her to come home, then I drive her crazy!She loves to play fetch and tug of war with me!

  • Stop by and say hello to two crazy black labs! Keep up the blogging, 'cause most dogs I know have a lot to say!

  • Oh hi Shoeboy, To answer your question about how to say 'life goes on' in French - I asked Francesca and she told me that you can just say, 'c'est la vie.' That is too bad about Oprah's dog, but we've got to be careful! So many things can be dangerous. We enjoy reading your comments - you're a funny dog. Have a great weekend.

  • Hello Francesca & Sharkey,
    I am Fala and since I am the oldest I shall be the one speaking for both myself and my sister Winnie. I look like Francesca and Winnie looks just like Sharkey. We just ADORE your blog and are so pleased to find it. We are sure that your mom is Brilliant but also sure you two are her inspiration and really aren't all frenchies just so tres chic in all things??? We thought it would be a fun addition to your blog if we could send you pictures. Perhaps that could get too unruly though? Well just wanted to ask you when you both plan to grace your mom's next show? We love to watch you. A bien tot, Fala et Winnie.

  • I am so excited I am going to BURST!!! Bella my Frenchie just bookmarked this blog! Congrats Sharky & Francesca..


    Miss B.

  • Hi Girls, you are both so cute and Sharkey I can't believe how you sat in the chair so quietly while your mom and guest made those cute fish shirts. If it had been me (Coco the jrt) I would have jumped up on the counter, put my paws in the ink and added my prints to the shirts. My Mom and Dad (Kathie & Bill) tape your mom's show everyday and watch it at night and just love it - especially when you and Francesca visit the show. Coco in Riverside, Ca.

  • Hi Girls, you are both so cute and Sharkey I can't believe how you sat in the chair so quietly while your mom and guest made those cute fish shirts. If it had been me (Coco the jrt) I would have jumped up on the counter, put my paws in the ink and added my prints to the shirts. My Mom and Dad (Kathie & Bill) tape your mom's show everyday and watch it at night and just love it - especially when you and Francesca visit the show. Coco in Riverside, Ca.

  • hi sharkey and francesca. Today was a real fun day for me. Mommy and I went in the yard and filled up a big tub so my pal Quinny could take a nice bath. At first he just sat by the tub then he took a few sips of water and I saw his tail start a wagging. Funny how he can do that without really having a tail. Anyway, he jumped in and what a ruckus. I had to run back in the house because I didn't want to get all wet. Before I went in, I checked to see if he had any salad in his food bowl and the little rascal might have got too smart on me!!!!Oh well, there's always begging mommy when she's eating!!!! One thing great about living here is that anything is possible. love it love it love it(and them):)

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey,
    This is my first time to your bloggie and I see that you are prob so busy that you will never get to my bloggie or even read this- but I want to tell you, I love your blog and your moms ideas. I am a littl pug with 2 moms and I thought we could be friends. I want to make a difference to the world- so maybe we can talk sometime and come up with a plan.

  • Bonjour Francesca and Sharky, It is a beautiful day for a long walk. I have plenty of room in the yard to play, but i have to lose weight, and mommy says walking will be best. Have a wonderful day . woof woof, Judy

  • Hi all you posting puppies! today is sooo nice that I didnt even see mommy put her socks on! Now I wonder where they could be? Anyway, I went upstairs to see if Mr. Turtle came out of hibernation yet but he is still sleeping. Hehehehehe, mommy gives him salad too;). He will be up soon if the weather continues like this! Do you see turtles at your farm Francesca and Sharkey? You know I am a little confused because last year Mister Turtle laid an egg and mommy STILL calls her?? Mister Turtle. Sometimes she calls me Mister Kodi. Do you think I will lay eggs too?

  • Congratulations Francesca and Sharkey!
    We love your new blog. We are two beautiful maltese half brothers.. Same dad, different mom's... Our people mom watches the Martha Stewart show everyday and we sit with mom to watch to see if you two are there. woof woof you two. Rocky & Rascal in North Carolina..

  • A little birdie told me that you two got into some trouble with a skunk!

  • What a sad story on yesterday's (mar 07) Daily Wag.We
    can't take too many of those awful happenings Martha.
    There are no words to express what I feel for you.All
    we can do is - Look for the Silver Lining. (Mario Lanza says it best). Sincerely

  • Hey There Francesca & Sharkey : Congratulations on your "Daily Wag", eh !Holy paws, I wish winter was over, although I do like playing in the snow with my new winter coat and boots my human friend Barb gave me for Christmas. I am a Cairn Terrier - my actual name is "Bonnie Jacqueline", however the kids around my block kinda nicknamed me Puppy Jack or PJ - kinda trendy, eh. I live in a small town in Eastern Canada and anytime you want to come play in my yard - as my Human Mother says" Come anytime, eh ". I have a huge fenced in yard, complete with lots of toys and a pool to cool off in summer. Anyway, my human Mommy reads me the "Daily Wag" and I sit on her lap looking at the photos. Lots of fun,eh. Cheerio for now
    Puppy Jack of the Saucykodz

  • Hi, I mean, Bonjour! Skarkey!

    Letting out a full wag over here! So happy that you AND Francesca offered to help expand my French. Thank you! Merci! :)

    Glad to have caught 'The Martha Show' today because she (your boss) cleared up a BIG question I had about all the 'ta-do' over bone folders! Why, oh why, I thought, would ANYONE want to 'fold' a bone? Well, now I know! Ha! :)

    Don't know about you two, but when ever I hear Martha's theme song I go into a transcendental-like state of howling and song that is unsurpassed by all...even the theme from 'Law&Order'...that one gets me going, too.

    I love to sing songs that help heal the broken parts left over from life's less kinder encounters...I'll be singing a song of comfort and hope to send along to your friends affected in the propane blast. My Mom feels very badly for them too, and we're sending our love and support.

    Happier wags ahead!

  • I am so thrilled to finally be reading about the daily adventures of Sharkey and Francesca. (Although I think the felines in Martha's life should also chime in from time to time.) I recently had the good fortune of attending a taping of Martha's show (The Valentine's Day one where we all got to wear RED!)

    I sat in the front row...and then I got to stand up at the end of the taping and ask Martha a question!!

    I was so nervous...and I know I could have been much more eloquent and erudite - and Martha must have thought I was a complete nutter - but thankfully,in her response to my question, Martha was quintessentially Martha, and I didn't end up feeling like a complete idiot.

    Insted of me saying something like: Martha, you are such a great entrepreneur, and a role model for women, but to me, I connect most with your love of animals - I find that to be the quality that makes you so real and why I invite you into my living room every weekday....and my question is:

    But NO....Here is what I actually said:

    "Hi Martha, I love your dogs. And not to short-change Francesa, I was wondering how Sharkey got her name?"

    There was my big moment...eye to eye with Martha from about 10 feet - and THAT was the best I could come up with. The only consolation was that I at least didn't stammer or drool.

    Of course, Martha gave me a great answer - Sharkey is named after Kevin Sharkey, her great editorial designer at MSO....Sharkey was his dog but because he was traveling so much, Sharkey wasn't getting the attention and love she deserved.... so Martha ended up with her! And then she told the audience that Francesca and Sharkey were going to have their own blog. Martha made my lame question into a great opportunity to market the Daily Wag!!!

    And now, here is the Daily Wag!!!!!!

    Thanks Martha for sharing your life with us through the eyes of your unconditional loving babies! I look forward to hearing about their escapades and adventures.

    Also, I want to say how sorry I was to read about the loss of your Chow puppy this past weekend. You must be devastated by the loss.

    I can't think of a better advocate for animals than you, Martha. Bless you for all that you do.

  • Boujour Francesca and Sharkey!
    I'm a pug from Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue) and have been avidly watching you guys online and on TV. I was so sad to hear about the kennel fire. My thoughts, and the thoughts of my human companions are with you.

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! We can hardly wait to read of all your adventures, as you know we have quit a few of our own in the past. We are pugs and are slightly related to your breed. our mom records Martha everyday so we don't miss a thing and especially enjoy when you both are on.

  • I just want to say that I am so sorry to hear that your little chow puppy got killed - such a cute little guy. I have had chows in the past: Pookey Bear lived to be 16 and Sneaker Bear (Chow with a little Husky) lived to be just a few days past 18. Both had to be humainly euthanized due to medical problems when the time came when nothing else could be done. I miss them and I am sure you miss your little guy, even though you did not have him that long. My sincerest condolences....Jelly Bean, the Maine Coon Cat, says to tell your Frenchies Hi.
    God Bless!

  • So sad about the loss of your beautiful dog. I'm certain he lived beautifully during his time. Bless Bless Bless everone that loved him.

    Many tears, I'm sure.

  • sorry for your loss. we to have lost a good friend

  • Enjoyed your newest blog and thanks for sharing more about your sweet pets.
    (Anxious when your new Chow is added-after all is settled down)
    My extent of pets is son's cat, Annie. She is a gray/white American long hair and will be 19yrs. young in Sept. She is HIS pet, but I have won her over enough to hold her a.m. when she is just awake.
    Wondered how many outfits your doggies have?
    I say in this case Grandma loves you Annie.
    Son won't agree with mom loves you, since this is my only grandchild . Ha
    Your Fan for Ever

  • Don't you love the bark of a French Bulldog? Sounds like a deep throated Rooster..very fierce. So sorry for the loss of your dear dogbaby.

  • From: "Bob Barker" , Cara and Agnes
    Moi petit shue, (Sorry I don't know the plural for cabbage in French!)
    What a great idea to have your own website! I, "Bob Barker", am a Frenchie too,
    very similar in appearance to Francesca but, despite my operation, Viva la
    difference! My sibling Cara(she's an orange cat) and my mom join me in wishing
    you the greatest success in this new endeavor. With your mom guiding you both
    I think it's safe to say that this will be a VERY GOOD THING! Aurevoir!

  • Dear Misses Francesca and Sharky, This is Mary Alice and Percy Malteses in Canada. We were so very taildowned to hear about your terrible loss, and woof you and Miss Martha our mist sincere sorryness. We woof how you woof because we lost our beautiful head-puppy, the divine Miss Amy Margaret, (aged 25) and our tailwag brother, Leroy, at the end of last year. We have been very taildowned ever since, and are only now starting to bone-chew again. Now you have exciting new tricks to learn for your blog. As a published puppy too, Percy cautions you not to let the two-legged puppies on your editorial steering committee not hear edit your copy too much. We are waging to all about your adventures, and will tell you about ours. Woofs and wags, Mary and Percy

  • I am a long time owner of a wonderful chow chow, so I would love to see your chows too! So sorry about your puppy. I also have an crazy affenpinscher. Still use your tips for brushing chows (brushing against the hair) and its been very useful so I will be back to this site.
    Onawa, BB (chowie) and Alfie (affen)

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey, I am an animal portrait artist and would love to do your portraits as a gift to your mom. You can check to get an idea what they would look like if you go to http://www.molaportraits.com Let me know if that is something you would like.

  • Bon soir a' mes amis nouveaux ,Mlle. Francesca et Mssr. Sharkey. Bien venue au l'internet.J'espair que nous pouvons parler beaucoup.Je suisse une petite jeune fille,une chat, et je m'appelle Gurlee.Je suisse tres sympethique et tres belle. Il faute que je vais dormir matinent.Avec tous mes meilleurs souhaits pour la bonne chance a' vous et a' votre Mere. p.s. Je parle Anglaise mais ma mere pense elle peut parle Francais.

  • Dear Francesca and Sharkey
    We so love your new Blog. We look forward to following your adventures. We are Yorkies.

    Sancho and Lola in Houston

  • Hi, I'm Buddy the Newfoundland found running in the city on a busy street and given a home with Sam.
    Hi, I'm Sam the Yellow Labrador found near starved on a country road and given a home on a ranch with big black cows and a donkey named Jack Benny! I love this new blog and look forward to participating and meeting new friends.

  • Congratulations on your great new blog site, it's about time! We all just love your site! Although my mom does not like it when I bark at Francesca & Sharkey when they run up on the screen at the beginning, but I just can't help it they look like such fun to play with. I bet I could help you catch those squirrels! With the help of my buddy Tater (he's an Austrian Sheppard so he's good at getting those pesky squirrels out of our yard!)I'm sure we could get them. Being a little black Pug I think I'll fit right in with you two! Keep up the great work on the blog site! My Mom and I love reading it and seeing the pictures!

  • Bonjour Madmoiselles?

    I've been down the block everyday looking for you. Where are you two? Well, It's just Shoeboy, again, and I hope you're both well, and I'm looking forward to your next post!

  • Hello Francesca and Sharky,
    First, we were so sad to hear of Miss Martha's and your loss of your new brother, please accept our deepest sympathy to your family.
    Second, and on a happier note - we were so excited that Miss Martha finally allowed you to have your own blog. May we add long overdue!
    So how do like all of the cats? We have one and we must say that at times it is quite fun to chase her although our mom and dad are not happy about it but we would never think of doing anything wrong (well okay maybe we have thought it but we would never act on it).
    Wuff - wuff for now darlings! Cosmo, Gigi, Angus, Bella and Sandie a.k.a. Salmon-long story.

  • Howdy from Georgia! We are 8 month old long coat Chihuahua siblings wanting to wish you congrats on the new Wagging blog, The Daily Wag!
    We are so happy famous four footers are sharing their lives and adventures with others.

    Our Mom and Dad adopted us from a rescue 4 months ago and we are so happy they adopted us together. They adopted us after their 15 year old Yorkie mix passed away. They missed him so much.

    We are a little famous in some circles. We travel with our parents to Civil War relic shows and on business trips.

    It has helped a lot with our socialization. We get along well with people. You know Chihuahuas have a reputation of being protective and yappy. We only bark at other dogs, not people.

    Our parents publish a magazine for the hobby of metal detecting and recovering history, American Digger. Which is how we got our names: Digger is the black and tan boy and Missy (for Miss Print) is the fawn and black sister. We have our own American Digger t-shirts that we wear to shows.

    We also live with two cats, Biddy and Muggle Earl. They were rescues too.

    We look forward to following your adventures, Francesca and Sharkey. You are both so pretty!
    Licks and wags,
    Digger & Missy

  • We are 2 Siamese cats living in Madison, WI. We lost one of our BFF recently too, she was getting on in years but we loved her anyway & miss her. Keep your Mom company alot she will need you alot now. I love your pictures, you are both so photogenic! Do you eat many dog cookies? We love our cat cookies, helps keep our teeth clean don't you know?! Best Wishes on the new blog! Hello Tail to you both...Baby & Lily & our parents too.

  • Hello Martha and Staff.
    I like seeing this blog with your doggies. I have two myself. One is a Min Pin named Buster who is a real character and the other is a Manchester Terrier named Sugar. I look forward to reading more on your site about pets.
    Best Regards,
    Tami, Buster and Sugar xo

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey, what fabulous lives you lead!!. However, we are very concerned that your leads have not been fastened through the seat belts during your journey to and from the studio. You can still rest comfortably whilst this is happening.
    Why--If there is an accident you cannot get lost and your loving mum will know that you are safe and not running all over a roadside in panic mode or being run over or perhaps even kidnapped sorry-- that is dognapped!!!! Kindest regards.Your canine friends Max (6)and BJ (1)Proudlock from Australia ( Shitsu x Maltese)

  • My Lasa Apso, Monsieur Poo Poo,will keep his good eye on your blog!


  • Sharkey and Francesca,
    I'm soon going to adopt a shelter dog. I hope I can be a responsible owner like yours is. You two are so lucky. I haven't owned a dog in some while. I want to know if you two will help me by giving me the true reasons you are so healthy and happy. Thanks, Nan

  • Hi Sharkey and Francesca,

    I love French Bulldogs. I met my first one when I was a young puppy of 4 months. This is I first figured out that being in a down position with young pups and small dogs got me lots of praise.

    I am a Clumber Spaniel and I have noticed that your boss doesn't have my breed listed on the the pet section of the web site. We have a great web site (clumbers.org) and the chair of our Public Education Subcommittee, Phyllis Potterfield, has great information that could be included.

    I snort and snore. Do you guys?

    (AKC name - Clumon Sweet Orion Nebula)

  • The Bulldog is #1 around my neck of the woods. It is the mascot to all the public schools here in Trinity, NC. Our little bulldogs here get into some messes too, but hopefully not as smelly.

  • This blog is wonderful! I've always wanted to meet Sharkey, since everyone says we look alike. My name's Percy, and though it still takes some getting used to, I'm the most popular French bulldog on YouTube, with a total of over 3.5 million (!) views to my videos. Why, you ask? I haven't the faintest idea. I guess I'm just that cute.... See for yourself at http://www.youtube.com/ewestby

  • It's about time! I was riding down the road listening to Sirius. (with my nose out the window, since all cars smell!) And heard about the Blog! I'm a Bichon with an attitude and my sister is a Standard (poodle) with the grace of a ballerina. (so they say) Anyway I'll check back after my grooming if my nails are long enough!

  • Grrrrr, henry (chesapeake) & pete (boxer mix) here, m thinking, yes we do, would not b a fan of the plane, m not into heights, neat blog though.

  • your very smart woof!!!

  • Hi There! My person was very concerned to read about some of the remedies for skunk spray--so many contain chemicals harmful to the skin. THE VERY BEST REMEDY IS DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR. Skunk spray is oil-based and the vinegar cuts the oil. Follow the vinegar treatment with a gentle dog shampoo.

  • I took our 2 big golden retreivers to the beach last winter, planning to spend the night with them and my two kids at a local hotel. Well, true to form the youngest dog found the stinkiest dead crab on the beach and rolled and rolled on it making sure that the smell would last a long time. I was frantic because there were no pet shampoo options in this small town. I even thought we could sneak him in to the pool area, where there were showers, but I new we would get busted. As we gagged our way to the store, I thought, I hope febreeze will work as it helped take the smell out of my son's shoes. All I can say is FABULOUS. It works better than tomato juice and smells wonderful. That's my hint for getting rid of skunk, or any smell on an animal. Cheers, Sue

  • Hello fellow pups! We wanted to say hi and to let you know that I Bailey a fawn pug and my cousin Lucy a black pug were rescued from a horrible puppy mill in the south. Our parents are thrilled to have gotten us, they spoil us rotten! Rescue Pups Rule!

  • Hello people, my name is PePe. I watched the Martha Stewart show today, and I must say Francesca looked great in her new sweater. I'd sure like to meet her someday :)

  • Hey girlfriends!!! I am a Boston Terrier named Rubee Grace!!! I used to live in Florida but moved to Illinois and just loved playing in the snow this past winter!!! Have you girls ever seen snow ???? It is alot more fun to play in snow than to chase a skunk and get sprayed!!! (So sorry to hear about that)You go girls!!! Love Ya Rubee Grace

  • You looked so pretty today in your cute little outfits! I love crackers and cheese what are your fave snacks?? i live in Washington! i have never gotten sprayed by a skunk! is it fun????

    talk to you later "TESLA" the border collie

  • You looked so pretty today in your cute little outfits! I love crackers and cheese what are your fave snacks?? i live in Washington! i have never gotten sprayed by a skunk! is it fun????

    talk to you later "TESLA" the border collie

  • Hi kids, loved your mother's show on Wednesday. My mom cried during most of the show because she rescued my brother and two sisters and myself from the streets and she knows how many others of us remain homeless. None of us would be alive today if she hadn't saved us. We are very loved, well fed, go for rides in our Jeep everyday, get treats all the time, get ice cream from Diary Queen and we are friends with our mailman, Danny. We all sleep together in a Califormia King size bed. The oldest of us is Mr. Bear. Our mom found him sitting in the middle of a busy street on her way to work one morning in Oct. of 2002. She made a U-turn and went back and got him and put him in her backpack and took him to work. She told her boss she needed the day off so she could figure out what to do with him. Mr. Bear, who back then was named Little Bear, because of his size, was taken to the vet and checked out. Now that he weighs 82 lbs, his name has been changed to Mr. Bear, because of the way he demands respect from all, now that he's no longer little. In Oct. of 2007, our mom found my two sisters, Harlie and Macie, laying under a tree in a lot by a burned down house in the pouring rain. They were glad to get some attention and jumped up in the Jeep and were taken to the vet to be checked out. Mr. Bear taught them the ropes of the house and they adjusted quickly. Then in Dec. of 2008, while pregnant with one baby boy, I was picked up by the dog warden who took me to a shelter. The shelter that had custody of me put my baby and I in a foster home. That's where my mom met me. It was love at first sight and as soon as my baby was weened, I got to go live with my forever mom. It's sad that more dogs don't end up as lucky as the four of us have.
    Bark at you later,
    Ginger in the Jeep

  • Hi francesca and sharkey my name is Zoey I'm a 12 week old frenchie myself I look just like you francesca same color same GREAT LOOKS I live in Lake City Florida My mommy and I are new to the daily wag but so far it's great...Hope to hear from you soon..

    Love to all,
    Zoey Von D

  • Yippee! "I finally found other small dogs that live on a farm" My name is Rocketdog, I'm a Boston Terrier and I live on a organic dairy farm in Vermont. I love to keep all the barn yard critters in line. If you kids need any tips on how to keep the barn yard under control, just let me know. Thank you for sharing life from a dogs point of view (it is the only point of view that matters).

  • LOL! My Rocketdog pops his head up every time I visit the Daily Wag.

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  • My name's Betty. I'm a Boston Terrier originally from Jacksonville, NC. I was hit by a car and was supposed to be put down by the pound, but a lovely veterinarian couldn't do it because I was too cute. So he and his friends performed 6 surgeries on my three broken legs and now after a long recovery and a lot of therapy by my loving family, I live a happy life in New York City. I love playing with my friends in Riverside Park in the mornings.

  • Bonjour! Sharky and Francesa, my mommy had a birthday party for me with all the neighbor's dog. I had sooo much fun. We had lazydog cookies, that are organic, and healthy. My favorite is the carob cherry brownie. Mmmmm good. I would love to send you some, but not sure where to send them.But there is a wedsite http://www.lazydogcookies.com. I am not plugging this website, just wanted you lovely doogies to try it. It is time for my bath, and have a good day. Woof, Judy

  • Bonjour! I had sent a comment, and somhow it was not posted. I have send them before. I love the Daily Wag and hopefully there is some mistake. woof, Judy

  • Hi Francesca & Sharkey, I'm so jealous that you got to play with those donkeys! I personally have been looking for some sheep to round up but all I have access to is a couple humans and two cats. It's hard work keeping them all together every day.. the cats especially don't want to listen to me, but I don't give up! I found a great hiding spot for my bones, in the big pots that Mommy's plants grow out of - you should try it :-) Bye for now (it's hard typing with these giant paws, and my hair keeps getting in my eyes).. maybe we can play some time. I really like playing. -- Barkley, the Old English Sheepdog

  • Hello F&S,
    My name is Merlin, I am a 12yo Haflinger gelding from Billerica MA. I follow your blog on the daily wag as well as follow your owner (Martha) on twitter and via her show. Very informative. I noticed that you live on a great farm ( much like my own) and I was wondering besides the donkeys what other breeds of horses/ponys do you have on farm? Also my owner was wondering she lives outside of Boston and is looking to start her veggies. Martha started her peas ect. but where does she call home? MA/NY ect? I'm not sure if I am starting my outdoor veggies too early.
    have a great time on the farm
    Merlin & Kate, Billerica MA 01821

  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey...My name is Belle, I'm a 5 month old Golden Retriever writing you from sunny CA. Hope you have a great day with you Mom, Martha. My goal today is to drive my mom here crazy. I think I am off to a good start! I follow you on twitter.

  • I love your blog! I was wondering if you dogs can help me. I want to know what kind of dog Bethany on The Real Housewives of New York City has? My family is bringing a puppy into our home soon and that dog intrigued me. Right now we are thinking of a Goldendoodle, a Havanese or Bichon. Do you have any thoughts on those dogs? I'm sure that you have met several different kinds of dogs in your travels and have an opinion.

    You are both too cute!

  • Woof from a Bernese mountain dog fan. I was so excited when I saw you had your own blog. My mom and I tape and watch your mom's show every day and we LOVE your pet segments. One of our favorite veterinarians, Dr. Nancy Kay, was interviewed on today's segment of NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross. If you don't know about her book Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life you should check it out.

    I just found your RSS feed so I look forward to your updates.

  • We love your blog F&S!
    We are a Rottie mix and a lab mix are names are Dakota and Duke! We love to follow each other and be with ach other just like you too!
    Mom loves us soo much! We love her too!

  • Francesca and Sharkey I like it when you came on the show I two dos also there names are CheeChee and Brownie I like your blog.

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey, my name is Peanut, I am a four year old Cocker Spaniel and I also love to chase squirrels. Chasing birds is another of my favorites. I enjoy your blog on the daily wag, what a great idea the two of you had. Its about time us dogs had a place to strut out stuff. I'll be following your adventures.

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey! I'm a little dog too, like you. Only I'm a Yorkshire Terrier. And it's a VERY special day for me! My mom calls it my BIRTHDAY, but it's really the day that one year ago, I found her! Somebody else found me running around in the desert all by myself and I was starving (oh, I was SO hungry!) and dirty and my beautiful hair was all matted, but my mommy was sure that nobody would just abandon such a good little dog as myself, so she vowed to find my real owners. I think I was lucky because she never did, even though she looked very hard~ nobody was looking for me:(.
    But I knew she was the one for me! The second she drove to the parking lot to pick me up, I leapt from the other person's arms into hers and that's where I've been ever since! I was so sick and so skinny, but she took such good care of me (even when she and that man she lives with got into arguments over me)and now I'm all chubby and healthy and she says I'm the best thing that she ever did! I make her and that man laugh all the time with my joyfulness but I just can't help myself, because I'm ever so happy!
    I know you two doggies are very fortunate and you love your mommy too because my mommy thinks your mommy is the BEST! But I always feel like I'M the luckiest dog in the world!
    Mommy reads your blog to me and my brother Max every day, so we are always looking forward to your next adventure! Stay healthy and give your mama a big lick on the face for us! Madison and Max

  • hi im gino iam italian gery hound my mommy got me form paper back in 05 w been best buds ever since my mommys readin your blongs she loves them i think martha had great idea iam thinkin same thing createing web site for my self at my space.com since i cant create my own web site i tought hey why not have my space of my very own when i make one franny and sharky can check it out im sorry bout loss of paw paw i heard of new dog frost i love see pics of him or her one qs do and sharky really use the comp lol i saw pics too of you guys there great ok hope you 2 have great day hope see more blongs and pics make sure check me out at myspace.com ill give link when i make one

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey!
    Big congrats on your new blog!
    I'm a Russian blue 4-month old kitten named Albertine Gertruede---but everyone calls me Bertie Gertie for short!
    I'm a part lynx yellow maine coon (I'm about 2 years.) My name is Jack. I used to be a wealthy socialite cat like you two, but now I live in the country.
    We love your website! It opened, actually, the day that our friend, Lucy, the silver tabby, went to go get spayed. Cool, huh?
    Well, just a note to say your blog is AWESOME and keep it up on the great fashion!

  • Hi Sharkey and Francesca, I am a person looking for a dog. I am very interested in adopting Benjamin who was on the Martha Show last week. Can you help me with any info? Thanks. Keep wagging those tails!

  • Hi S&F!! My name is Biscuit. I am a little boy Pug and I love reading your new blog! I saw Valentino recently on your mom's show and I was so happy that he loves Pugs!

  • Hi Frenchies. I am a wire haired Fox Terrier. My name is Beauregard (Beau to my friends). I love your blog. I also love to chase squirrels and we have a lot of them in our big back yard. I chased one too many last fall and hurt my leg (torn ligament) and had to have surgery. I am now good as new back to chasing squirrels and tennis balls. My master has just put down some new sod and I just love to get around the edges where there is loose dirt, especially after a rain. Your episode with the skunk sounded like fun up until the tomato juice baths. Happy Spring from Beau in Mobile, Alabama.

  • Hi Sharkey and Francesca, My name is Otis a 9 year old Lhasa and My little Brother Chewie he's a Shiteese half Shitzu and half Malteese. We have an online pet store. We donate 10% of our proceeds to NO KILL SHELTERS and the wonderfull people who rescue and foster animals. Hope you can give us a shout out.... Let's help those who can't help themselves, thas our motto!!

  • Hi Sharkey and Francesca! My name is Sapphire I am a black lab and Auzzy Shep. I am a really loving quite dog and I have a friend named Shelby, she is a Husky and German Shep mix. We love to do everything together, including watching the two of you on Martha. I need some help! Spring is here! The ground has finally thawed, what a wonderful time of year. I just love the smell of fresh dirt and I love to dig in that soft, sweat smelling dirt. My how I love the dirt! Now my problem everytime I dig a new wonderful hole my owner yells at me and Shelby. Ok, so I stop digging for a minute or two until I figure that she can't see me! I was definately wrong and now I have to go inside which is boring unless my mistress is watching you guys on Martha. Please help, how do I train my mistress not to get upset by all the holes Shelby and I dig. Thank you ahead of time for your help.

  • Congratulations Francesca and Sharkey, wonderful site, I'm a Maine Coon cat that lives in Missouri. My human loves to watch Martha every morning and we have a meowing good time.

  • Hello F & S my name is Ozzy. I am a black and white domestic 2 year old cat. I had to share with you my new toy that I just love. The Q-Tip. Mom goes crazy. They are all over the house but I usually want the one that is under the sofa that I can't get. But Mom always come through. I know how to open the bathroom cabinet under the sick and pull them out. She thought she was going to fool me by putting them in a plastic garbage bag, but I know how to get into those real easy. When she is on the phone talking with family and friends she always says "Ozzy sends Q-Tip love". I love your blog now I have somewhere to share, just like mom. Am happy to meet you. Am sending Q-Tip love, Ozzy

  • meuw!(English accent, cause that's what my mommy says I sound like, tiny meaouw) Kitty here! just found this section on you two pups...I follow all your blogs, but then when mom went drifting through all the things on this website, we got lost in "wishingland"...there are so many nice things to look at, read and make...thanks for sharing...mommy is off to the horsie blog now.

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey!!
    We think that this is a fantastic blog!!! We simply love it. Our names are Maggie (a 9 yr. old beagle rescue), Jimmy ( a 5 yr. old adopted beagle) and Tommy (a 2 yr. old. adopted beagle). Our mommy (Yvonne Dagger) is an artist who has recently dedicated her time and energy into painting Shelter dog and cat portraits. She feels that like us they deserve to have a place with other fine art in galleries and museums. Her mission is to pay tribute to the dogs and cats that have been fortunate enough find forever homes and those that just didn't make it out of the shelters. You can see all of her paintings on her Facebook Group page-
    Yvonne Dagger-Fine Artist. Please take a look and let her know what you think.
    With many sniffs and licks,
    Maggie, Jimmy & Tommy Dagger
    (Yvonne Dagger

  • Congrats and Mazel Tov on your blog!

    Come check me and Cosmo on ours!

  • We are two darling chihuahuas who have been looking at cool dog blog sites. Kudos to you two! We can't wait to learn new things from you! We are sorry you lost your friend a few weeks ago! We were saddened to hear the news.


    Lilly and Dottie Smith

  • Francesca and Sharkey. Love the blog and all the pictures of you two. You should really come and join Dogster.com

  • Hi guys,
    Glad to see the true stars finally get their own blog.
    I am also a frenchie. I would fit perfectly between you two because I'm black and white. If your ever in the Washington DC area come look me up for some great play time.
    Love Lola

  • Great blog! I am eleven year old Boxer female & I have lung cancer. My people are keeping me comfortable, but they were told by the vet that I may not be here for long. My mom is looking for a new dog after I have pass. Does anyone know of a breed that is very hardy, yet small? Are Rat Terriers nice dogs? I sure hope you can help because I don't want here to be without a dog for very long.

    Matilda Barker

  • Welcome to the dog blog-o-sphere Francesca and Sharkey! You join a great group of dog bloggers from around the World! Looking forward to your posts and tweets! Woofs, Johann

  • Francesa and Sharkey, I'm a little concerned that you refer to Martha as your "boss." I would think owner, caretaker or even Mom would be more appropriate. After all, you do not work for her ; you share your life with her. Please look into this matter and get back to me with your thoughts.



  • How cool is this! We've just read about your blog. Madelaine decided to venture out of our usual rabbity web-realm. And our mom, Shari, is a huge fan of your mom, Martha. She's always doing interesting things to our burrow (we have our own room) and gets her ideas from Martha (you should be proud!).

    Let us introduce ourselves, we're fabulous rabbits, of French decent no less!! I'm Tealle Wooley, a gorgeous, Jersey Wooley, 11-years old (points for me, I'm 11!!!), next is 7-year old Madelaine and finally, baby Lyonn, who is of French-Belgium decent. He's a dark-grey 5-month old Lion-Head (he's just just starting to get his face!!)

    We're intersted in blogging with you, you will find us to be extremely intellegent and social. Tealle Wooley is the most elegant rabbit you could ever hope to meet. What do you think?


  • Hi there, I'm Pookah and my friend is Daisy and we love reading the blog about all of your adventures. We live in a little town of about 50 people and you are our gateway to the outside world. If you are ever in Newfoundland, Canada, let us know we would love to visit and have a play date. :)

  • Hey: My name is Daisy Mae. I really have a sort of boring life even tho my master says it is terrific.
    I try to make life interesting but I always find myself getting into trouble over something. I think it is because I have made it my life work to be very independent in my thoughts. I usually never listen to my master as I always have my own opinion. Then when I get in trouble I wonder why my opinion was not so good afterall. I do have an interesting life story to tell. Raining here, another dull day.....

  • Congratulations, Francesca and Sharkey on the "Daily Wag"! We are so excited to visit your blog. Tess and I and our extended family have had our Blog since 2008- we hope that you can visit us at at http://jackrussell-love.blogspot.com. We love the pics on your site. Martha - we love you also - and we are very very particular. We will check in again when we can get to the laptop. Woof..
    All the Best,
    Francine and the Gang

  • Dear Franny & Sharky:

    Miss Daisy Mae the Black and White kitty here...
    Congrats on the Daily Wag! This is Wonderful!
    Franny, I hope you feel better soon. I'm sure Sharky is keeping you company.

    My Mom keeps me healthy by adding Symbiotics Colostrum Powder to my food each day. My vet recommended this to boost my immune system. I too came down with Lyme Disease last year. Mom found it at Vitamin Shoppe. WOW!!!!!! This stuff is the best! You can get this in a powder, capsule or a spray so it's easy for us pets to take.

    I also get countless daily brushings from my Pa..... I am a brush junky...... anywhere from 5 to 10 mandatory daily brushings. It makes me feel better when I am sick. Do you get brushings too?

    Hope you are on the mend and are back in full swing soon. Look forward to chatting wtih you and Sharky again.

    In Good Health,
    Miss Daisy Mae & Mom Sharon

  • [...] In March 2009, Stewart’s team created a a blog for her two French Bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey, called “The Daily Wag.” [...]

  • Welcome to the doggie blogosphere Francesca and Sharkey! I don't bark French very well, but I'll try to wag along with your posts.

    I've blogged for a while and it's a great way to meet new doggie (and people) friends. My blog even inspired some great t-shirt designs for dog lovers at http://www.KeepOnWagging.com

    And as I always say, Keep On Wagging! (:>)--

  • Because of Ghenghis Khan's photo on the back cover caused me to buy your magazine! Well done and thank you!

    Jean's K9 Crew

  • Hey there Fran and Sharkey! My name is Bella, and I am a Los Angeleno French Bull! I think it is really cool that you have a blog. What is your favorite toy? I have an awesome yellow ball with a tire outside... Guess what? It makes animal sounds! They range from monkeys, to sheep, you name it! Tell Martha that you might enjoy one! Hope to hear with my big ears back!

  • This is really nice to see these earlier posts. I think the people that help with The Daily Wag do a fantastic job and they deserve a little break. I hope all my buddies stay kool and healthy this week.
    I am just chillin' in Maryland. I am with two other chows, Harley and Rhyder. We all get along and I am having fun. Sharkey, GK and Francesca, I am sure the three of you are having meetings this week to come up with new things to tell us about, but take time out to just relax too.
    Love ua,

  • Hi Girl Friends &G.K., WOW! How terrific to see your #1 blog post from March 3, 2009! I love seeing those four wonderful photos of you 2 girls, Martha, Laura, Christine, and Eliad! Seeing 191 comments is spectacular! I love seeing your blog posting every day if possible! Like Maddox said, hope the three of you are resting, also and can come up with many more super blog posts! Take care everyone and hope you are all happy, healthy, and cool! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Wow I can see some of us have been following F & S a long time...faithfully... :)

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