Our own radio show, Whatever Frenchies!

Posted by Francesca

Dear Daily Waggers,
We want to thank you all for reading and enjoying our blog.  Those who help us post it are taking a little rest this week and we decided to run a few from the past.  We’ll be back soon!

Sharkey and I were napping the other day and Martha had her Martha Sirius radio channel on. I must have been listening to the 'Whatever Girls' with Alexis and Jennifer because I started to dream that Sharkey and I had our very own radio show.  But really, when you stop and think about it, it's not such a far-fetched idea, is it?

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Oh, I'm so excited.....our very own Sirius Satellite radio talk show. Sharkey, it's a good thing we don't have the FCC breathing down our necks, monitoring everything we say!

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  • Hello, it's me your biggest fan, Buddy, I'm thinking instead of encore shows when Jennifer and Alexis are away you could do Whatever with Francesca & Sharkey. It would be totally wild to have the Canine view on the world, Oh now there is another one, the Canine View, several ways to go here.


  • My Mama and I think you girls are silly Frenchies but you make us smile and laugh.
    Go for it radio, television, Twitter, blog,private plane rides, limos, magazine covers- reach for the stars!

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S - your own radio show - how cool. Mom was reading Martha's blog, sorry to hear about Martyn. I hope his injuries aren't caused by you two chasing him around the yard. I've seen pictures of you with the donkeys - not very nice.

    Isn't it amazing that when us Frenchies look in the mirror we see ourselves as 100 pound pit bulls. I fear no one and no animal. I'm 20 pounds with a big attitude.

    Well I hear my breakfast being prepared gotta go. Zoe

  • WOW what's next? a reality show on Francey and Shareky daily dogdome?
    Your very own Sirius Satellite radio talk show, well that aught to be interesting...a call in show? woof woof woof...

  • Hi F&S,
    I don't think anything is too far-fetched nowadays and I just might be curious to hear a few woofs coming from a radio mike. I’m thinking you might need an interpreter though 'cause not all of us speak French, but wait, I hear you are capable of a lot of different noises too. Will we be hearing any of those? Did you know your Mommy talks about your snoring? Now I bet that's a lot of noise - I've been accused of it myself! Well, whether this is just a dream or not, the idea is out there now and you know how capable your mommy is! Keep us posted and have fun with those squirrels.

  • Hi F & S,

    Kirby here. Now I could really go for a radio talk show. I talk all the time around the house. My daddy calls it “whining” but my mama calls it “talking”. Sometimes I think that my mama is smarter than my daddy.

    See you,

  • Hey dogs,

    It's us cats, looking at you, while taking a break from our busy schedule of naps, eating, playing and demanding attention from our slave--the human.

    We like your blog. We want one, but the human is soooo controlling about that. She reminds us all the time about how we ruined her last computer forcing her to construct what she calls "the exclusion room", and that we call "the human cage".

    There are 25 of us here currently sharing space, most of us waiting for homes. Our human is obsessed with spay neuter and is out all the time, rounding up cats to get fixed, feral and owned and that's how we ended up here, the no option cats, she calls us.

    We've got to go nap, dogs, have fun on that radio show!

  • Looking sharp S & F!

    Howla back ya'll!

  • Oh Francesca! You look so serious. If you're having fun, go for it! Oh, I'd like to take this opportunity to mention, if you could pass the word on to Martha, we would like to have some more dog theme items in our home. Something like kitchen curtains, tablecloths, cups, etc. You know, things that my human family likes. We wondered if Martha would ever be interested in something like that. I know you would be too. Thanks.
    Don't bark too much in the microphone,

  • Mrrrow. Whatever?!...talk to the paw!

    Mommie let out with a loud "oh noooo"!, and as you can imagine, I had to come running to see what all the excitement was about. What on God's green earth are you two gonna' do next?!! Mrrrow. You two are in EVERYTHING! (You're kinda' like my little sister Mandy =^..^= but in a different way.) I DO think that, even tho' I'm a [once]friskyfeline, you two look absolutely boo-ti-full! High paws! You go, girls! Prrrr. =^..^=

  • Follow your dreams.... DO IT!!!!!
    Tail Wags to you both.

  • Hi Girl Friends, Now that my mom has her computer working well again and has a few minutes to let me read your blog, I want to say how much I have missed reading your blog and seeing those glamorous photos of the two of you. I really love you both and love seeing you on your mom's TV show. I listen to MSL on Sirius Radio 112 every day and can't wait to hear your new show. Take care and I will talk to you later. Love, Dudley Do Right

  • Yes, radio is a fine medium. But there is no way it could come close to your incredibly CUTE blog! We look forward to your cute little faces and hearing of your adventures around town and everywhere else. Such fine companinions for our Martha!

  • hi how are you doing we are great loved the show friday

  • you two are the cuties dogs we are shit-zu

  • Hi! F&S!

    Hmmm...I thought 'FCC' stood for "find chocolate candy"? Anyway, great news about your radio show!

    While listening to MSL and crossing dots on all my i's & t's, I cancelled my SUB to H&G, got caught at lunch with my Mom's BLT and it caused her to have PACs on her EKG!

    She explained about R&R and how much of it she needs but I thought R/R was our MOT (Mode of Transportation) to Washington DC (you know, to see all the VIPs).

    Anyway, I know it isn't PMS 'cause Mom says she has "Mini Paws". (I don't know...her feet are huge!)

    But it's Saturday! And it's all OK with me 'cause Mom says if I watch my Ps&Qs we can take a ride in the GM (Go-Mobile) and go get BBQ!

    PS I love a good rib, don't you?

  • Dear Martha.
    I have been working with dogs for over 20 years . I groomed, I board and can train any dog. Teach them to have manners.I find now a days most people dont know what kind of a pet to pick and have written a small hand book on popular breeds and mutts to help people and show them how lots of pet stores lies about the breed. Perhaps you will be interested now that your catering to us dog people so nicely.
    You may also be interested in my knowledge of dogs and have something for me as I don't know what to do with what I know.
    Happy to have any feedback.


    Linda Kilfoyle

  • That is so cute. Who would think of that? Doesn't it make you say, "I want my own talk show." And having your own talk show is that easy.

    If anyone is interested in careers in radio, broadcasting, radio news editing, radio news reporting, radio djing, radio sportscasting, voice over work, etc. check out our one on one mentorship programs at http://www.radioconnection.com your radio school alternative. They connect you with a real world professional, get you trained, and get you connected.

  • Our mamma loves Martha your master, and she loves you both too. We think you are pretty darn cute, but our mamma loves us best. Still, she's thinking about getting Sirius just because of you Frenchies. Animals should rule the world, don't you think? Ohh-ohh, mamma's coming back and we'll get caught on her computer. byebye for now. Meow! ellie and angie

  • U r the coolest bunch!!!

  • We love Francsesca and Sharkey. We have a frenchie and my husband is an artist. He is a pen and ink artist and draws doggies and all pets. Check out some of his work at his current website.!!! rcillustration.com

    so cute!!

  • F & S,
    You two are so Bow Wowsie!!! I think a radio show is a natural evolution for you both. You should first appear with your Momma Martha on her "Ask Martha" show, just to get warmed up. Then, you 2 just take over like you do. Watch out Alexis and Jennifer!!!

    Next, you should do a reality show to find your BDFF (Best Dog Friend Forever - aside from each other of course). I would love to audition for that show. Playing on your farm in Bedford looks like such a blast. Can I come over and play sometime? PLEASE, don't make me beg!!!
    Bunny in New Jersey

  • Hi there,

    Martha suggested I try to connect with the Daily Wag this weekend at the Chef's and Champagne event in Sagaponack. I'm a Persian pussycat who is a budding supermodel in the pussycat world. I write a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog with seduction tips and provide my readers with my version of acerbic pop culture commentary. Why? Because the fashion world can be a very catty place! Let's exchange links! I'm also on Facebook and Twitter!

    Purrs 'n Kisses,

    Natasha Finkel
    The Fashionista Feline of the Persian Persuasion

  • For those who help post this blog and are taking a little rest this week....it is well deserved! Thank You for allowing us to have a little sunshine in our day with F&S, G.K., the Horses, the Donks and of course the regular fan comment's. :)

    Kitty =^..^= and her mommie delia <3

  • Hey girlfriends,
    A radio show! That sounds swell. Have a good week off. Mimi & I will be checking in each day for some look back time.
    Did you notice the posts for new friends? Welcome newbies.
    Your friendly chihuahua,
    Senor Rebel

  • Me again,
    What a goof, I just noticed the dates on the posts.
    Old stuff...Rebel

  • Hi Girl Friends &G.K., How fun to see this earlier blog post from 2009! I had forgotten about your dream about being on Sirius Radio and since my Mom listens every day, it would have been fun to hear you girls and G.K. on the radio, too! I love seeing all 3 of you on Martha's TV Show whenever possible! Sure hope your blog post team has a wonderful rest period this week! Hope everyone is healthy, happy, and stays cool! Love Dudley Do Right xoxoxo+

  • I have a great story for your new radio show, Francesca! In Georgia, three little frenchies were picked up as strays by animal control. These beautiful girls were all suffering horribly from skin infections because they were not treated for demodex mange. Luckily, they found their way to Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption where they are getting the treatment and love they need!
    What makes it an interesting story is that another frenchie was found last night in the same area, and this one is also suffering from demodex! You can watch a video about this one at http://www.wsbtv.com/news/28653648/detail.html. Luckily, this newest beautiful frenchie is in a car on the way to Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption to be reunited with the other three!

  • You two are just adorable. I thought I would put it out there that four neglected Frenchies made headlines in Atlanta this week. One was featured on the WSB evening news. She was found neglected, emaciated and covered in skin infections. Turns out 3 other frenchies (assumed to be "sisters") were found at a construction dump and taken to Atlanta Pet Rescue, a godsend of a place for animals without a home.

    Atlanta Pet Rescue is nursing these four Frenchies back to health. They're hoping for full recovery for all four of these precious dogs. But obviously it is an expensive proposition. So if two of you could feature these recovering Frenchies on your "radio show" it would be awesome.

    Here is the link for the post:


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