How Many Licks Does it Take?

Posted by Pia

While I'm certainly no Martha Stewart, I occasionally try my hand at creative recipes -- especially if they are for my furry family members.

Given this summer's extreme temperatures, I decided to share a fun heat-busting recipe I posted around this time last year! Here's what some pooches with discerning palettes had to say.....

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Bear explains,

1 Bear explains, "My work requires me to attend many upscale dinner events and I must admit that these treats top any hors d'oeuvres I've sampled to date."

Bruno says,

2 Bruno says, "I've tried a lot of gourmet treats in my travels and Pia's peanut butter 'sorbet' tops my favorite's list."

Henry says,

3 Henry says, "On these hot L.A. days, nothing cools me down like one of Dr. Pia's homemade ice treats."

Buckems says,

4 Buckems says, "Truth be told, I like to partake of the veggie bullion ones at 'yappy' hour."

Peach exclaims,

5 Peach exclaims, "They are simple, refreshing and low calorie...I look forward to trying the soy milk version!"

Pinky admits,

6 Pinky admits, "I'm not entirely sure what all the fuss is about. I could have made these myself"

Having sampled both flavors, Bruno adds,

7 Having sampled both flavors, Bruno adds, " I find the veggie ones to be the perfect cure for a hangover."

Tyler shares,

8 Tyler shares, "I'm pretty finicky about what I put in my body, and these treats let me indulge without having to worry about my waistline."

My guys love these!

Homemade Ice Treats (Snow Cones for Dogs)

    (Please note cautions below.)

  1. Dissolve vegetable bullion (or other stock/bullion)* in warm water.
  2. Fill vessel* halfway with bullion.
  3. Freeze until solid.
  4. Voila! A yummy lick-able treat for pooches.

    *Bullion- Be sure the bullion or soup stock does not contain onions, onion powder or garlic powder.

    *Vessel- I originally recommended freezing this yummy concoction in paper cups and peeling away the cups. But given that ingesting chunks of ice may contribute to bloat (a potentially serious condition), please note the recommendations and precautions below.

    While a tiny chihuahua might daintily lick her snow cone from a cup and politely dispose of the cup afterwards.... A jolly old great Dane might instead attempt to have his treat in one big bite... cup and all.

    Given that dogs vary in size and fervor with which they ingest their is important to "Know Thy Dog:" Always supervise your pooch with his treat and freeze the dreamy brew in a manner that permits him to lick the treat down to nothing, rather than rendering it a one-crunch-snack. I encourage you to apply caution and some creative thinking to make safe treats for your pooch.

    Some possible ideas include:
    -Freezing the liquid into the center of a Kong-type hard rubber toy.
    -Freezing it in an indestructible water container that allows pooch to access it with tongue only through holes in bottle.
    -Create something akin to a salt lick like one a horse might savor.

    Let us know what you come up with!


    In kinship,

    Dr. Pia Salk

    I recently tried the above idea with peanut butter, an longtime doggie favorite. I froze a thick mixture of soy creamer (you can also use rice milk, filtered water, etc) and peanut butter, with a dollop of solid peanut butter in the center. The dogs had great fun lickin' to get to the chewy center -- entertaining and refreshing!

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  • Dr. Pia
    Those ice treats sound really good. I could have used one yesterday it was really hot here in South Jersey. I'm not looking forward to the heat today it's suppose to be over 100 :(

    Being a Frenchie I have to be careful of the extreme heat. Dad takes us out to do our "business" but then we are all inside until the sun goes down.

    Stay cool everyone!!


  • Good morning Dr. Pia,
    Those homemade ice treats sound interesting. I think I will have to give them a try. I will have to get Gerry to make me some cause, let's just say that mom is not too good in the kitchen. hehehehe
    This heat is really taking the wind out of my sails. I go out early in the morning until it starts getting hot and then I go to my favorite spot in front of the air conditioner. I just chill out and wait for Martha's show to come on.
    Stay kool everybody. Next week will be better.
    Love ya,

  • Good morning Dr. Pia
    Mimi is going to give these a try today. Mimi & Papa were in Chicago last night & they told me it was 90 degrees at midnight!
    Being a chihuahua, I do like a short, sunny nap on the deck even in this weather. Stay Cool!
    Love & kisses,

  • What cute photos....just adorable! I just watched GMA and they had a Vet on there explaining what a dog, cat and bird can eat and should not eat for their health safety, very interesting (would make a great subject here, or maybe its already been done) ;)
    Our grandogs LOVE ice cubs to cool down. I'm passing this recipe on to my daughters for their dogkids.

    It was 100+ yesterday...unbelievable!
    Everyone and their furbabies, have a safe weekend and keep cool from this heat!

  • OH, what a FUN idea for a hot dog...! our 7 month old Bernese Mountain puppy would love this!! (She is currently laying her double coat of fur as close as she can get it to the lawn sprinkler)

    ~ Bonnie

  • Hi Dr. Pia, You certainly are a wonderful Mother to your fantastic, sweet babies! How lucky they are to have you! These photos are superb and it's easy to tell how each dog feels! Since it isn't hot like that here near the Puget Sound, my sweet little Dudley Do Right has never had anything icy to lick on. Whenever it gets kind of warm here, he enjoys drinking some cool, Brita water. Regular tap water makes him cough if he drinks it so I never give it to him. Sure hope it gets cooler where you live! Have a great day! Jan

  • ..frozen treat sounds great, but I live on the Wa. coast and so far this year I have not even wanted a frozen a matter of fact I am laying in front of the pellet stove!!My buddy, the Rototiller, a red heeler, lives in Henderson, Nv. and I have passed the recipe on to her!!..over and out, cora-belle the blue heeler p.s. I bet her friend, wally the lizard, will also enjoy this frozen goodie..

  • Hey, Bear! Where can I find a necktie like the one you're wearing in photo #1? I want to look sharp too, dude! Bye!

  • Yes, we will make these tomorrow, mommy has all the ingredients, we were wondering if mommy could chop up some of our bones, and put it in the mixture, mid way through the freeze time? We are two St. Bernards from Maryland, Katie is three year's old and Zoey is 15 months old.

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