A New PetSmart Ad and 20% Off

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When PetSmart called to tell us about a new 20%-off promotion on Martha Stewart Pets good through May 22, we generously offered our services for a photo shoot, only to be told we wouldn't be needed! Yes, it's true. Apparently the Powers That Be decided that Martha's spring collection of doggie rain gear for PetSmart should be modeled by... other dogs! You can see the final results in the gallery below. Bonus points if you can name the theme of the shoot!

Please scroll down to view the video!

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I'm singing in the rain!

1 I'm singing in the rain!

Just singing in the rain!

2 Just singing in the rain!

What a glorious feelin,' I'm happy again!

3 What a glorious feelin,' I'm happy again!

Our final pronouncement: Adequate.

Have a look at this behind-the scenes video. We have to admit, these pooches are pretty professional!

Remember! 20% off  Martha Stewart Pets products at PetSmart through May 22!

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  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    With some other dogs “doing” this add, are you still the spokesperson, err spokes-dogs for PetSmart? I wouldn’t want to see you loose your jobs especially in this economy. Not that you really need the job; every treat counts you know. Had a few thunderstorms last night. Hard to sleep with all that noise in the sky’s. I’m up early this morning. Maybe I will be able to catch up on the sleep I lost sometime today. It’s really hard to catch up when one sleeps 20 hours a day. LOL
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • How adorable! Singing in the Rain? Adequate indeed... "Martha Stewart Spring Pet Collection"

  • F & S
    What's up with that? How come you didn't make the video?

    Well I'm very happy today I got a new Phillies shirt, this one is white. I think it will look great on me, now I have two a red and white :) Mom got home late from the game so I didn't get to try it on I'm sure we'll be taking pictures of me tonight.

    Rain here today so I think I'll just relax - NOT.... I have to see the groomer this afternoon!!!Precious and Sophie are there now getting their buzz cuts, I go with T-Bone later today. I don't want to go - I hate getting a bath and then the nail file - WHY ME!!!!


  • Hi Girl Friends &G.K., Gosh, I'm surprised that they didn't let you girls be in that new PetSmart ad for the new spring products that Martha has at 20% off until May 22nd. They were in New York and you could have easily had Uncle Carlos or Martha take you there. I agree with you that the other dogs are cute, but you two and G.K. are my favorites and I always love to see your photos when Mom and I go to PetSmart to get new Martha Pet items. We will be going ASAP. We are finally having a great, sunny spring day today, but the rain comes back tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Ok Mom says it's a bad version of Singing in the Rain because they left out you two Francesca and Sharkey! How mean of them! Everypup knows you 2 by site! You would have made like 87 gazillion monies for PetSmart. They (PetSmart) must have cats in charge of commercials! BOL

    woo woos, Tessa

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