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Hello to all you faithful readers of the Daily Wag!  It’s me, Francesca, writing to you from my breeder’s home in Maryland!  I’m borrowing a laptop to get this blog posted.  I know how concerned you all are about my well being and I just wanted to let you know that I am quite alive and kicking.  The reason Uncle Carlos took me to Maryland was because I was grumpy and just wasn’t feeling well.  My breeder wanted me to be seen by her French Bulldog specialist, who discovered that I have a case of Lyme Disease.  Martha was asked if I might be allowed to stay with the breeder while recuperating and she agreed.  I want you all to know that the medication is making me feel so much better.  I am much more active now and have been having fun playing with different toys and other Frenchies.  Please allay your fears about my fate - I will be returning home soon!  I have really missed Sharkey, as I know she misses me, and I admit that I even miss G.K.  So in the meantime, please enjoy these photos of me and my friends in Maryland.

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Here I am with little CaraMia who so politely asked me to play.

1 Here I am with little CaraMia who so politely asked me to play.

Of course I obliged and little AislinCate came to join us.

2 Of course I obliged and little AislinCate came to join us.

Follow the leader!  That's me, Francesca, in the front.

3 Follow the leader! That's me, Francesca, in the front.

I remembered this toy slide from when I was a baby.  And guess what!  It's STILL a lot of fun!

4 I remembered this toy slide from when I was a baby. And guess what! It's STILL a lot of fun!

And here I am enjoying a restful nap with some great new toys.  I particularly love this stuffed raccoon and hope that I'm able to bring it back to Bedford.

5 And here I am enjoying a restful nap with some great new toys. I particularly love this stuffed raccoon and hope that I'm able to bring it back to Bedford.

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  • Oh, no! Lymes disease! That's terrible. I sure hope you are okay, little doggie!

  • Hi Francesca, Thank you so much for posting this information about how you are doing! You look beautiful and I'm glad to hear you are doing better and feeling better, too! It's nice that you have new friends to play with. Sure will be fantastic to see you back at Bedford with Sharkey, G.K., Martha and all your other family and friends! We love you dearly and keep praying that you get well real soon and get back home!!! Love, Jan and Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Get well sweet creature!

  • Hi sweetie pie,
    I never doubted for a minute that you were well, alive and kicking! It was so nice to hear from you today and thanks for letting us know that you are recuperating nicely from Lyme disease. I'm sure Martha misses you very much and is looking forward to having you home again. Sharkey looked a little sad on TV the other day but she'll cheer up as soon as she sees you. Lots of love and I hope to see you soon!

  • Oh, I am so relieved to hear that you are doing okay and you have a nice place to play and friends like you. They remind you so much of sharkey I bet! Keep taking your meds and get well soon and you'll be back with Martha, Sharkey and G.K. before you know it.Maybe Martha will tell us all about lyme disease and our pets because we know you have the utmost care. Hope to see more blogs from you real soon, sweetie.
    Alice McDonald

  • Glad to hear you are feeling much better and will be back home soon. Looks like you are having quite a nice time with your new friends!

    Beula Belle (AKA The Furry B)

  • Hello My Sweet Sweet Franny,
    The days have not been the same without your little playful, sweet face. I could tell when Sharkey was on television yesterday, she was lonely for you and not herself. We can all rest well seeing you recovering from that horrible disease. When you get very, very, very, well, Mama Martha should devote an entire show about dog and cat disease and the prevention of them. Does anyone remember me saying how I got an immune disorder? It was because some so called Frenchie vet specialist (that delivered me I might add) gave me all my shots at one time when I was one year old. Mom and Dad did not know any the wiser and trusted this specialist. Withing 24 hours I could not walk and had distemper. I got well from that, but it comprimised my immune system for life. Mom and Dad had only large dogs before. Did you know that vets give the same dose of shots to a 75lb. dog as me? Thats's why little guys like me should get their shots spread over weeks. Anyway, thank you, thank you, for making my day and weekend knowing you are alright Miss Franny.
    Love & licks,

  • SO glad to hear from you, Franny! I've been worried about your well-being. I hope you and Sharkey are reunited very soon ... you don't want to miss enjoying the spring weather in New York! xoxox

  • Oh Francesca, how wonderful it is to know that you are all right! My momma and daddy and I were worried that we would never seee your pretty face again. The pictures you sent were great and it looks like you are having a good vacation and recup time. All of us on the blog were sure worried that you were sent back for good. That would not be fair you know. We love you and await your return.

    Now that I know you are okay and that you will come back to us, I can take a decent nap. Have a great weekend. Take care. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • franny rocky here, I am so glad to see you ! You've got spunk like me ,could be why I never left the breeder! I sure do get how your breeder would want you to stay to recuperate my mom always says she knows best because she deals with these things often, having so many of us, you have to remember it is the breeder who is there when we take our first breath and they never forget any of us and love us forever.Have fun catching up with family! Basil we are small dogs too my nefew Leather on his third booster shot had his whole face swell so he has to skip a year for his booster.Small dog are different for shots our vet also had to get a smaller needle for pup shots or they get a lump where they got a shot! Your friend rocky

  • My Dear Dear Franny...we are so happy to hear from you and that you are doing OK...so sorry to hear the problem with your Lyme Disease has caused you more problems...I will pray for you to be better.
    Well I can sleep tonight knowing Francesca is OK!

    Thank You so much for posting, I am so happy!:)
    Lots of Love, delia

  • Thank you Francesca for replying, have been thinking of you and how much you have been missed,

    At present we are praying for all with that horrific earthquake, God bless you too.

  • From all the cats at The Cat Behavior Clinic --- we are glad you are feeling so much better. We like to read about your interesting life. When will your memoir be out?

  • First let me start off by telling Rocky I will keep your mom in my prayers and we all hope she gets better soon. We are also praying for all those people in Japan, I was watching TV with mom and couldn't believe how much damage this woman named Mother Nature could cause!

    Franny I'm so glad to see a picture and hear that you are alive and well. I still don't like the idea of you being shipped out because of a case of Lyme's Disease. If you are well enough to run and play with those other Frenchies, which by the way are very cute, you can come back to the farm. Betsy is great with the horses I'm sure she could spend some extra time making sure you are taken care of. Call me a fool but I think this new baby is the reason you were shipped out.

    I hope you get to go home soon but my mom said she would adopt you, we have a great house and lots of fun. I'd even teach you to pull the toilet paper off the roll. Takes some practice but now I know not to pull too hard it takes a special touch to be able to run through the house without tearing the sheet off ;)

    Thanks for the update DW.


  • I'm glad I decided to check in this morning. This is what I've been wanting to hear. No news is not necessarily good news. I'm very happy to see you Francesca and see that you are well and getting better. You have to realize that the timing of your trip and the cone of silence about when you were coming home has led to all sorts of cynical speculation.

    Your sister Sharkey (psst, even GK does too!) really needs you back home. She looks so sad without you especially when she had to do the outerwear fashion show without you. Are those Sharkey's relatives?

    Continue getting better and come home soon. I can now chill out about 'the strange disappearance of Francesca.' Have a great weekend! :smile:

  • It's nice to see pictures from your Maryland Mama's place. It must have been nice to be in warmer weather while you weren't feeling well.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    It’s so good to hear from you Franny; like getting a letter from home. I know that being sick isn’t a good thing but you seem to be getting better. Won’t be too long before you are home and chasing those pesky cats around. Now you wouldn’t do that, but I would. Another warm day here; should be in the 70’s. This time change sure has me going in circles. I don’t know what time it really is. My system is on another time, or should I say in another time zone. I need a vacation to get things back in order.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • I'm so happy you are on the mend!! Really missed seeing you on the daily wag>>>>it's just not the same without you. Hope you get to go home soon...Sharkey seems a little lost without you!!

  • Well Ms. Francesca,you sure do have a lot of friends that were worried about you. I am glad you are having a blast at your breeder. Hey, I am in Maryland right now also, visiting my co-owners. Maybe we could get together for lunch. I am having fun too. Isn't it neat that we get to visit other places? You look very happy in the photos. I hope you have a quick recovery so you can get back to the farm. Sharkey misses you and G.K. needs your guidance.

  • It's great to hear from you Frannie. I hope you are back to your nornmal self soon and back at home in no time. :)

  • Oh my sweetie pie...so good to see you!
    Sniffs & kisses from this chihuahua to a lovely Frenchie. Senor Rebel

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