Huge "Save" for Hockey Star David Backes and Wife Kelly

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Wow! I just returned from a roller coaster trip to St. Louis. It is amazing what can happen within 24 hours.


Photo by Brian Kuhlmann

Abbie Moore, the creative and compassionate Executive Director of was in St. Louis last week filming a public service announcement with some well known local animal advocates. Kelly Backes and her St. Louis Blues hockey star husband David are huge shelter-animal advocates.

They are actively involved in helping the animals in their own community and in spreading the word about the importance of adoption. Kelly and David Backes learned about (which powers Martha's pet search) through a PSA done by their close friends St. Louis White Sox hero Mark Buehrle and his wife Jamie. How infectious compassion can be - A real team effort!

We'd know soon enough just how important this kind of team effort would be! Just hours after filming the clip above, Rosey, the Backes' rescued brindle boxer ran out of the Backes' home and into the street. Kelly and David ran after her only to see her clipped by a moving car. A confused Rosey ran off, scared and potentially injured. The Backes had rescued and rehabilitated Rosey just minutes before she was to be put to sleep at a local shelter, and now they had to secure her safety once again.

When Brenda Bax, an executive at our pet-loving supporters at Purina, learned that Rosey was at large, she helped mobilize a team of animal lovers into action. Adopt-a-Pet founder David Meyer and I happened to be in town to discuss with Purina ways to help animal advocates have a stronger voice. So Abbie, David, Brenda and I joined David Backes' teammates, their families, and the Buehrles as they hit the chilly streets of St. Louis to search for Ms. Rosey. Thankfully Rosey had ID tags and a micro chip, so we were confident she'd be returned if anyone was able to catch her. We called all of the local shelters and veterinarians,while activated a legion of volunteers. We also enlisted to initiate automated to calls to 10,000 homes in the Backes' neighborhood.

Armed with flashlights, we searched for hours that night and early the next morning after a few sightings about a mile from the Backes' home. Finally an exhausted but ecstatic, Kelly called us with the news that Rosey had found her way homelate that afternoon. A visit to the vet revealed that Rosey suffered no more than a few scratches from the episode. David Backes, who had left town earlier for a hockey game,  was filled with emotionwhen Kelly called with the great news!

As David Backes remarks in the above clip, perhaps the good Karma engendered by their animal advocacy contributed to a positive outcome for Rosey and her family.

Thanks to Kelly and David Backes for being such tireless advocates for shelter animals!
... and welcome home Rosey!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

P.S. Be sure to check back next Thurs for more photos and info related to this happy ending!

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  • What a great ending to this story...You Dr.Pia, Abbie, David, Brenda and teammates, their families, and the Buehrles for hitting the chilly streets of St. Louis to search for Ms. Rosey...what a team!
    and what great advocates for shelter Animals...Thank You David and Kelly Backes!

  • Hi Dr. Pia, You did it again! What a wonderful blog post about adopting animals and the wonderful things David and Kelly Backes do to help their dogs and those who need to be adopted by people who care very much! The videos were superb! So happy that Rosey got back home safely! Have another great day! Jan

  • St Louis White Sox? Really?

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