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Remember those old Doublemint Gum commercials -- the ones with twins doing all sorts of activities to a song that went something like..."Double surfing...double singing... double kissing... etc."? Well just yesterday I did a true double take, and it led to a very interesting connection!

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Frannie and Sharkey look-a-likes Fala and Winnie are wondering what mom Alex is all excited about.

1 Frannie and Sharkey look-a-likes Fala and Winnie are wondering what mom Alex is all excited about.


2 Winnie: "I think I heard mom say something about the Daily Wag... wait, is this photo for THE Daily Wag?!"

3 "Fala! We're gonna be famous like F and S!! My head is spinning!"

4 "Winnie, wait 'til we tell Johnny Goliath about this...maybe mom can send a photo with him in it to Dr. Pia so he can be famous, too!"

Johnny G. is a rescued Bullmastiff. He was found terrified tied to a tree. Thankfully, the animal control that found him called

5 Johnny G. is a rescued Bullmastiff. He was found terrified tied to a tree. Thankfully, the animal control that found him called

When Alex began fostering Johnny G. he had been abused and never met a cat or small dog.

6 When Alex began fostering Johnny G. he had been abused and never met a cat or small dog. "He is the sweetest dog," she says. "He sleeps with the frenchies and with cats on occasion!"

7 "Wait! Lemme log on to the DW....Yup, that's Dr. Pia, the human we met at the Vet place today! Looks just like her..."

8 "Oooooh, me and Winnie just love the Daily Wag!"

9 "Move over Fala...Lemme see, Lemme see!"

Daily Wag fan Alex give Fala a kiss.

10 Daily Wag fan Alex give Fala a kiss.

11 "Oooh ooh mom, send her this photo... we are so Frannie and Sharkey in this one!"


12 Fala: "Send this close up of me sniffing -- I'm trying to be photogenic like Francesca here. How'd I do?"


13 Winnie: "Send this one of me contemplating life...and biscuits..."

Winnie and Fala:

14 Winnie and Fala: "Maybe Frannie and Sharkey would like to summer with us at the beach?"

15 "Here we are in the garden... maybe we could be stand ins for F and S when they do long photo shoots..."

16 "Look! We read Martha's fab mag, too. Yummy!"


17 Fala: "And I can appreciate art and home decor..."

18 "Check out my bedroom eyes in this shot!"


19 Winnie: "Wait... you need more shots of I am being a lady of leisure..."

20 "Ladies of leisure need rest too!"

Fala and Winnie: Strike a pose!

21 Fala and Winnie: Strike a pose!

Fala to Winnie:

22 Fala to Winnie: "Do you think mom hid a biscuit under one of these beds? I think I can feel one..."

Fala: Just one more of me... in front of my exercise weights... very manly...hard to

23 Fala: Just one more of me... in front of my exercise weights... very manly...hard to"

So there I am in the waiting room at my vet's office and in come some Frannie and Sharkey look-a-likes! I jokingly said, "That's not Franny and Sharkey is it?" To which the proud mama laughed and said. "No not Frannie and Sharkey but Fala and Winnie."

I got to chatting with Fala and Winnie's mama, who's name is Alex, and we both raved about how much we appreciate veterinary neurologist (and huge supporter of rescue) Dr. Jason Berg, and the other vets at Animal Specialty Center. As Alex was about to go into an examining room with her pooches I asked if I could take a photo of her Frenchies for a blog I do with Frannie and Sharkey.

"Wait... The Daily Wag?!?!?" Alex squealed. "Are you Pia?" You'd think she'd met Martha herself! I felt like such a rock star! Alex hugged me and went on to say, "I can't believe it... I love the Daily Wag, I love Martha... wait is that Minnow, your latest rescue?"

"Yes," I replied, "it's Minnow, who I blogged about--"

"You don't understand, I used to work in the movie industry in L.A., I don't get impressed easily," Alex interjected. "But Frannie, Sharkey, you...The Daily Wag...I can't believe it! My friends and I read The Wag religiously... I'm speechless."

I snapped a few photos of Fala and Winnie on my phone and asked Alex to send me others to share with our fellow Daily Waggers (see gallery above). I was also thrilled to learn of Alex's involvement in both Frenchie and Bullmastiff rescue! Apparently the Bullmastiff Rescue Organization she works with is in desperate need of fosters who have experience with larger dogs. If you can help with foster or a donation, please contact them!

I've often said that the best way to honor a breed that you love is to adopt from and support breed rescue groups. Alex is a living example of this!

Sadly, so many pure bred dogs and cats are bought but then find themselves homeless due to their humans divorcing, moving, having baby humans, a foreclosure or any number of circumstances. If you love a certain breed, how better to show it than to help those of that breed who are in need... that rhymes!

What a small world it can be -- I like that --and so often it is our love of animals that creates these connections!

Thanks to Alex for all she does to help the animals in need!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

Rescue groups that Alex works closely with:
French Bulldog

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  • Hello Dr. Pia & Ladies,
    Of course, Dr. Pia you are a star. We Waggers think you are not just our star, but a star to the animals in need. And Alex, you should have Fala and Winnie start blogging. We Waggers love new Waggers. LOL!!!!
    Nice to meet you all and thanks Alex for all your rescue help for many friends.
    Love & licks,

  • Hi Dr. Pia, WOW! When I first looked at this blog post, I thought you were doing a posting about Francesca and Sharkey and low and behold you had two look alikes named Fala and Winnie who sure do resemble F.&S.!!!! It is so much fun to have a delightful blog post like this one. You just make me happy to know about you and many of your friends. Alex sure is another great person who really cares about animals. I love your photos, especially the one of Fala, Winnie and Johnny Golith! They are absolutely darling and I think they would love to see F.S.&G.K.!!! Have a great day! Jan & DDR

  • There are many Franny and Sharkey look-a-likes here in Sharkey. I ran across so many last Summer, I had a running count game. I think at last count, Franny was in the lead. I know I would be just as goofy if I ever got to meet F, S, GK and you Dr. Pia.

    Bravo for Alex being such a caring Momma! :smile:

  • Absolutely brilliant, loved the comments too.

  • OMG my nieces, Fala and Winnie! This calls for a celebration :-) ...looking great girls and Johnny too! Of course you are all always stars in my book. Better watch it Alex, there will be no living with Fala and Winnie will be wanting her own Friesian!
    This is so wonderfully written, I must explore the whole blog.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby’s Daddy here.
    Dr. Pia, I know that you know all about animal behavioral so I’ll tell you about Kirby. Yesterday I took Kirby’s Mommy to the doctor and when we left we went shopping. We then visited a friend who has a new little puppy. Well after being away for four hours, Kirby was glad we were home until he smelled the puppy on us. He just went out on the back porch and stayed there. At supper time he came in, ate and went back out side. At 8 PM he always wants his spoon full of ice cream. He didn’t want it; just stayed on the porch until bedtime. I think a walk this morning will swing him over…… Walking this morning did the trick; we’re buddies again. Like Kirby says,
    Catch you later, Kirby’s Daddy.

  • GREAT article! We LOVE Alex, and her crew, and heard all about your meeting!

  • hi dr pia, rocky here, My mom cherry has a look alike out there! It is really strange to see it! No pups yet! Our kids have chosen to do drink names mom says who does the delivery get final say. This will be the first litter in 9 years that mom might miss and not be here for the delivery.She's sad about that, she got told by the doctor she has a mass in her bladder that has to come out on friday. All prayers welcome . Your friend Rocky

  • What great look-a-likes, "Fala to Winnie!" adorable photos of you guys and Johnny Goliath...I am a bit more observant because I'm an artist and knew immediately it was not F & S, they have definite shaped ya didn't fool me! But I certainly enjoyed the read about you doggies and Alex...and Thank You for helping to rescue animals...just like dear Dr.Pia, isn't she a love!

  • Just read the blog at lunch and wanted to let ROCKY know that he and his family are in my prayers and Mom's. You have to be scared to death for your Mama. A tumor in her bladder--OMG!! You must be strong for her Rocky. Our Moms are the backbones of the family. Let me know and the Waggers how she is ASAP.
    Love, licks, and prayers to Rocky,
    Your buddy Basil

  • Well, any dog that looks like my sweet Francesca baby is a pretty one. Sharkey, too! (Well, Francesca looks a lot like me, so I guess that sounded a little conceited.) That's funny, Dr. Pia that you have a rescue named Minnow. My newSister, Milie's, original name was Minnow something. She's also a rescue, who was saved by the nice people at

  • Wow were we all excited when Alex told on our chat list about her meeting with you and the thrill of having Fala and Winnie mistaken for Francesca and Sharkey. Having French Bulldogs myself and being a huge Martha Stewart fan, just seeing Alex's girls on the Daily Wag is quite a thrill. You've made a lot of people's day today Dr. Pia! Thank you for this. Beth

  • That's what I get for posting so late. I meant there are many F & S look-a-likes in Chicago not Sharkey.

  • They're all beautiful! Mastiffs are my dog's fav breed - yeah she like the drool. Really!
    So happy to see you writing about breed specific rescues. I'm always shocked at how many people don't know they can adopt a purebred, thinking the only way to have one is to buy. Great post!

  • Wow there are sure many wonderful people who posted so many nice comments and we even have Friends here too! We like all you Waggers a lot! An an an thanks to effective an also we are praying for Rocky and his family too. Thanks to Dr Pia and to or friends and family and all the Waggers who wrote in. And Fala does want her own Friesian horse now! Oh dear I don't think it will fit on the bed though.
    Love Winnie and Fala

  • Great pictures of such lovely subjects. I have been waiting to see them since Alex told us about meeting you. Alex does terrific things for rescue and for her friends who I am honored to be considered one of

  • Maybe some color in the pooches winter jackets other than white would make it easier to see them against the snow. I hope your lip is healing nicely Im sure you learned a great deal on that day.
    Grayson in PMC Ca

  • Winnie and Fala are true fashionistas. Just ask, Twirly Betty, the little black pug, who consults them about proper fashion!

  • We just loved seeing our friends Alex, Winnie, Fala, and Johnny on the blog. Alex and her crew have always been stars in our eyes. We are proud to call them friends. Bunnie, Jack E, Dali, and Howy

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