Our new brother - Ghenghis Khan

Posted by Sharkey

I’ve been scrolling back over all of the blogs that Franny and I posted this past year and I have to admit that life is just never dull for us Frenchies.  So much happens around the farm and we also blog about our adventures away from home.  Once again, Franny and I would like to share some of our favorite postings with you.  And please to all of our loyal blog readers!!!!  Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

You've probably all heard by now that Franny and I have a new brother who's come to live with us. If you saw Martha's show the other day, you also know that I am tolerant of Ghenghis Khan, however, it's quite another story for Franny. She's having a bit of a snit about the whole thing. So, I thought it best to lay down some ground rules, but things didn't go according to plan.

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Franny - take a look at this!  Ghenghis Khan is fast asleep.  Is it really best to let sleeping dogs lie?  Hey!  Fluff Ball!!

1 Franny - take a look at this! Ghenghis Khan is fast asleep. Is it really best to let sleeping dogs lie? Hey! Fluff Ball!!

That's right, sleepy head.  Open your eyes and see who is boss around here!  We're Sharkey and Francesca and WE rule this roost!  Don't even think about seizing the throne!

2 That's right, sleepy head. Open your eyes and see who is boss around here! We're Sharkey and Francesca and WE rule this roost! Don't even think about seizing the throne!

Hey, wait a minute!  Martha, we were setting the ground rules for this new pup and look what you've gone and done!  Ghenghis Khan will start to feel superior to us if you treat him so well!  I know that Ghenghis Khan, the Mongolian, was quite a horsebak rider but, this is ridiculous!

3 Hey, wait a minute! Martha, we were setting the ground rules for this new pup and look what you've gone and done! Ghenghis Khan will start to feel superior to us if you treat him so well! I know that Ghenghis Khan, the Mongolian, was quite a horsebak rider but, this is ridiculous!

Martha - it's not funny!!!!

4 Martha - it's not funny!!!!

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  • What a great name! Sharkey, you're right, he's a real fluffball. Where are his eyes?Bocci

  • F & S - I'm telling ya you've got big problems on your paws. Martha taking GK horseback riding?? Did you get to go that day as well?? If so where is your picture. You need a plan and I'm here to help.

    I gave you a few tips about her shoes and tearing up the toilet paper but we need to get serious. Figure out a way for GK to chew on the furniture, tell him it's ok Martha loves when you do that. Get him started on one of those expensive chair legs she has around the house. Oh better yet, plant a dog treat under the rug ( I know she has those expense carpets) and let him dig a hole trying to get at the treat. You know those baby teeth will be falling out and his gums are going to be sore - tell him to CHEW CHEW CHEW everything in the house is considered a chew toy :)

    Now don't get me wrong, I think GK is adorable (not as cute as a Frenchie) but he needs to know where he stands. And as for your moma, give her the cold shoulder, go sit in another room when she wants to give you hugs and kisses. I did this once and I wouldn't suggest you do it unless you are ready for a time out, I pooped right in front of mom and stood there and looked at her. She pissed me off about something so I did it, pooped. I can be a devil at times but I did get my point across. So did she, I got to spend some time in my crate.

    Let me know if you need more suggestions I'm full of ideas. I have to go now mom is baking cookies and I get to eat the broken ones :)


  • He is the cutest thing. Franny and Sharkey Watch out!!!!!!! Ha HA

    Princess Belle & Shadowdancer

  • What a precious little bear. I remember looking like that when I was a puppy aw the good old days when I was a carefree pup. I think your Mama loves you all there is plenty of room and love in her heart for all of you. Remember GK is apart of your beloved Paw Paw,
    you can have lots of fun together.
    Happy week gals,

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Well the weekend is over; not a good weekend for me. First off I broke one of my teeth, it rained on Saturday, again on Sunday, and stormy last night. I guess I will have to go to the Doctor’s this week and get my tooth checked. Mommy and daddy have had three Chows now and if you two girls want to be the boss I’m sure GK will just sit by and let it happen. But don’t count on his protection; remember the “boss” is the protector. That’s the way it is with mommy and daddy; they protect me unless they are in danger then my instincts kick in.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Ladies,
    GK ( I like calling him Khan better--it is more manly) is a real cutie, but as I told you girls the other day, he will grow up. And not like us Frenchies, he won't stay a cutie forever. He will become a big protector. You girls need to start thinking of him in that way. Not a threat, but your new guardian when you need to go out and there are the coyotes. He is the new protector of the ladies of the house. He is also part of your great buddy, Paw Paw. Don't do bad things to get more attention from Martha, just try and cuddle all the more when you can. She will think the three of you are so cute that she will include you with Khan all the time. He won't be able to be on her lap on a horse, no less, much longer. We Frenchies always have a cuddle spot. As for me, I have been helping Mom this past weekend as Dad was ice fishing. He is due to be back this afternoon. We have had a great time together--watching movies and sleeping in. Also, got taxes ready Mom says. Hope you all have a great Monday.
    Love & licks,

  • Hi GK. It's Zhu here, your sister. I miss you every day and am so happy you are living with my favorite "homemaker" Martha!! It is good that I can get to see you grow up. I miss rolling on the floor with you and rumbling!

  • Hi Martha,

    I just got a new puppy too! A collie puppy, Marv. If you looked up puppy in the dictionary, his picture would appear. We use http://www.healthshotsreminder.com to keep him current on his vaccinations. What a life saver!

  • Welcome Ghenghis Khan! you are indeed made of Royalty with that face...what a sweetheart...and those paws are still to grow into, oh my!
    I would love to curl up with you in that gorgeous fur, but then being a Kitty I guess you might not be up to it...I do hope you will be kind to the feline fluffs in your houshold.

    mommie delia says to tell you, she'd take you for a ride also and wished she was on that black beauty you are riding with mommie Martha,

    meeuw...Kitty here

  • GK is such a little cutie! I just took time to watch his debut on MommyMartha's show. Sharkey it's so good to hear that you're playing with him and teaching him the ropes of farm life.

    Francesca I had to snicker watching you walk right past Martha and GK as you made your way over to Joey. You are still 1st Dog by order of appearance so give the little guy a break. I bet you'll learn to have fun with him eventually too. If nothing else, now it's at least 5 cats to 3 dogs making the odds a little better. :smile:

  • Franny and Sharkey,
    You certainly are brilliant photo journalists - seeing Martha on that magnificent horse with the new Chow makes me wonder if there is a Terra-Cotta Warrior back in China that resembles your mother.

  • Hi Girl Friends, Your new little brother is really cute! You two are really cute, also!! I know from seeing him that I would love to play with him as well as you two. What ever you do, don't be jealous of him because you know how much Martha loves you two, as well as little GK. As he grows up and is bigger than you two, I know you can count on him being as loveable to you as Paw Paw was. Please enjoy your new baby brother. Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO

  • What a cute addition! We can't wait to watch him grow and see what mischief he gets into :)

    Best regards,
    The Honest Kitchen

  • I'm so glad you got another Chow. It's such a wonderful breed. I just got my 4th one (4th in 32 years). Hugs to your new one
    Linda & Xander

  • GK-You are the cutest puppy I think I've ever seen........Betsy said on Sirius radio this morning, that she and Mark were going to come over and squeeze you all weekend........ Congratulations Mommy Martha!
    Enjoy this precious new baby!

  • Hi Martha: Love the beautiful pictures of Ghenghis Khan. Please keep taking lots of pictures for us to see...we (Chow People) never get tired of seeing puppy pictures. I get my new Chowling in 16 days! He will be coming by plane. I can't wait...seeing your pictures is getting me very excited.


  • Dear Martha,
    I have always admired you,even through the tax or stock or what ever delema you went through. I think you got a raw deal and would say no matter what. Sorry I had to put that in there and have my say. Anyway I am posting here cause I have seen a few of your shows when you had animals on for adoption. Animal lover's all seem to have the need to help out where they can and do I need help. I have a specail need for a Dog, Martha;
    You see I have many disabling issues that has insited my doctors to prescribe me a Service Dog. In maine there is only one place in Lavant Maine that trains dogs for this. The place I best can afford is Owner training, but I have to find my own dog. I have already won the fight with all the landlord and housing issuses for the dog. But cause I need a large dog for mobility/balance issuses the landlord is a lil upset, and asked if I would just get a lil 10 pound dog. I am told that I have to get the dog that is needed and she will have to deal with it.
    My biggest delema is that the Program I go through dose offer full trained dogs but with out founding it would be $7,000 and I cant afford that. $4,000 if I do the plan of owner training and I can bond better too witch is recogmended more so. But I am left to search for my own dog in this deal. I do not mind other then fact is my town has only small animal no kill shelters and hold no more then 3-4 dogs at a time. And they have not had anything that would pass to be a service dog for me. I went to the bigger city Bangor one and they were very mean to me though they had a fairly good selection for me. I was watching your show and wondering if there is any help you can provide me with to finding a dog that will suit me and pass the Service dog training. The training forcilitie I am going through is called Tail Waggin center based out of Levant Maine.
    I do have a small apartment and on sec. so I am locked in to staying here for a year. I am on disability of SSI and have worked through a good budget for eveything to enclude the dog in my life. Even without founding and help form other programs that I have sighned up to I can do this on my own.
    I am on Facebook and Myspace and have two computer at hand. I hope you will see my delema as a real need and can help me mainly to find a dog that will suit me.
    Karen ward

  • Cute! I must give you applauses for adopting the most difficult breed I've ever met! Hopefully yours are more spoiled then the ones I've met..

  • How come Khan does not have his Star Trek outfit on?? Isn't that the enemy on Star Trek????? Has he learned to lift his leg on the furniture to go potty yet?? That's one way to get him on Martha's bad side. Good luck !!

  • You have it going on Martha ..What a wonderful life you have. Just glad to see someone with wealth enjoy all aspects of it.....Not just the money..But life itself...Enjoy...

  • Hi Sharky & Franny, Just saw your story about GK and although my mom is in love with him, I say not to worry! Martha loves you most but she likes to share her love with all her beautiful and precious babies. I've been a real stinker myself and won't let my mom bring in any other stray babies that need love. Enjoy your new brother and playmate, it's a rare treasure that each of you have. I do wish I had a playmate when my mom's off to work. Love to you all, Sir Lancelot Pliskin


  • I was given a chow after a string of more difficult sporting dogs, and I have been so happy with my chow. He is loyal, always happy, and the best guard dog in the world. He never complains, never raises a fuss unless he needs to. I am very impressed with you for seeing the excellent character contained under the lion's ruff--truly the king of dogs!

  • He looks exactly like my Chow, Ted E. Bear. I lost him to cancer. Just looking at him brings tears of fond remembrance to me. I am guessing that Paw Paw is gone. Cuddles and Hugs to GK.

  • He is so adorable! I am so happy for you! I let all my readers know about him in my blog! (www.LauraNicoleDesign.blogspot.com) It will be posted tomorrow! Congratulations again!

  • Martha he is adorable. I also am a Chow Chow lover My sons name is Casanova He is a black Chow Chow He is 12 years old this August and energetic as ever. They are such a loving breed and Im glad someone else appreciates them as much as I do.

  • Martha, I was tickled when you named your little boy Gengis Khan -- for 14 years (lost my Tibetan Mastiff last year on 2/09) my TM was my constant companion and protection - his hame was Tamajin Khan which is Gengis Khan's real first name - Gengis was a title. Hopefully your fuzzy kid lives as long and as happy as mine did. Nice to know there is another Khan out there in the world.

  • Martha, we are the proud owners of one of Paw Paws grandkids. We got him (Yaoshih)from Karen Tracy almost 5 years ago (his father was tazo (tatoo)). He is a wonderful, beautiful (red)and well mannered chow. Whenever we walk him people stop to admire and sometimes take pictures of him. Often times they say that Yaoshih looks like Martha Stewarts chow chows, and we explain the relationship.
    We were sadden when Karen lost those wonderful animals in the fire. We are happy for you on your new addition, and we are sure you will have many enjoyable years with him.
    Chow Chow lovers - Sharlene and Myron

  • Hi. I lost my two chowies last year just months apart from eachother. We adopted them when they were 5 weeks old. They were litter mates and bff's. They lived to be 14.
    We are just heartbroken and looking to get 1 or 2 again. I do not want to get one from a pet store but rather a breeder that raises them with their family in a home.any leads???

  • Hard to believe it will be a year next month since we first met you GK. My how you've grown! I think you're a little too big to go horseback riding now. :wink:

    When MommyMartha returns from St. Bart's, you three need to sit her down and ask her why she left you behind in the mountains of snow while she was off galavanting around in the sun and warmth. You'll have to let her know that extra treats are needed to make up for this obvious mistake. :lol:

  • Hi Martha and doggy friends. I know you love the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada so I'll share this bit of doggy treat info: Next time you and The daily Wag are in Toronto you may wish to take a trip to the city of Stratford (home of the famous Stratford Festival -- Christopher Plummer star of The Sound of Music recently played Stratford) to visit The Barkery where you can get pooch treats good enough for humans to eat. http://twitpic.com/357z59 - The Barkery has the goods for the top dog in your house for Christmas or any time. Thanks Martha and The Daily Wag.

  • Hi Girl Friends &G.K., Thanks so much for reposting this blog post about handsome baby G.K.! He is soooo cute! He certainly has gotten a lot bigger since you showed us these wonderful photos of him coming to live there at Martha's farm. Sure hope all of you are having a good time with Uncle Carlos while Martha is on vacation. Have another great day, my friends! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Franny&Sharkey,
    Don't worry about Ghenghis Khan. We, The Five Cats, rule the farm. Afterall, we outnumber the dogs! Martha may not give us our own blog, but we are in charge.You may not see us but we are always watching..somewhere.

  • I had not seen this before, or I could have warned your MarthaMom about how you would react to GK, Francesca. It runs in the family that we would rather eat small fluffy things than cuddle with them. NewMom found that out this summer when I found a baby bunny in the irises, and just recently I found a mouse that was living in our apartment; it's not here anymore, know what I mean? Oh, and whenever ladies walk by that have little fluffy dogs in their arms, I want to jump up and do something about it, and I have to admit I'm even suspicious of the furry stuff that people wear on their heads to stay warm.

  • It was so nice to see these pictures of G.K. They grow up so fast so to see these pictures again brought a big smile to my face. Martha, you have done a wonderful job with him and I can't thank you enough for sharing your life with him. Francesca and Sharkey, I know it is hard to have a new puppy come into the fold but I must say that I am so very proud of the both of you and you are doing a good job of taking care of your brother. I hope the coming year will bring all kinds of new adventures for you.

  • hi martha! i love your new chow chow. if you want to see maybe the cutest chow chow ever, stop by my blog! btw, whengiving my pup a kiss i had a similar lip injury. i felt like i was tko'd by mike tyson!!!

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