Never give up!

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Remember the adorable Ms. Pepper? She is the rescued pooch that I fostered and brought from Los Angeles to her new mama in New York around this time last year. We never gave up on Pepper and as you can see from this video, she seems to have incorporated that ethic into her own life!

Pepper is a quirky little mixed-breed pooch with one blue eye and one brown. She is quite unique -- in more ways than one. According to her adoptive mom Kelly, "It's her inner strength and determination that make me love her more every day." When Kelly began to notice biscuits missing from a bowl perched high on the counter, she decided to go undercover and investigate. (This came naturally as Kelly is a police officer.)

Pepper had a rough start. She needed a home, and we did not give up on finding her a perfect one. Sadly, millions of wonderful adoptable animals like Pepper are in shelters right now, holding out hope for a loving home. They too try not to give up, but only we can fulfill their hopes of finding love in a foster or adoptive home.

According to Pepper's mom Kelly,

Perhaps we should take some cues from Pepper. She did not let what appeared to be insurmountable obstacles keep her from that biscuit she wanted for herself: Not counter height, nor leg length stopped her from making it all work out! Sometimes what seems difficult or impossible can reap the greatest rewards.

I hear too many sad tales of family pets left at the shelter because a family is moving, a partner is allergic or a pet has grown larger than expected. This is tragic for all involved! These situations can be dealt with, managed and figured out in a way that keeps the furry family member in the home they know and love -- and keeps the family together overall. With a little creativity and professional input or support, all can be worked through.

Kelly reflects on her adopted pooch, "Aaah, Little Pepper-corn never ceases to amaze me. If Pepper could give a speech to potential adopters she'd say 'You can do this. You can give a dog a loving home in exchange for unconditional love and companionship. The perfect shelter dog is looking for you, so never give up hope and find him/her."

Take it from Pepper: Where there's a will, there's a way!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Good to see Ms. Pepper is in fine shape and loving her new home. Thanks for the update. I bet many people don't even think about "pet counseling." That would be a very good information campaign to start and span from shelters to vets to pet stores.

  • Hello Dr. Pia & Ladies,
    Glad to see Ms. Pepper is doing so well and that all are adjusted. Thank you for keeping us updated on the adoptive families. Pepper seems really happy. Have a great day.
    Love & licks,

  • Dr. Pia wonderful story. I was wondering , is there any advice for breeders on warning signs for to use for people that shouldn't be owners. I do very much to check the people out but still some get past me and my heart just breaks when they call and are putting a ppupy down for something like parvo that could have been avoided. I give all my pups the beginning shots and tell people that they can't even bring the pup out in public until they have the booster but some just don't hear. I love what I'm doing and have placed most pups in great homes but this just broke my heart. Terri

  • Hi Dr. Pia, Thanks again for doing everything possible to help ALL animals in shelters find great, loving homes. I sure hope more and more people take time to read your blog and help care for these lovable animals who deserve all the love they can get. Little Pepper is one terrific example of how shelter dogs turn into happy, exciting members of their family. Take care and thanks again, Jan

  • What a spunki little thing that Ms.Pepper! I'm so happy she has a loving home...Thank You Kelly!

    I wish that people would consider the pet they get is considered a family member and treated as such...sadly for some, pets are "a throw away" item.

    Everyone have a great weekend and a Happy Veterans Day...Thank You to those that served!

  • Yea for Ms. Pepper! It isn't easy finding the perfect forever home. My 'sister' Millie, who is a rescue dog from French Bulldog Rescue Network, had to wait almost 6 months before she found the perfect lap to snuggle in, but got to stay in a wonderful foster home while she waited. That was 6 years ago and my 'new' Mom says she can't imagine life without her and I will say that am happy to have her as a sister. And I'm proud of my Mom, who works in rescue to help other Frenchies find their forever homes!!

  • What a cute video. Never give up is right.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I wish I could open my home up to many pets but here where I live we are allowed only one dog or cat and each year the rules get tighter and tighter on size limits. I am lucky to be living here with my human Mama as I am to large now but when I first moved here 14 1/2 years ago size was not a regulation.

    God bless America and our troops and God Bless all us animals.
    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Pepper is a smart dog with exactly the right idea. Adopt! Adopt! Adopt!

  • I though she will not able to make it with that jump. Despite all the missed tries she keeps going. That's the spirit Ms. Pepper... I bet some people out there where ashamed of themselves for giving up so soon. Anyway, speaking of giving up, I would like to build a rabbit hutch can you please give me a hand because I am actually giving up.

  • That is too adorable. Always puts a smile on me to see happy endings. Never give up.

  • Pia,
    Have you seen my new brother, Charlie? He's was rescued from a shelter because he was "found". Sure he was. Poor Charlie must've come from a horrible place because he was so terrified when he came home. He wouldn't even let Mama touch him. This was astounding to me because Gus and I want to be all over her. The good news is that now he snuggles up with us on the couch and even lets Mama put a sweater on him. Mama, Gus and I are crazy for Charlie and we hope that someone reading this will be inspired to adopt a pet.
    Big Dog Kisses from 3 Little Dogs,

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