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We animal lovers here at The Daily Wag are honored to be part of Petside's annual pet blog event. This year the topic is one that is near and dear to our hearts....It's a celebration of pets as members of the family!

As a psychologist, I actually get asked questions about what I think of this fairly often. Many wonder if it is healthy or unhealthy to consider and refer to companion animals as kin.

As part of a regular initial interview with an individual, couple or family, I always inquire about companion animals in the home and throughout one's history. I feel the role that animals play in our lives is critical. Our connections with animals early in life and that which we witness regarding their treatment has a far reaching impact that I believe often goes unacknowledged.

I address this issue in today's video blog- where I discuss the benefits of considering companion animals as full fledged family members!

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In Kinship.

Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Having animals in the home teaches children love, compassion, caring and responsibility, who could live without their animals, I for one couldn't.

  • Hello All,
    I'm up early today helping (more like smelling) good things coming from the kitchen. Mom promised a fire when she had a break in a bit. You are very smart Dr. Pia, and this is coming from the King of this house. I would rather see people loving their pets toooooo much rather than the opposite you see often.

    Have a great Thanksgiving Dr. Pia.

    Love & licks,

  • Oh how true that is! we are to treat our animals as part of a family, they indeed are breathing, feeling and creations. The example of how a pet is treated, is a huge lesson in a child's will carry on over how you also treat humans. Respect and compassion is the lesson a child must learn early on, and what better way then to have an appropriate loving pet.
    My daughters got their horse and pony to learn responsibility and caring for a living thing...I am so glad they got to experience this, as it had a big impact on their lives in so many ways.

    You are who you are Dr.Pia because of your childhood loving and caring of pets...right?

    Dr. Pia you look lovely with your beautiful long hair, Thank You for sharing your thoughts...

    May your Thanksgiving be truly well as your family pets.

    I see Pickles in a nice sweet ;)

    Love from Delia and Purrr-meeuw from Kitty =^..^=

  • I agree with you, Dr. Pia. It shouldn't even be a question! Happy Holidays!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    It was a good vacation and now I’m back. It will take me a week to catch up on what’s been happening. Went for my morning walk and found out that one of my “buddies” went to sleep yesterday. His daddy was so sad today. I’ll be updating my “Facebook” page in the next few days; have some more pictures to post. I’m not the “family pet,” Dr Pia; I’m a part of the family just like my two legged brothers and sisters. When Mommy and Daddy are not feeling too good, I just lay around and console them. When they are feeling good, I romp and play with them. Heck, that's what family members do for one another.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi Dr. Pia, Thank you so much for sharing this blog with your video about our pets being family members. I totally agree with you and I wish to God that all people would feel the same way. My animals have always been family members and I go through extreme mourning when ever I lose one-I never forget them. I become so close to them that I thoroughly understand them at all times and they understand me, also. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and be sure to hug your companion pets. Jan, Mother of DDR!

  • Hello Dr. Pia: Posting late to day cause I just got back from the deluxe boarding kennel. Momma took daddy to the doctor's in Greenville to see about his skin cancers.

    I wanted to say that momma and daddy treat me as if I were their child. They always tell me what a wonderful little girl I am. I get birthday presents and wonderful Christmas presents and a picture taken at PetSmart with Santa Paws every year. They also make sure I get the best medical care they can afford.

    Daddy doesn't feel so good today cause he had some kind of operation on his ear and head for those things he goes to the doctor for. I don't know much about them. He is going to be all right as long as he listens to momma and me.

    I think it is important for us pups and kitties to be treated like family members. We take care of each other and love each other very much. We make each other complete.

    Will write to all of you tomorrow. Take care. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

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