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Did you see us on Martha's show yesterday? That was when we announced the costumes we were entering in the PetSmart Halloween Pet Photo Contest on Facebook: Sharkey decided she'd be a skeleton for Halloween, while Francesca would dress -- not inappropriately! -- as a devil. Here are the photos we submitted -- along with some other entrants we think are almost as fabuleux as we are. And there's still plenty of time to enter. The winner will appear in a PetSmart TV commercial -- just as we did!

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Sharkey the Skeleton

1 Sharkey the Skeleton

Francesca the Devil

2 Francesca the Devil

Boomer the Warlock

3 Boomer the Warlock

Devil Yoda

4 Devil Yoda

Ebony Rose

5 Ebony Rose

Margie's Big Night

6 Margie's Big Night

Oliver and Stella

7 Oliver and Stella

One Great Big Pumpkin

8 One Great Big Pumpkin

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  • The Skeleton and the lil' Devil. Those costumes fit you two to a tee. My heart belongs to the vampire costume just so I could say, "Count Sharkula." What about GK? Will he be his namesake the imperial ruler?

    Those other pups sure are cuties too. :smile:

  • F & S can you believe I still don't have my costume? My mom better get her act together and make time for the important things LIKE MY COSTUME!!!
    By the way you both look great.

    So T-Bone made out very well yesterday. Doctor Keefe is the best. He was able to eliminate T-Bone from having a drain and he has stitches that just melt away like magic. I was nice to him last night he was sleepy so I let him nap. This morning mom made ground beef with rice in case his tummy is upset which was just wonderful, we all had some for breakfast.

    Tonight the Phillies play I can't wait! I have to get out my jersey and cheer for our team. I'm sure you are both Yankee fans since Martha is one, sorry about that ;) I hope we end up playing the Yank's in the World Series and just spank their NY asses this year :)



  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I guess I will just watch the children come by from my window again this Halloween as usual. Mommy and Daddy set up a spot at the end of the driveway so the small ones don’t have to walk so far away from the street. Daddy has a Snoopy outfit and Mommy dresses as the Great Pumpkin. Some of the past children now have children of their own and are bringing them by to see Snoopy. Maybe this year I will get to join them. In the past too many people have been afraid of me because I’m a Chow Chow. I guess the black around my mouth makes my teeth seem larger.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Ladies,
    I love your Halloween costumes. As always you look marvelous. I am going to be Sherlock Holmes. I saw your Mama Martha on Oprah yesterday. I am glad they are giving crafters their due, since my Mom is a crafter. It is our first real fall day here--cool and crisp. I smell good things in the works for dinner--like a yummy roast. Have a great Wednesday all.

    Love & licks,

  • Hi Girl Friends & G.K., My Mom and I had so much fun yesterday seeing the three of you on Martha's wonderful Hallmark Channel Home TV Show! You were absolutely fantastic and you looked so cute!!! Then later we saw Martha on Oprah's TV Show and that was absolutely fantastic, also! What a wonderful day that was! Thank you for sharing your costumes again here on your delightful blog which we both love, also! You two girls were the best of those 8 photos and the 6 others were pretty cute, also! Have a great day everybody! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+ PS-T-Bone, so happy you are doing better already. Take care! DDR & Jan

  • I just love this section of your webpage - I love dogs but unfortunately I lost a long time friend of mine named Piper just a year ago. She was a blonde cockapoo with wonderful attitude and love.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful spot for dog lovers:)
    The costumes are great :)

  • I missed the OW show with Martha on there...so mad at myself, waited all week for it...I tried getting tickets for the show, but that was such a hassle...guess it was meant to be...sigh...

    I love the Halloween costumes on everyone.

  • Francesca and Sharkey,

    I was very fortunate to be in the audience at your mom's show on Tuesday. I must say that the two of you looked rather dashing in your halloween costumes.
    The two of you really made my day!

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