Decorating For Autumn

Posted by Francesca

Martha likes to grow all kinds of pumpkins, gourds, and squashes to use as autumn decorations.  All summer long, Sharkey and I have been watching them take shape on their vines.  Some are big and smooth and others are crooked and all covered with warts.  I think they’re all beautiful.  At long last, it was time to harvest.  Martha started to decorate but she had to leave and asked me to take over.

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  • Franny you did a wonderful job I'm sure Martha was very happy with all your decorating. By the way where is your partner in crime? Taking a nap or chasing furballs???

    I had a horrible night couldn't sleep at all due to the storms. I'm telling ya I never heard thunder so loud. I was snuggled under mom's arm all night but every time I heard a crash of thunder I'd jump up and bark. Needless to say mom didn't get much sleep and this morning she has a meeting 2 hours away and is not too happy with me - sorry mom :(

    Last night we watched Martha's Halloween show, mom recorded it so we watched together. It was really good Martha looked great. We got some great ideas for our Bonfire/Hayride party. I have to say she sure did trick my mom. There were bugs on Martha's set that kept moving around on the back wall and mom thought they were on our tv. She got up twice to chase the bug then finally realized it was on the show - I was laughing my french butt off :) You know those stink bugs have invaded the world and we don't want any of those inside so she freaks when she does see a bug. Good trick Martha ;)

    Well I'm heading back to bed with dad, I need sleep.


  • Francesca, I am deeply impressed by the Frenchie proclivity for decorating with fresh vegetables. If you were cooking, I'd call you a "Gourd Gourmand" of the highest order. Martha should be proud of having you on her staff!

  • Hello Ladies,
    Francesca, you are quite the exterior decorator. I am sure you have Kevin Sharkey's influence, even if you aren't his namesake. You did a marvelouse job as usual. Where was Sharkey by the way? Leaving you with all the work while she is chasing squirrels or cats. You look like you have lost a bit of weight. I wish that were my problem. Maybe when Mama Martha goes to Petsmart again you can load her up on all the goodies for winter. Keep up the great job on your exterior decorating.

    Love & licks,

  • Fran my name is Q-T , The decorating looks good.My mom hasn't started yet.I do need to report a pupnapping to your paper.We got a call last night from the people that my daughter Lily owns, they said an ex-girlfriend broke in to her dad Daves house and stole her.They said they hadn't yet put a chip in her and didn't know if they could prove she was theirs,but my mom said Akc has dna'd me and my wife so hopefully that and a signed contract with lilys dad will help prove who she owns.I hope she gets home soon ,she's only 9 months old.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    It was a good weekend for me; cool nights and warm days. Now if it only wouldn’t get into the 80’s during the days, things would be perfect. I see that there is really a lot to do living on a farm. As the seasons change, you have to change the appearance of the place to match. Around here, trimming a few bushes, raking the leaves and picking up sticks, which have fallen from the trees, keeps one busy. Our neighbor cut a lot of their trees, but our trees still give them something to rake. I just can’t understand why someone would move into a neighborhood full of trees and then want all the trees cut down. Got to get busy raking the leaves before they blow next door.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • What a great idea for decorating...guess mommie Martha has rubbed off on you Franny, of course with your Frenchie decorating flair!!!!

  • Hi Girl Friends &G.K. My Dear Francesca, you are really brilliant and this blog about helping Martha decorate with those beautiful squashes, gourds and pumpkins is fun to see over and over again! I love your expressions in these delightful photos! Yes, you could be called Sharkey, too because you decorate as well as Kevin and Martha do!! Maybe your new name could be Sharkey Stewart when others are identifying you as a brilliant decorator! Hope you have a great day! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Fantastique Mademoiselle Francesca! You certainly do have the eyes and paws for decorating. I bet MommyMartha was so proud of you when she came home.

    How did your pals Sharkey and GK get out of helping you with this task? I agree they were probably off with the squirrels or taking a nap. :lol:

    @Q-T, that's so sad to hear about your little girl. I hope the ex-girlfriend comes to her senses and returns Lily quickly to her rightful home. :sad:

  • Hi Francesca: Where is Sharkey today? Probably off somewhere having a great adventure. Franny, your placement skills are wonderful. Those gourds are beautiful!

    Momma and daddy got back yesterday from Greenville so that daddy could see the doctor. I got to stay at the deluxe vacation hotel again. I really love that place. Lots of adventures.

    It is very warm here on the east coast (NC). Have to wait till it cools off in the evening before I can run and play in my backyard. Momma is really enjoying her retirement and I love having her home with me and daddy all day. It's funny though, sometimes daddy will just talk and talk and talk to her and I see her raising her head and she rolls her eyes. What does that mean anyway???? It must mean she is enjoying it, right???

    It's time for a walk and a nap. Take care. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Happy Harvest Pet Adoption is fast approaching, plan on bringing the kids and look to adopt a pet or make a pet food donation to be donated to local shelters.
    There will be several recuse groups with dogs, a grey hound resuce and a horse rescue, cats . Free crafts for kids, face painting, nail painting. Pet photos while supplies last. All to benenfit the animals. Sponsored by the Branford Rainbow Girls( and the Branford Compassion Club, no kill rescue for cats. Both 501C non profit groups.
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  • Photo #5 is an absolute HOOT. Signed, Jennifer the Beagle

  • Hi Francesca!

    Wow!~that wrought iron tree is beautiful! My mom is sooo going to want one! And, I'm lovin' all that pumpkin and gourd loot you have. We've still got to go get some pumpkins for our front porch...can't wait to help my mom decorate with them! I'm taking a few pointers from your stylish design! haha I'm hanging out right now...just chillin' with my mom...and, just wanted to stop by to say "hi". I actually blog on Tuesdays on her blog; it's called "Tuesdays with Tucker". I would love for you to stop by sometime! I think you would like my post for today...all about sweet treats and a dessert buffet just for furry babies! We are following you on Twitter and love your tweets! :) My birthday is tomorrow so let me know if you have any special party ideas I should know about!

    Hope you're having a paw~si~tively happy evening!

    Your friend,

    Tucker, The Westie

  • The weather is perfect now; isn't it? Warm days and cool nights and the squirrels chattter from the high branches of chestnut and walnut trees.
    Pumpkins and gourds are versatile and you've placed some cool ones together. Keep working outside for as long as you can. Remember all the snow last winter? Soon the seed catalogs will be arriving.
    Happy Gardening,
    Sir Salty (westie) and Candylei

  • You have quite the flair for decorating, Francesca! My Minnesota Mama likes to do New Age-y woo woo decorations and my New Mama has an old Victorian house that our Auntie Ellen likes to decorate. (New Mama has good ideas, but she's not very good at making things) Auntie Ellen's work is very good, but probably not as good as your Mama Martha.

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