Trying our paws at knitting!

Posted by Sharkey

We Frenchies need a vacation and we are taking one week off from blogging.  We decided to go through our archives and post some of our favorite blogs for when we are away.  We hope you will enjoy these blogs as much as we do.

A rerun of Martha's TV show was all about yarn and knitting and crocheting.  People on the show and in the audience made some amazing things.  Lion Brand Yarn Studio is a really neat yarn store in New York City and they were very nice to design and knit Francesca and me a couple of great sweaters, which we are wearing in these photos.

NOTE:  You can get the pattern for these sweaters at

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Well, knitting may be loads of fun, but I think I'll just keep letting someone else do the knitting for me.

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  • F & S
    Knitting looks really boring except I like the looks of those long sticks. I think I'd like to chew on those a while, they are such pretty colors.

    Next time Martha leaves a bathroom door open you should try this. Go grab the end of the toilet paper and run thru the house. I like to see how far I can run before it tears. Then I chew it all up and hide - boy does my mom get pissed. Yesterday I got in trouble, my dad had a deck of playing cards on the table next to his recliner so I decided to climb up and investigate. I tore open the box and chewed all the cards up. I tried to make it look like the Labs did it but I got snagged. When mom came home from work and saw the mess I made we all got a time out. I didn't feel so bad because the Labs had a time out also. We have to go in our crates for a time out. Not so bad though, they are big and roomy plus we have very nice lambs wool beds in them. I really don't mind, I take a nice nap but I won't tell mom that - she thinks that's a punishment. Ha!
    Well have a nice weekend.

  • ahhhh, you lucky pups! fame gets you some nice things, doesn't it? I must say you both look spiffy with those sweaters!!!

  • Lookin' good girls! I have a sweater, one in particular, that everytime Mom looks away I try to quickly slip it off. It was a hand-me-down and is too big!

  • Hey, those sweaters are stylish! Both of you look fashionable and cute. Martha's a good Mom to you!

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey: It's me Gracyn wishing you a great day. I like your sweaters a bunch and would like to take them and shake, shake, shake them like I do with my toys and then have a nap on them. Mom is always so busy. She knows how to knit and maybe she could make me one too, but summer will come soon and it will be too hot to wear it here in North Carolina. Oh well, another one of my ideas down the drain. Zoe is right about those knitting sticks. They would be great chew toys and boy, I bet my mom and dad would be reallllllly mad at me if I chewed them all up.-Gotta go now, Love Gracyn.

  • Mrrrow. Aw man, Frannie, DON'T CHEW ON THE STICKS!'re 'posed to knit with 'em! You're gonna' get doggie slobber all over 'em, too! (E-oooo!) We kc's don't slobber much at all - our tongues are different 'n your tongues. They're all ruff-n-sandpapery-n-all... Mommie really likes your sweaters - she thinks you two are adorable. Mrrrow. As long as she still thinks I'MMM adorable - well then, that'll be okay, I guess... Prrr. =^..^=

  • Hi Sharkey - I LOVE your new blog and you sure are the cutest thing I've ever seen in your new sweater. I was going to upload a photo of myself in my red sweater, because I thought (even though you may not be fond of cats) you could be my new best friend. Please tell Martha that you want to see me and maybe she'll ask her webmaster to allow me to upload my photo.
    Your new friend,

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey!
    I had the greatest honor today. I met your mommy, Martha, at Michaels Craft Store in Westbury, LI. I love your Mommy's new book "Encyclopedia of Crafts." It will be a "go to" book for me for years and years. While your mommy was so graciously signing my book, we talked about you and your new blog. It is fun to see and hear about all of the great escapades that you encounter in your lives everyday.
    Have a fun weekend;-)

  • Overheard in Knitting Class

    Martha knows I'd do anything for her,but geez,this is above and beyond.How about a squirrel chase to make things interesting. Cast on,cast off,these needles are chunkey. Franny has the right idea,she's sharpening them. Oh! Sharkey can't you see I'm making a point? Purl 2,knit 2, what IS that,can I chase it? It's hot in here,with our sweaters on. Sharkey,can you reach my pocket? Eegaads,will this day never end? Will someone have the nerve to tell Martha us CUTIES need 14 hours rest a day?

    Sorry Martha (everyone) I just couldn't help myself
    keep smiling.

  • Hi Girl Friends, I don't think I could sit still long enough to knit something. I'm like Franny, I'd love to chew on the needles and the yarn but my mom wouldn't let me. You look so cute in your sweaters. I love the pictures of the rabbits, but I've never seen any before and don't know what to do with them. Are they like kitties? I love kitties. Have a good weekend. Love, Dudley Do Right

  • Hello Francesca and Sharky,

    You kids are so cute. I want to tell you that every time I open your website and my Luna hears you bark...she starts barking looking for you kids...I think is so funny.

    I work at an ALF in Brandon, Florida. I would love to have a pet store donate a couple of birds for the facility; I know the residents would love that!

    I thought since your mom is such a knowledgeable woman, you could ask her how I can go about in having a pet store donate a couple of birds.

    I love you kids. Luna wanted to say Hi also. Give your mom a kiss from both of us.

    Idania "Dannie" Bello Amor & Luna
    Brandon, FL

  • hello, I'm a 1 year old frenchie from Marysville Washington. I have two wonderful Momma's and they have been endlessly looking for a good harness for me so we can enjoy more walks. They have tried on A LOT of different ones and none of them fit right. Do you have a favorite harness you can recommend for me.

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Cornelius Clancy Jones - We really like our harnesses that Martha bought at a store in NYC called Spoiled Brats. They are called K-Style. They're very comfortable. Good luck!
    F & S

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