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We Frenchies need a vacation and we are taking one week off from blogging.  We decided to go through our archives and post some of our favorite blogs for when we are away.  We hope you will enjoy these blogs as much as we do.

On Martha's blog, she's showing pictures and describing where she went on her road trip to Maine.  Of course, Sharkey and I came along for the adventure.  It was fun, but it was a lot of driving.  I always like to see where we're headed, so I sat up front between Martha and Rock, the driver.

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For this trip, we had 2 GPS Systems. Looking at both, I discovered discrepancies. I decided that the Suburban's built in GPS was the one to trust.

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  • Miss Sharkey where is your seat belt? When you drive you know better you must buckle up and show a good example to all the other companions friends you have here at The Daily Wag.

    I bet you have fun getting to sit up front where the GPS is or should I say where the driving action and fun is happening!

    My Mama and I were watching your Mama's past show, The Apprentice Martha Stewart yesterday & today and my Mama noticed that your Mama didn't wear her seat belt in episode #7 she should always buckle up even when filming a television show, she also didn't wear it in #12 & #13. We want you guys to all be safe.
    When I ride in my Mama's Jeep we must buckle up so I won't get tossed about when we hit the brakes LOL!

    Thank you for the neat photos Sharkey, you are one cool doggie!

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Franny - you look so good behind the wheel and so in control. Mom let's me sit on her lap when she drives around town but when we hit the highway I have to stay on the passenger seat.

    How come your mom has Rock driving her around - doesn't she know how to drive????


  • Hi Girls,
    Born to be wild is right!!!! You can tell Franny that you have bounced back from your ills. Now you are out and about on road trips. What great fun. It has been a bit sad here in Lakewood, Colorado. Mom and Dad's gardens got hit on Monday by a terrible hail storm. I guess no good dill pickles this year. At least we can count our blessings that the tornado did not hit us.

    Keep on those travels and have lots of fun!!!

    Love and licks,

  • Franny!

    You are such a roadster! 'Born to be wild'...how true!

    How does the rest of that song go?

    How 'bout, "I've been drivin' all night my hand's wet on the wheel.....RADAR LOVE!!!!' :)

  • Hello Francesca,

    I can't believe Martha let you drive, how fun! Martha is so cool! Although I get to drive with my Mom all over, she has never actually let me take the wheel.

    We are big race fans so your adventure reminds me that we have yet to see a canine win the Nascar Cup or the Indy 500. Francesca, I tell you it's time. Maybe Martha can sponsor a car for you and you can race on behalf of canines everywhere. I am personally volunteering to be your crew chief!

    This is exciting!


    Fisher Jimmy

  • Mrrrowmrrrowmrrrow.

    Mrrryeah, ♫ 'born...born to be wild' ♫

    You wooked so coot sittin' up dere, overseein' da dashboard-n-all. You is soooo wittle, tho', you pwob'ly needed a wittle booster seat. You DO seem to be a do-er, Fwannie...dat wittle Sharkeybarkey is a wittle pwaybabie...she takes da easy way out all da time. What's up wif dat?! Mommie wead yesterday dat you guys got to go wif mommieMartha on her Maine twip. I hope dat you had wots 'n wots of fun!

    Your mrrrowy good fwiend,


  • Hi F&S,
    Like I commented on a previous blog, "Look out Thelma and Louise, here comes Francesca and Sharkey!"

    Your road trip looks like lots of fun. Did you ever make it to Kenny Bunkport? That is a lovely area as well. We rode our road bikes along the coast and had a great time stopping in Ogunquit, Wells and Moody Beach. Another great ride is on the ET, or Eastern Trail, which is a road trail that you can ride by bike and car all the way from Florida up to Bar Harbor, Maine. Hope to ride part of that this summer.

    Be well,
    Bunny in N.J.

  • Great photos! Looks like Sharkey and Francesca are old-pros at the newfangled GPS system. :)
    We also offer pet travel tips on our blog, including a recent article, Ten Tricks to Keep Your Pet Happy on the Road.

    Rachel Farris

  • what lucky pups to go one a road trip...wish I could have gone on the 6000 mile road trip that mommie delia just got back from...she said there is part of this magnificent country untouched..she loved the Pueblo Mountains and all the grand trees, reminding her of Germany.

  • Hmm, I have to wonder about "Edgar". Enough with the baby talk already!!

  • I love the Daily Wag, I read it daily! Sharkey and Francesca are king of the roads. My favorite little dogs in the whole world (except for Molly Mae my little poodle who is the jealous type). Happy traveling little ones.

  • Hi Girl Friends, Thanks again for posting this blog. I forgot to comment when it first came out-sorry. You help Martha and Rock the same way that I help my Mom amd my Uncle whenever we go somewhere in our truck. I always let them know all directions and then when they go in a dogs not allowed store, I stay in the truck and protect it from being broken into. So far, I've done a great job. Say Hi to G.K. for me. Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

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