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We Frenchies need a vacation and we are taking one week off from blogging.  We decided to go through our archives and post some of our favorite blogs for when we are away.  We hope you will enjoy these blogs as much as we do.

Francesca said she  wanted to go outside and get some fresh air. We hopped in the Kawasaki and went down to the main gate to visit Manny, the security guard. We always wondered what being a security guard was like so we asked him if we could take over for a while. It's an OK job for now, while Franny needs to stay calm, but we both agree, we prefer the dog life.

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I hope Manny has the keys.

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  • Oh Frannie - you still look a little sicky! My Lilly suffered with that disease. Don't overdue, you will get better sweetie!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Good to see you up and around Franny. Between the two of you, I think that you would make a great security guard. Mommy says that I am in charge of the security around here and it only takes one of me to keep things safe. I heard a noise, on the back porch, just before daylight this morning. I think it was that opossum pest again. He was gone by the time daddy got out of bed and made it downstairs to let me out. He’s going to have to be quicker than that if he is going to help me with the security around here.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • F & S
    I hope you had a nice 4th of the July weekend. Francesca you look weak, please take care of yourself.

    I'm really scared, my mom applies Frontline on me every month and I'm sure your mom applies a similiar treatment - and you still got sick :(

    Leave the security to the guards, you two take it easy.


  • glad to see you out and about Francey pants! you two look like you had a busy day, but fun at that...mommie delia has to take her computer in so we won't be able to come here or help me type comments for a while...stay healthy you two!!!

  • Hi gals,
    I'm glad to hear you're feeling better Franny but I agree with Zoe, you still look a little weak. Don't over do it!

    I really laughed out loud at your blog today and accidentally putting the handcuffs on was the funniest! I learned quite a bit about security from my son and I know it is hard work. He takes care of about 500 houses and carries a big gun too - no one messes with him! Okay security dogs, no sleeping on the job and feel better soon Franny.

  • Glad to see you up and about, Franny! What would Sharkey do without you available to drive the Kawasaki?
    Mom was giggling when she read your blog today (I'm not sure why, but she kept saying "hilarious"). I'm with you - I prefer a dog's life to being a security guard. I do a good job of barking if someone comes near the house, but Mom says I shouldn't bark at images on the television. What's the difference? Do you know?

  • Da-da-dum-dum "Ladies and gentlemen the story you're about to see is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

    Glad to see you up and about Franny but still take it easy. You two always crack me up but this post is one of the funniest. Sharkey, you just need a police hat to complete the look.

    Remember these immortal words:

    "Who loves ya Francesca."
    "Book 'em Sharkey."

  • Oh Franny Baby!

    It's soo good to see you! I'm so glad that Manny had you outside with him for some fresh air! You poor, look a bit frail. :( But I just know you're going to be up and doing 'dog good-things' very soon! Yes...I promise we can play with the handcuffs when you're up to it!

    OS. Love the feet!

  • Hi Franny. This is my first time reading your blog. Can you believe that I am an adult woman who
    had to under lots of antibiotics because I got a tick bite from a tick and had a "bullseye" in the area? Sharkey is talking such good care I know you will be well soon. Love

  • Hello Ladies,
    Good to be back on the blog, even though you girls are taking vacation. All starlets, as Mama Martha calls you, need a vacation. Then you will be relaxed and fresh for the next commercials. Today was the last of my medicine for my tummy---doing good now. The doctors called it a dietary indiscretion. I think they could be mistaken, as I don't do indiscretion. But whatever, I am back and being the security guard around here. I loved your security guard photos the first time and am loving them again.

    And to everyone for all the support last week. F & S you are the best, with your busy schedule to worry about me, Tasha and Mom. You are all the best. Thanks again.

    Love & licks,

  • well looks like things are "jacked up" at "the Daily Wag" today dates and old comments from the day before...hope this gets fixed before mommie Martha gets home...anyway cute security photos showing you guys at play acting...cute indeed!

  • Hi Girl Friends, Thank you for reposting this great blog from a year ago. We were unable to post a comment back then so I will now. You two sure did a great job checking all who wanted to come to your farm. Sure wish my Mom and I could have come there that day! You are the most versatile friends that I have. Glad to hear that Basil and Tasha are doing better. Love, Dudleu Do Right XOXOXO+

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