Fixing the Kawasaki

Posted by Francesca

We Frenchies need a vacation and we are taking one week off from blogging.  We decided to go through our archives and post some of our favorite blogs for when we are away.  We hope you will enjoy these blogs as much as we do.

We wanted to go for a ride in the Kawasaki the other day, but we were informed that it had broken down.  Dominick, the resident mechanic at the farm was in the process of repairing it and we told him to let us have a go.  After all, we Frenchies are knowledgeable about many things, including internal combustion engines.

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Sharkey, look at the engine of the Kawasaki. I wonder what the problem is and why it won't turn over.

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  • Franny
    I saw the picture with your mouth open - are your bottom teeth crooked? My teeth are like little spikes and the bottom teeth are very crooked. I think my mom should have taken me to the orthodontist when I was a pup. How about you Sharkey do have nice straight teeth?

    I'm glad you were able to fix the Kawasaki I know you love to take rides in that.

    I was wondering, in your mom's blog today she had her art department up to visit. When are the two of you having your blogger buddies up to visit? I think we all should get together and take some photo's then we can write a book on our adventures.
    I look very similiar to you Francesca, we could have a series called Martha's Angels. Sort of like the show Charlie's Angel's - one blonde and two with dark hair.

    I think I like that idea :)


  • Good Morning Girls,
    You are both so talented, fixing the Kawasaki. We Frenchies are very smart. I noticed your bottom teeth Franny as did Zoe.My teeth are very, very crooked. Maybe this goes with the territory of being a Frenchie. I am very similar to you Franny and Zoe in looks. Being a tiger brindle however, I have a bit more red in my markings. I agree that the blogger buddies should all get to meet sometime, and for the Charlie's Angel's idea, I could be "The Million Dollar Man." Did you girls get to visit with Martha's art department on their visit? Weren't those cookies special that were made of you both? My mom needs to get a Frenchie mold for when she makes her dog biscuits. Well, I better sign off and get ready for the doctor's today--wish me luck--hopefully no MRI's.
    Love & licks,

  • Be careful girls, playing around electricity can be dangerous. My dogfriend Madison the Weimaranner had a hair raising experience after chewing on a lamp cord when she was a pup. Maddy's mom always jokes that why she is so full of energy.

    Hope your wagon won't be draggin' for long, you girls should not over exert yourselves in the warm weather.


  • well, it looks like you just might know about the problem with the Kawasaki is...but I would leave it to Dominick the resident mommie delia will not allow me near any mechanical engines of anykind, as she told me of some not so good stories.
    Got to say pups, those are cute photos of your adventure!

  • Hi F&S!

    Was that a 'spark' plug? Or a 'shark' plug?! Ha! New nickname for Sharkey...Sparkey! :) Go Spark Plug! Go!

    PS. Franny, I'm thinking you got a nickname in there somewhere with a fan belt or something. Just don't see you as a jumper cable gal. Although I could work on the angle of battery...Bat Juice! Go BJ! :)

    Don't mind me...four months into soda pop. And with dogs it's harder because the Twelve Step Program is multiplied by four...paws, that is! So how many is that? 48?

    And I don't need to be reminded of my 'higher power' was my "higher" power that got me in trouble with all that Mello Yello in the first place. Yup, felt powerful and high as a kite! Ok, thanks for listening. My name is Shoeboy, and I'm a sodaholic.

  • Internal combustion engines? Hey, do you think you could fix our lawn mower? Frenchies are definitely talented in many ways! Sharkey, you still smell a little like garlic and onion...

  • Hello Friends,

    You both show the world that canines can do anything! Congratulations on fixing the Kawasaki. Sharkey, try to be careful while you drive it around the farm.

    My Papa was a mechanic before he retired so I can fix motor vehicles too. This is a good thing as Mom has an old car that she needs my help with. All that work can be tiring sometimes, but the sheer joy of hitting the open highway in a vehicle you've fixed makes it all worth it!

    I hope you two ladies took Martha for a birthday spin. I hope neither one of you has a lead paw--speeding tickets are a pain!

    Talk to you tomorrow.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • You two are the craziest girls! I had to narrate my own story while flipping thru the photos today! I talk right out loud, and laugh when there's nobody around, and I'm okay that I do that - Edgar used to say 'dat it's otay ta waff atcherself evwy now-n-den, Mommie'. I could tell, though, that with certain concentration and stick-to-it-iveness, that you successfully solved the problem. I'll bet that Dominick/'Jack' was sure relieved that you two solved the problem. Schwhew!

    Maureen, I told Mandy what you've been hinting about in your last couple posts. I showed her Frannie-n-Sharkey's dilemma on today's blog, and all she said was 'bpppup, I'm gwad dey got da Kasawaki wunnin' agin'. I said, 'no, honey, it's Ka-Wa-Saki'. She said, 'wight, Kasawaki!'

    (Okay, Mandy...whatever you say, honey...)


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Sorry to be a little late today reading your blog but daddy had to go to the doctor’s office today. I’m really glad that you got the engine running; now my daddy won’t have to go to help you out. He’s really good with engines. He has repaired some of the smallest engines to the large jet engines. Sometimes I think my daddy is a “superman” but we all know he isn’t. He’s just the normal “Joe” to everyone but special to me.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Dominick and the cuties have a job to do today.
    Fix the Kawasaki, in their indomitable way.
    Franny starts if off with a thoro engine exam.
    Sharkey is standing by trying not to be a ham.
    Better use the wrench to whip out the plug.
    Oh!this is such fun,we should get a big hug.
    Franny was waiting with a wicked little grin.
    Maybe we should bring the jumper cables in?
    That did the trick,all systems on the ground.
    Let's find MnM and it's sardines all round!
    We must make time if Zoe and Basil can
    To play Charlies Angels and Million $ Man.

  • Hi Girl Friends, Wow, you girls sure do know how to fix things! I'm really impressed! After reading your blog, now I know what to do if my Mom's pickup won't start. Boy, will she be surprised when I get it running again just like you did! I learn new things from your blog all the time. Thanks. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • (Oh crap! Overlooked you didn't I? A big guy, just like me! HI! DOMINIC! You look like Mr. Clean with hair! Ha! Always respect a guy who knows his engines! :) )

  • It's okay Mandy, it's a hard word for anyone to say!!

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