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As you all know by now, Martha is launching a fantastic new line of pet products for PetSmart soon, and naturellement, we, along with G.K., are the stars of the upcoming television commercial. Martha will be showing her behind-the-scenes video on her show on July 8, but she graciously allowed us this Web scoop. Thanks to our friend, Digital Assistant Editor Michelle Toglia, for wielding the Flip cam and getting some great shots of us. Enjoy!

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  • we cant see the video here in France ! but we enjoyed the blog and all the photos with dogs and cats !

  • Hello movie stars!
    How exciting your first Pet Smart video commercial with Mama Martha. I will look for it to air soon and watch Martha's show on July 8th, well my Mama and I watch it daily so we won't be missing you and your big moment. Looks like fun riding in a cart and all that attention ,you sure know how to have fun even when you must be working. I see lots of doggie treats on your horizon with this Pet Smart line !
    Happy summer,
    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S you look great!! G.K. you are looking good too but you know I'm a Frenchie and I think we just rule :)

    I'm so excited, saw the new bowl I'm getting from Martha's line at PetSmart - like the removable insert. I'm telling you right now there better be a clothing line just for Frenchies or I'll be really pissed. It's so hard to find proper fitting jackets due to our large chest, mom always needs to do alterations. And I would never tell her this but she can't sow a lick. She does try but the woman can't even sow on a button has to take it to the dry cleaners so why would she try to shorten my coat?? She must not think I'm worth it or she's become frugal all of the sudden - I DON'T THINK SO. Well I'm hoping Martha can turn me into a "Fashionesta" with new Frenchie clothes. So tell me do you both eat Purina food? Mom feeds us all Wellness dog food but said she is going to check out the ingredients in Purina. She said they do a lot to help out those less fortunate animals and would like to support them so she'll check it out.

    F & S did you see that Basil got some bad news on Tasha? Her cancer is bad and she won't be with us much longer. Maybe you could send them something to cheer them up I'm sure they would really like that at this difficult time.

    Well it's time for breakfast have a great day :)


  • It looks like the three of you did very well for your first commercial together. Francesca and Sharkey, you both did a great job in helping G.K. Even though he is a lot bigger than you he is still a puppy and he doesn't have much experience in this field. But, thanks to your help, he did fine.

  • Way to go Pups!!!! now acting...more for your resumes...

  • Hello Everyone,
    It looks as though you girls are training G.K. very well. What would you do without Uncle Carlos? He is the best. I am so anxious for the commercials. It will be fun to see everyone in action. Everyone have a good day. I better get back to Tasha. Take care.
    Love & licks,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    What a neat job you two, err, three have. You sure do make Martha look really good with your acting abilities. I’ll bet she gave you some pointers before the “shooting” began. I guess that all of those people around made you want to check them all out. That’s what I do when someone comes close to mommy or daddy; check them out to make sure they are friendly. Seeing GK in the clip sure takes me back to my puppyhood. It’s time for my nap now.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi Miss Martha, Francesca, Sharkey and GK: WOW! What a neat experience in front of the cameras. You're like movie stars and you knew exactly what to do. It must be all that experience. I hope you are sharing your experience with little GK. All of you behaved so well in front of all those people. I would get scared with all the noise and stuff. Cannot wait for all the new toys and stuff at PetSmart.

    Basil - I read your post yesterday and am very sorry to hear about Tasha. Cancer is a very bad thing to have. I am glad that the doctor said she isn't feeling any pain at this time. I know this is breaking your heart and your momma's heart. My mom said to enjoy your time together and love each other very much.

    It is very rainy here today. UGH! Hot, steamy and rainy. The weather will be great for the 4th of July weekend. Momma will cook special things for us to eat. Yummy, I can hardly wait. I hope she bakes some cookies. She said I could have a little piece as long as there wasn't any chocolate in it. Maybe she could go to PetSmart and buy me some more cookies just for pups, hmmmmm.....that is an even better idea.

    Well, time for a snack and a nap. Take care. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Hello again everyone,
    I am so discomboomerated with everything going on, I forgot to tell you Zoe, congratulations on being chosen in the Patriotic Pet contest. I tend to agree with you--donkeys placed before you--come on. You are a beautiful lady and very photogenic. I am similar in color to you. I am called a tiger brindle, and my coloring has a bit more red and blonde with the black. Congrats again!!
    Love & licks,

  • I can't wait to see the official commercials and the webisode Mommy Martha was talking about on her blog today. The three of you are such pros just like Mom. I love how Franny is in full command as you're riding around in the cart. Sharkey you're just doing your own thing as always and GK, you look so adorable looking for your 'happy space."

    Everyone have a beautiful day. Keep being a big boy Basil. :smile:

  • Absolutely adorable!

    Okay, which one of you will say this:

    "Mr. De Mille I am ready for my close up".

    Love you!


  • Hi Girl Friends & G.K., All three of you looked like you were having fun doing that video for the new PetSmart Martha Stewart products! My Mom and I can hardly wait to go to PetSmart and get me some new things! When will we get to see the complete ad on TV or on your blog?!!! Have a great day!!! Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • I am so excited about this line! I was at PetSmart today and saw the line and loved it! I actually got two sets of the 3-piece bowl sets. This is the smartest idea when it comes to dog plates. Why? I live in the south and the ants in hte summer are brutal. When my dogs do not finish their food, I have to throw it away because if I leave it sitting around for more than 20 minutes, ants come out of nowhere. This is a money saver product that I just love. Thanks Martha for this great product!

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