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We Frenchies were sound asleep the other day having a nice and lazy nap dreaming all about squirrels and the great chase.  Of course, something interrupted that joy and woke us from our slumbers.  It turns out that it was a rather pleasant interruption.

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1 Zzzzzzzzzzz

Franny, did you hear something outside?

2 Franny, did you hear something outside?

I certainly did!

3 I certainly did!

I think we better get up and check it out.

4 I think we better get up and check it out.

Oh look!  It's Elilad and he's carrying something fancy.

5 Oh look! It's Elilad and he's carrying something fancy.

Is it really a gift for us, Eliad?  That might make it OK since you woke us up from a very nice nap.

6 Is it really a gift for us, Eliad? That might make it OK since you woke us up from a very nice nap.

Someone has sent us biscuits!  It says they're sensible treats for the sensitive dog.

7 Someone has sent us biscuits! It says they're sensible treats for the sensitive dog.

I'll just pull the ribbon.

8 I'll just pull the ribbon.

Well isn't that the cutest!  There's even a biscuit jar in the shape of a dog house.

9 Well isn't that the cutest! There's even a biscuit jar in the shape of a dog house.

They even used a paper clip in the shape of a bone.  Clever!

10 They even used a paper clip in the shape of a bone. Clever!

These biscuits are yummy.

11 These biscuits are yummy.

Franny, I think we have to share with someone.

12 Franny, I think we have to share with someone.

Chow down G.K.  Ha-ha!

13 Chow down G.K. Ha-ha!

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  • Good Morning F & S
    So were those biscuts really tasty? Cute little treat container but kind of small. My mom has a big one that looks like a cookie jar for dogs. As you can imagine the 4 of us eat lots of treats :)

    We didn't have such a good weekend my dad got sick. Talk about getting woke up out of a sound sleep dad started yelling at 4:30 Friday morning for mom to call 911! He has a condition called COPD and he had a really bad episode. Thank God he is okay and we were able to bring him home yesterday afternoon from the hospital mom and all us kids were really scared. If any of my blogger buddies have human parents that smoke I order you right now to go chew up all the packs of cigarettes you can find. Mom and I spent the weekend gathing all the cigarettes, ash trays and anything else associated with smoking and throwing everything in the trash. Don't let them smoke!!!

    Mom says dad is going to be really cranky for the next couple of weeks maybe months until he gets over his craving to smoke. I'll have to give him extra kisses and love and maybe he'll feel better.

    Have a great day everyone.


  • Hello Ladies & G.K.,
    Boy oh boy are you three lucky to have a special delivery just for you. We get special deliveries, but they are from Mom when she goes to the pet store and gets our treats. We have an antique bread tin that holds our treats. Your new one looks really cool. You could have it right near your beds and have lots of sweet dreams. Happy Monday all!! Keep cool.
    Love & licks,

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Well the weekend is over; nothing much happened exciting. It’s been hot here and I am staying inside as much as I can. Mommy and daddy cleaned the boat and took it away to a parking place. You neighbors across the street hasn’t been too good lately. They park a truck behind our driveway so we can’t get the boat out when we want. I have offered to go over and bite them but daddy says that would be wrong. It looks as if the truck leaks something and they don’t want to get their driveway messy. I have offered to make a “mess” in their driveway too.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • what a great gift for you pups! I love the paper clip shape...
    hope this post will take, I've been without a computer for 2 weeks and my last post on GK did not take...glad to be back

    meeuw from kitty and mommie delia

  • Way too funny...I cannot get enough of these guys and their antics! Keep it coming!

  • Oh I'm drooling over those cookies. However, I am more interested in your extremely comfy beds, do you they come in a bigger size? I would need much bigger. I've been reading your bloggy for awhile and I enjoy the picture of you two and your smush faces.

    woof - Tucker

  • LOVE Biscuits by Lambchop! My big guys (mastiffs) adore them (altho they're still waiting for slightly larger mastiff-mouth sized Choppers & Starlets!!). And it's always nice to find a treat that I know is made with all human-grade ingredients and made by hand!

  • You three are so lucky to have someone send you such yummy treats. That first picture of you two is just too adorable. I guess that party really did tire you out.

    Biscuits By Lambchop seems to be a very clever and cool company making such a cute treat doghouse for the three of you.

    Zoe, I looked up COPD and wow that's a scary thing that happened to your dad. I'm glad that he's OK. You and the Labs will just have to snuggle up to him to keep him happy and safe.

  • Wow, you're lucky dogs! Biscuits By Lampchop are awesome and Denise 'D Dog sure loved them!

  • Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! I just LOVE Biscuits by Lambchop too. But, I have to be REALLY careful because I saw my MOM EAT ONE just to prove to my POP how good they were!!! I LOVE my MOM but let's be fair, she doesn't share her cupcakes with me (oh well, sometimes she does!!!)

    PS, I'm a big mutt (my MOM says I'm a very rare breed...) but you 3 are REAL beauties!!!
    Love & Licks, Your Friend Cowboy.

  • What an awesome piece!! So good to hear that Sharkey, Ghenghis & Francesca have gotten on the Biscuits By Lambchop bandwagon!!! We LOVE BBL, our pets wolf them down & we've even tried a tiny pece ourselves (don't judge!!!) as they are made with all human grade ingredients!!

  • Wow!! What lucky dogs!! "Biscuits by Lambchop" are the best!!

    My Mom orders them for my Sister and me on the internet. We live in San Diego and our cookies are delivered fresh to our mailbox all the way from NYC!!

    Starlet shops for fresh apples at the market and carries them home in her backpack. She works as the Chief Cookie Officer and has a tough job taste testing all of the treats to make sure that every batch is just right!!

    You 3 are VERY lucky dogs! I'm partial to the Choppers, but my Sister loves 'em both. Ohhhh, now I gotta go run downstairs and chomp on some of my own stash of Choppers (**using my paw to wipe the drool from my chin**)!!

    Enjoy your treats! Keep on barkin' in the free world!!

    licks and wags,

  • Thank you! So thrilled to see the Francesca, Sharkey and G.K. get their special delivery! I would love to know how Francesca did with the treats and her allergies -- great I hope. Lambchop had many special dietary needs so it's always the best knowing another dog that does can enjoy them too, it's why we do what we do.

    (P.S. I hope Henry enjoyed his too.)

    xoxo to the whole crew!
    Biscuits by Lambchop

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey: WOW! Just look at those yummy treats. Yum, yum, yum. I sure could use some of those Biscuits by Lambchop. It must be really nice to get gifts like that. Hmmmmmm...I am starting to drool.

    Sorry I'm posting late, but momma just came home from work.

    Zoe - Sorry to hear about your daddy. I know that scares you really bad. You and your momma must get him to quit smoking. I don't like it either. Humans have such strange habits. I am glad he is alright now. Man, that must have been really scary for your daddy too. My mom and dad and I will say a prayer tonight for you and your parents. I will keep my paws crossed for all of you.

    Well, it is time for me to have dinner. Take care. See ya later. Oh, by the way, I will tell momma to order me some of those wonderful biscuits. Oh my, I'm drooling again. Here comes momma with a paper towel to wipe it up. Gotta go. Love, Gracyn.

  • Biscuits by Lambchop? The Greatest invention since, Dogs and Cats!

  • I just arrived at my new Mom's house, my old master had to give me up to move across the state.
    My new Mom did'nt get any backgrund on how I behave how to play ball and we are having quite a learning
    Seems as if I need some help with trying to attack vistors. Mom was sure upset when I went after my great nephew! Now he hates me because I tried to attack him. Some of my other issues Mom says we will work on, since I am smart but I can't tell her how I played ball she keeps telling me "drop it".

    I need some advice to help my new Mom.
    Gee, the buscuits look good even GH is growing up!
    I'm two years old and a black lab / boxer mix.

  • OK, How come my starlets aren't delivered with such pretty wrapping!? They still taste delicious though, so don't worry.

    I LOVE starlets and eat them everyday when it's time to take my pill. I can't eat protein which mom says USED to be a problem. But ever since she found me starlets I've been much better about taking my medicine. Silly mom, Everything is better with a cookie! Even me!

    Love, Ella

  • Hi Girl Friends & G.K., WOW! You guys sure did get a fabulous surprise gift! I would love to have some of those delicious biscuits! Yummmy! Who sent them to you?! I'll bet it was a good friend of Martha. Hope you are having a great day. Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

  • Dancing the HaPpy DaNcE for Biscuits by Lambchop!
    A company that puts their heart into every treat :)

  • We two have always been jealous of you goggies ONLY because of Biscuits by Lambchop. We love the company and the lovely people behind it and wish we could have some kitteh snacks made for us. Otherwise, of course, we are still far superior. Sniff. Stella and Luna.

  • Good Morning, Sammie & Twenty here, your Ohio Sisters. LOVE those Biscuits by Lambchop treats! Mom loves to give us something special that's good for us, too, cause she says that we're so special. We've had so much trouble with allergies when we ate other things. Now our allergies are all gone! We're so thankful to Lambchop's Mom and to Lambchop for recognizing our needs and finding a way to help us. WOOF WOOF! (THANK YOU!) Sending lots of doggies kisses your way! LOVE your blog and seeing life through your eyes, LOTS of fun!

  • My Timmy hasloved BBLfor years!They are the best!

  • Love my Starlet Bisquits! I'm always begging for more!

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