Christmas Again?

Posted by Sharkey

There has been so much excitement around the house these past few days.  Wouldn't you know it, just when it seemed that Laura Acuna finished putting away the last few Christmas decorations, out they all came again.  The reason is because a crew from the magazine is here photographing for next holiday season.  The best part of all the commotion is that I get to help my friend, Sarah Carey, out in the kitchen.  Cooking and baking with her is always so much fun.

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Here I am with my friend, Sarah Carey.

1 Here I am with my friend, Sarah Carey.

Sarah, let me help.  I'll just grab this whisk.

2 Sarah, let me help. I'll just grab this whisk.

This must be the glaze for the cookies.

3 This must be the glaze for the cookies.

Sarah, didn't I do a great job?  The glaze is nice and smooth.

4 Sarah, didn't I do a great job? The glaze is nice and smooth.

The glaze looks so pretty on the cookies.

5 The glaze looks so pretty on the cookies.

May I have a taste?  Oh, they're not quite done yet?

6 May I have a taste? Oh, they're not quite done yet?

I see - now they get yellow sprinkles.

7 I see - now they get yellow sprinkles.

Now, that's what I call a cookie!  Great job, Sarah and I'm always happy to help.

8 Now, that's what I call a cookie! Great job, Sarah and I'm always happy to help.

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  • Yummy - I love cookies! F & S since it's Christmas again at your house does that mean gifts too? You are pretty lucky getting to cook with Sarah did she let you lick the bowl?

    I'm sitting here on my mom's lap just gazing into her eyes she's asking me what I want to talk about today. I just passed gas now I'm ready to dictate :)

    I think I'll start with Martha's show yesterday. Martha, the reason G.K. won't listen to you is he doesn't know his name. You were calling him G.K., Ghengie, Ghengas for God's sake woman pick a name and stick with it the poor boy is confused. I must say he is a good looking Chow. So girls why weren't you on the show as well?

    I am so looking forward to this weekend finally sunshine. I heard mom talking about working in the yard and starting to clean up all the broken trees and shrubs from the snow. I'll be busy following her all around the yard. I'll pick up some sticks but I plan on having my butt laying on the deck soaking up the warm sunshine :) I'd better get out my sun glasses and maybe I can convince her to bring out a cushion for my chase lounge. I think I'll suggest burgers on the grill Saturday for dinner, we can pretend it's summer :)

    Well everyone my eyes are starting to close which means I need a nap. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine.


  • Good morning Sharkey: Look at all those wonderful, tasty cookies. Oh boy, would I like to get a hold on some of them right now.

    Christmas?? I cannot wait for the next Christmas. I wonder what momma and daddy will ask Santa Paws to bring. He'll bring some really good snacks and toys for me, I just know it. Can hardly wait. Momma just told me it will be quite a while for the real Christmas to be here. Miss Martha is having a photo shoot on Christmas now. Oh, I didn't know what that was all about mommy. Sorry! Oh well.....

    Right now it is still very cold here on the coast and I think that means it is time for my nap. Have a great weekend everyone. Take care. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Oh Sharkey, can you spare a cookie for me too. I love them and I get one each day after going for the mail. I listen for the mail truck each day and when it comes, I tell mommy and we go and get the mail. Then I get one small cookie. Sure wish the mail came more often than once a day. Well I went to see my doctor yesterday and the lady at the desk asked what I was doing there. Seems that when I went to have my tooth checked, she marked me down as getting my physical also. Now I have to go next week. I’ll loose some sleep over this just thinking about it for a week. Oh well, it’s Friday and the weekend. Have a good weekend you-all.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Ladies,
    Sharkey,I love that it is Christmas again at your house. My Mom and I loooove Christmas. She puts 3 trees up every year, and covers all the pictures on the wall with wrapping paper like packages. Now baking holiday cookies looks yummy also. What a fun day. Did you girls get to watch a Christmas movie last night? I agree with Zoe about G.K.'s name. I have thought from the beginning that it is dumb--not masculine at all. Since he is so majestic and handsome, he should be called KHAN. Now that is a regal name. Not like stupid G.K.--that is downright sissy. I wouldn't answer to that either. Well, we are supposed to get a little rain/snow mix today. Looking forward to the Oscars Sunday night. We always have a little gathering, and some good food. Yum, I can hardly wait.Mom and Dad said some movie called Avatar was one of the best they ever saw. We will see about that. Everyone have a great weekend and keep warm.
    Love & licks,

  • Sharkey and Sarah I want to help!!! I want to lick the bowl and eat those cookies, my mouth is watering!ok I got that out of my system (cause I gave up sugar for Lent)
    Sure don't want to repack all the Xmas decorations though...but Kitty would love to jump through the boxes and play...

    delia says, have a great weekend all,
    and a prreew and meeuw from Kitty

  • Good to see you up and about Sharkey. Glad all that icky coughing is behind you now. Those cookies look wonderful. Looks like you and Sarah had a lot of fun making them.

    I for one love the nickname GK but I think Martha has to choose one name to call him -either Ghenghis or GK and stick with it. I haven't seen the show yet though to see what all the fuss is about.

    Speaking of the show, it would be very nice if the show could be available on line the next day. Also, I think Martha's show online is the only show that you can't make full screen and let it buffer. It would be a big help so could you and Francesca being the tech wizards that you are oversee the player upgrade please?

    Have a warm, safe, and healthy weekend everyone! :smile:

  • Hi Girl Friends, Well Sharkey, you just never know what's going to happen at Martha's home, do you! How fun that you got to help Sarah make those delicious Christmas cookies in the month of March! I just love to help my Mom cook especially when she is making something special just for me and her part-time cat, Bogie. My,it was so warm today-it almost got up to 60 degrees and I had a fun time sleeping in the sunshine! Sure hope it gets warm at the farm real soon. Love, Dudley Do Right XOXOXO+

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