G.K. learns about champion grooming

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Our brother, Ghenghis Khan, G.K. for short, comes from royal lineage.  His grandfather was the one and only Paw Paw and his father is the great Maddox, currently the number one Chow Chow in the United States.  Francesca and I have to admit that we are proud to share our home with a pooch of such stature.  Of course, to keep him looking majestic, G.K. requires a lot of maintenance and that means, regular visits to Martha's laundry room where all the dog grooming takes place.  Funny, though, unlike Franny and myself, G.K. doesn't seem to mind one bit.

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Uh-oh, Maria and Sanu have got me in their grasp!

1 Uh-oh, Maria and Sanu have got me in their grasp!

I suppose daily brushing is necessary if I want to look like a champion.

2 I suppose daily brushing is necessary if I want to look like a champion.

Ladies, please be gentle with my paws!

3 Ladies, please be gentle with my paws!

Oooh - that actually feels great!

4 Oooh - that actually feels great!

Don't miss that little tuft under there!

5 Don't miss that little tuft under there!

Oh, please don't stop.

6 Oh, please don't stop.

Sanu, where did you learn to massage like that?

7 Sanu, where did you learn to massage like that?

Just look at all of that hair! Better in the brush than tangled on my body.

8 Just look at all of that hair! Better in the brush than tangled on my body.

OK, Maria - same time tomorrow?  It's a date!

9 OK, Maria - same time tomorrow? It's a date!

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  • Hey Girls
    Aren't you glad we don't have to go thru all that grooming every day? That looks like pure hell if you ask me. I actually feel sorry for G.K. that he has to get brushed like that every day to look good. That goodness we have natural beauty :)

    Well Mother Nature did not hear me when I said turn off the snow. We have around 6 inches on the ground already this morning and blizzard conditions are in the forecast for the remainder of the day. Mom closed her business due to the snow so we'll be in the kichen all day baking something good. Oh and get this, my mom didn't shovel a path for me to go do my business yet. I had to climb thru that snow myself. I just followed the big guys paw marks so it wasn't too bad.

    Sophie is still at the hospital but the Doctor told mom and dad she is doing well. She also had a lump on her leg that they removed and are waiting for the biopsy results. The knee surgery went very well they are just concerned about this lump. I think she is coming home tomorrrow. Dad went to the Pet Store and got her a new bed for her crate. I tried it out yesterday and it is really comfy.

    Stay warm every one, I'm going to go nap by the fire.


  • Hello Ladies,
    I am back in the land of the living. Did you miss me? Our computer had issues, so I couldn't blog. What a terrible 2 days. It was fun catching up on all the goings on however. I loved seeing you gals playing the piano. I didn't know Mama Martha had a piano even. I wish I could have heard you both playing. I bet it would have been angelic. And as for G.K. getting groomed, well, start it now, Tasha and I have a good thing going. Listen to this. When she gets brushed, I always hang around also and then I get a treat. Then when I get my ears cleaned and checked, she hangs around and gets a treat. We know how to work Mom. Maybe you gals could try that route with G.K. Start now, as good habits form young. Zoe, I am glad to hear that Sophie's surgery went well and will keep my paws crossed that the lump is nothing. Have fun baking today Zoe and everyone else keep warm. I wish we were getting a blizzard like back East. Have a great day.
    Love & licks,

  • Royal treatment for a Royal pooch! oh I meant exceptional Chow puppy named G.K. looks like you like the treatment, good for you!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I would have thought that you two knew that Chow’s liked to be brushed when Paw Paw was with you. I know that I really do like to be brushed and have all of that fine hair removed. If I try to remove it, I usually wind up digging a hole in myself and that’s not a “good thing”. All mommy or daddy has to do is pick up the brush or comb and I’m ready. Whenever the come across a spot which I have been already working on, I give myself away by pulling away. They then have to inspect it carefully and if the skin is broken; it’s medicine time. I hate that smelly stuff. One of these days I will learn to just stand still and avoid the medicine.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Picture #4 is the funniest by far. Young Prince Ghenghis looks like he is loves being attended to by his court of handmaidens. He is just too cute for his own good.

    Now F & S don't sell yourselves short. Both of you also come from noble, championship lineage as well. Both of your fathers are handsome Frenchies. Frannie your sister Athena won both Best Frenchie Puppy and Best Puppy in Match and Sharkey your dad GP won several Best in Show awards and was also the Number One French Bulldog for two years in a row!


    Thinking good thoughts for Sophie's speedy recovery. Have a good day everyone!

  • HisFurrieFluffinessGK has been quite the little spotlight stealer, hasn't he, girls?! I played a little catch-up since the first of this month, and I have to say that little Ghengie is making himself right at home! Hmmm...let's see...he boistered right out the door and down to the donkey paddocks, he acquainted himself with mommieMartha's greenhouse and gardenerShaun, and (horror of horrors!) he helped himself to your own little coziewozie beds and favorite toys! Tsk tsk tsk! What a wonderful little handful he's turning out to be!

    What was this that I read about you two playing mommieMartha's piano?!...you two WERE the perfect melodic pair - Ebony and Ivory! I'll bet uncleEliad helped you two pick out some of the pieces you played, piano-player that he himself is! I'm very familiar with Satie's 'Gymnopedie' - it's a favorite of my husband's! I have to give myself credit, as I too had Debussy in mind, and even Chopin. Did you two know that there's even a piano-playing kittiekittie?! She's very famous! Her name is Nora, and if I do say so myself, she plays 'one beautiful piano'! She's a pretty little thing, too!

    Well, girls, you are just going to HAVE to get used to this little fluffietufts-of-a GK - that's all there is to it! He is here to stay! He is of the royal lineage of mommieMartha's beloved PawPaw. Now, don't get me wrong - that doesn't make her love you two any less - you'll just have to vie a little more for her attention, that's all.


  • You're proud to share your house with a pooch of such stature? What about you, F&S? Pianists and Internal Combustion Engine Specialists, not to mention Maintenance Experts...I think G.K. should be the proud one! Frenchies rule!


  • Hi Girl Friends, Your new little brother, GK, sure is a very special puppy and I am glad that you are beginning to realize how special he is. Each one of you is special in your own way and I love all three of you and would sure love to play with all of you sometime. I heard that you are getting a bunch of new snow. I hope that you stay warm and still have fun playing in the snow. Take care one and all. Love Dudley Do Right XOXOXO

  • Congratulations on your new brother! What a cute & furry little fellow....we got a new brother last year and he is a fun playmate but a little bossy. We are shelties and he is a terrier so we like to herd him around the house. What will you do with G.K. to have fun?
    Love, Vandy & Boomer

  • Just wanted to wish you the best G.K. He is so beautiful! I know he will bring you as much happiness to you as my Lu-Dee does to me! Lu-dee is my Chi-Chin(Part Chihuahua and part Japanese Chin)I just adore her!!! Best always Martha. xoxoxo

  • hi there miss martha i just seen a couple of weeks ago your beatiful new baby GK i ran to the computer to see him again only to relize what has happebed i donot know how i missed the horrible event that happened oh boy all i can say im so sorry for ypu loss and everyones loss abd as i read until today i am very excited to see your posts today of his gtooming i too have beutiful chow chows and i juust lost my 15 and 3 month chow who was bebe and i had since 5 weeks ialso had 3yer chow when igot and shetoo lived till she was 15 and i now real brother sister Tahoe and Seirra who are still having a hard time without their big brother would love to talk to you sometime they would love to meet you all some time i send you pictures take all the strenth of love and happiness they five as i know you do they would never want us sad i truly love what you do and share your everlasting compasion and lobe of what you do im very sure that you will necer fotget the bond that you share with your paw paw julieanne fama cameron park ca please give hugs and kisses to all your babies we send them back to you!!!!!! amd thats with smile ill send pics im not sure it was sent

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