Visiting Martyn, the horse

Posted by Sharkey

During the holidays we went with Martha down to the stable, where we found Martyn.  The other Friesians were outside playing and we wanted to keep Martyn company for a while.  He is such a great friend and a beautiful horse.

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I wanted to keep Martyn company for a while, so I got on his big, broad back.

1 I wanted to keep Martyn company for a while, so I got on his big, broad back.

Martyn - is that gourmet hay?

2 Martyn - is that gourmet hay?

Martyn, you are so very beautiful, just like I am.  We both have such rich and dark coats!  However, the difference is that I am a Frenchie and you are a Friesian.

3 Martyn, you are so very beautiful, just like I am. We both have such rich and dark coats! However, the difference is that I am a Frenchie and you are a Friesian.

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  • F & S
    That sure is a big horse, I'd be a little scared to be on top. I'm sure Moma Martha wouldn't let you fall :)

    I saw her blog this morning and she mentioned having to shorten the length of your red sweaters, that happens to me also. Do you think when she starts her line in PetSmart she can make coats just for Frenchies? We have such big chests but short bodies - HINT HINT MS. MARTHA - Frenchie line at PetSmart :)

    Well Sunday I enjoyed a beautiful day sitting out in the sun on our deck. The snow was all gone and mom even uncovered one of the rockers and I sat on her lap and enjoyed the warm sunshine hitting our faces. Well that's not going to happen today - it's friggen freezing out there again. Winds blowing like crazy and it's cold. My butt will be sitting right on top the heat vent today, I'm not going anywhere. Dad thinks he is taking me to get my nails trimmed but good luck finding me.

    Keep warm F & S


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    That’s one fine looking horse you have there. I’ve been real close to some horses in my day, but not that close. I touched noses with a horse one time and we both ran away. Daddy laughed at me; I didn’t think it was funny. When we travel, I watch for horses, and cows, out the window. Sometimes daddy will let me stick my nose out and smell the farms as we pass. He usually only does this when we are going real slow. Says he doesn’t want me to get anything in my eyes when we are going faster. It’s too cold for mommy and daddy to walk this morning so we’ll have to go this afternoon when it is warmer.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • oh mommie delia got all excited when she saw Martyn, she has been into horses all her life, and loves Friesians...although mommie is sick this morning she has me on her lap and said WE must see what F&S are for me "Kitty" I have stayed inside cause of the cold, sleep all day and keep everyone awake at night by playing...geesh!
    Sharkey you certainly have a great seat on Martyn, Francesca looks a bit insecure...never the less darling Martyn is a hay dunker? and into an automatic heated waterer...uhhh not good.

  • Good Morning Ladies,
    That Martyn is a pretty cool horse. He seems so gentle and likes both you girls. Still, I would have to say I would be a little nervous. The sweaters are beautiful, but being a Frenchie also, Mom runs into wardrobe problems continually with me. Things are never wide enough and always too long. I agree Zoe, Mama Martha must come up with a line at Petsmart especially for her beloved Frenchies. Dad is on vacation this week, so that is an extra treat. However, I am grounded as on Sunday I followed my nose across the street in the dark and didn't come when called. It scared Mom to death, with cars in the street and it dark. I just got carried away with the smells. Have a good day.
    Love & licks,

  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey: WOW!!! Looks like the both of you are soooo brave to be on the back of Martyn. I would be too scared that he would run off and then I would fall. Momma would have a fit. But, it looks like he is very calm and happy to have you as a guest on his back. It also looks like you are happy to be there.

    Did the two of you get all that you wanted for Christmas??? I did and more. The turkey was so delicious and juicy too. I don't know whether I like the turkey or my Christmas liver snacks the best. Oh well, I'll take both.

    I hope all of you that write on this blog got tons of great presents for Christmas. Oh and Miss Martha too. By the way, my momma loves the Martha Stewart glitter, expecially on the shells and the glass ball ornaments for the tree.

    It is very, very cold here in NC and the wind is blowing hard, so I'll go take a nap on my new blankie until my daddy gets home to walk me. Brrrrrr! See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • sorry to bother you...Sharkey can you ask mommie Martha what those covered objects are over Martyn's stall? are they cameras?...just being curious, or maybe nosey *!*

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Delia,
    Those covered objects in the horse stalls are fans that are used during hot weather. They are covered over for the winter.

  • Would you look at Martyn's beautiful face in photo #3?!!!...what a precious boy he is - and with Franniebrindle up on his back! - adorable picture this one is!

    Girls, how did you two get up on Martyn's back?! Did mommieMartha give you a little boost?! My Mandy girl would've made it with no problem, but you two have short (but beautiful!) legs-n-all...

    Your little red sweaters looked awful cute, too, girls - very befitting for the Christmas holiday, wouldn't you say?!...

    Well, it is chilliewillie here in the northeast, and I suspect it's even colder there at Cantitoe Corners than it is here at my house. Stay warm, okay? I know mommieMartha is in Bangkok...maybe you can find someone to snuggle up with - auntLaura, housekeeperLaura - hey, maybe Uncle Carlos!

    I'll check in with you tomorrow, beautiful ones.


  • Duh...oh I feel so stupid, of course they are!great height, maybe that's what threw me...they're just higher then I'm used to seeing.

  • Hi Girl Friends, This was a beautiful blog about Martyn, and you two beautiful girls and beautiful Martha. I hope Martyn is doing better. He really looks great. Has he been able to go out in the pastures at all lately?! Sure hope so! I know you two had a wonderful Christmas and I did , too. I'm sure you miss Martha, but she will be back soon. Take care and have lots of fun. Love Dudley Do Right xoxoxoxo

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