When it comes to keeping New Year's Resolutions...

Posted by Pia

Our furry friends may be just what the doctor ordered!

It is certainly not news that as one year closes, many humans designate resolutions to improve their lives in the year ahead. Makes me wonder if our companion animals do the same thing. What might they resolve to do? Nap more? Fetch sticks with greater accuracy? Kick the catnip? …

Given the top 5 resolutions that humans make each year, there is no doubt that our furry friends can help us to reach these goals! In fact, it doesn’t take a psychologist to see how our own animals, or those in need, can help us both achieve, and stick to, these resolutions!

A popular resolution overall (and one that we should be making more than once a year) involves volunteerism and helping others. Anyone can achieve this at any time with 1 small act or in an ongoing way. If it’s an animal you wish to help, you need not even decide now what it is you can do. Just visit the AdoptAPet volunteer sign-up page, enter your contact information and availability, and check off those tasks you feel you can handle from the list provided.

As far as the other top resolutions people make for themselves on New Year’s, there is not one that an animal cannot help a human to meet. You may already have the 4-legged life coach you need!

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So how about we make this the year of the shelter animal? Let’s follow Martha’s lead by making our own animals a big part of our daily lives and by helping their comrades who are less fortunate. There’s no doubt we’ll be helping ourselves in the process.

Come this time next year, we may just be able to declare we’ve found the critical ingredient to achieving a few New Year’s resolutions.

Wishing a Happy New Year to my fellow creatures everywhere!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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  • Happy New Year F & S, Martha, Dr. Pia and all my Blogger Buddies

    I'm looking forward to a night at home with Mom, Dad and the Labs. We plan on watching the ball drop from Time Square in front of our fireplace all snuggled up - sounds like heaven.

    I wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

    Zoe and Ann

  • Hello Ladies, Blogger Buddies, Dr. Pia and Mama Martha,
    I hope all of you will be celebrating in style for the New Year. As for me and Mom and Dad, we just hope to be able to stay awake watching movies. Happy New Year to all and to all a good night. Happy and Healthy 2010!!!
    Love & licks,

  • Hello everyone: Happy New Year to all who write here. Mom and dad and I will take it easy for the next couple of days. We plan to watch TV tonight and see the ball drop at Times Square too. I hope I don't fall asleep and miss the whole thing.

    For New Year's Day dinner, momma will fix cheddar cheese biscuits, smoked pork chops and sweet potatoes. The three of us wish all of you happiness, prosperity and a full dinner bowl.

    Happy 2010 everyone! See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • OOPS! This is Gracyn again. I forgot to add the very special wish for lots and lots of HEALTH for the New Year to everyone. Love, Gracyn.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I wish you and everyone out there a Happy New Year. Like Martha says, “Learn something new each day.” I learned something already today; let sleeping daddies sleep. It’s not my fault that he stays up and watches that dumb football. Says it only happens one week a year (Bowl Games). I guess they will stay up late again tonight. Isn’t life grand? I look forward to the new year. In fact I’m always looking forward. There are lots of places to visit and things to see and do. I say, let’s get started right now even if it is raining outside. But daddy doesn’t see it that way so I’ll have to wait for my walk. Isn’t life grand?
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Dr. Pia, as always a lovely presentation of adorable photos of adorable pets...I got a kick out of some of them...you gave me an idea helping farm animals at local municipal shelters...At least I won't have to worry about taking any animals home with me now that I don't have a Ranch anymore! I will look into this.
    I have to say the photos of smoking made me sick(I'm a former smoker)I have an allergy to second hand smoke, it's so imposing not only on humans but animals...thanks for mentioning this(I mean no offens to smokers here)

  • Dr Pia, I'm admittedly pressed for time and can't read your post in full, but...

    I wish you a happy and blessed new year - that goes for all my friends here on TheDailyWag - mommies-n-daddies AND puppiedoggies-n-kittiekitties (few kc's as there are! [giggle] )...

    There are good things in store for ALL of us for 2010 - I just know it! Trust in the Lord with all your hearts/souls/minds!

    Mandy and I send our love to 'evwybunnie'.


  • Hi Dr. Pia, As I have said before, you are a very special human being who cares about animals even more than the rest of us who follow this blog. I honestly hope that 2010 will bring even more followers and animal lovers who will help all of us care for all of those animals in need of help. They certainly deserve out attention and caring that we can give them. Thank you again for all that you do. Love, Jan & Dudley Do Right


  • Dr. Pia, Martha and petables!
    I love what you do for...well...especially dogs... but OK, for Kats and Others, too:!
    I'm all about helping keep pets out of shelters from folks who just plain 'ol don't understand how to handle or live with us pets:(
    Ya'll do a great job teaching tips.
    Me, too. I've got my own blog thang going.
    If you do do (opps!) that Talk Radio Show, I have that "SPEAK" skill down right well. I'll show up to chat about dogs and kids in a wiggle!
    Happy New Year to all!.... Hap the Pup (google me!)

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