Warning! Coyote Sighting

Posted by Francesca

The farm that we live on in Bedford, New York, is made up of 153-acres. There are lots of pastures and woodlands and all kinds of wildlife live there. There has been some talk lately about coyotes at the farm. The consensus is that a coyote population is a good thing, except for small animals. Sharkey and I were instructed never to wander off very far by ourselves, and having caught a glimpse of this healthy-looking guy, we understand the reason. We'll be staying close to home except when accompanied by a strong guardian.

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Sharkey, what is that thing lurking beyond the weeping willow?

1 Sharkey, what is that thing lurking beyond the weeping willow?

That looks like a huge dog!

2 That looks like a huge dog!

OMG!!  That's not a huge dog, but a huge coyote!!  Let's get out of here!  I hear they make little dogs like us into little snacks!

3 OMG!! That's not a huge dog, but a huge coyote!! Let's get out of here! I hear they make little dogs like us into little snacks!

Whew!!! It looks like the coyote is leaving.  I think we're safe for now.

4 Whew!!! It looks like the coyote is leaving. I think we're safe for now.

Later that day, Betsy was riding Meindert through the woods and saw it again.

5 Later that day, Betsy was riding Meindert through the woods and saw it again.

They stopped and stared at each other.

6 They stopped and stared at each other.

I guess Mr. Coyote thought that Meindert was a bit much to take on and ran off into the woods.

7 I guess Mr. Coyote thought that Meindert was a bit much to take on and ran off into the woods.

Photo Credit Betsy Perreten

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  • Franny & Sharkey you better watch out that "big dog" is a great hunter and he might go after you or the chickens. I hope it stays away from the horses and mini donkeys. Must be awful hungry to be sticking around on the property, just might live in the trees along your Mama's paths and horse trails. I remember your Mama saying awhile back she was on a long walk and she came across a coyote too.

    Happy woof Wednesday to you.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S

    PLEASE be careful a Coyote is not something you want to mess with and yes it will have you as a snack. My mom and dad just got back from Hood River Oregon where our family lives and their dog Suzie who is about our size was almost lunch for a Coyote. Poor little thing still has scars where she was attacked. Better make sure the chickens are secure in thier pen or that could become a buffet line. I'm glad we don't have any of those where I live - they scare me.

    On another note, I'm still waiting for the invite to the dog show. I'm not happy even a little bit - I want to attend the Martha show. Mom tells me yesterday she got invited to attend a Pie Show??? What the heck is up with that? Do I look like a Pie??


  • Hello Ladies,
    OMG a coyote! You girls better stay away and stay back far. We have coyotes here, even though we are not on a farm or ranch. In fact, in the midst of the city. But we have a ditch in back and are surrounded by horse property with their homes. Mom and Dad protect us from the coyote as he gets very hungry for little morsels like us she says. In fact, after the big hail storm in July he was surveying neighborhood and eating all the birdies tossed from nests. He really scares Mom because she is afraid for us. He walks down the middle of the street often in the early morning with his food for the day. Everything from squirrels and kitties to a little wienie dog once. Tasha protects me too, but we all get scared, so be very, very, careful----PLEASE!
    Love & licks,

  • Omigod! You two are tater tots to a coyote! Stay far, far away! Mom does not let me go outside by myself because of my small size and her fear that I will be lunch for a bird of prey. She has heard stories about small dogs being carried off by birds of prey in Texas.
    (I shudder to think about it...like the mean, wicked witch in "The Wizard of Oz" - nightmares!) Please be careful, Franny & Sharkey. Martha wants to feed you lunch, not for you to *be* lunch...

  • Hi Sweeties,
    Just seeing the picture of that coyote scares me! Thank heaven Meindert scared him away and I hope he stays away. I know you are fast runners so if that coyote ever gets too close, run home as fast as you can. Please just be careful! GO AWAY COYOTE AND STAY AWAY from our little Franny and Sharkey and all of Martha's other critters too!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    You had better watch out for that “big dog” running around on your farm. I hear he does like small dogs and I don’t mean this in a good way for you two. While walking one afternoon in Alaska, daddy and I saw a red fox. When the fox saw me with daddy, he must have thought that I was a fax too. He stood up on a small mound of dirt, about 60 yards away, and barked at me. He did this about three times before leaving. Now do you think that I look like a fox? Not hardly. That poor guy must have really bad eyesight. It’s time for my morning nap.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • coyote don't frighten, but when they get closer to urban areas i worry what is going on in the population. is it a lack of food or an increase in population? a friend of mine was biking on the trail in hamden, connecticut, & has seen between one & two coyote near dusk on consectutive days. one day there were 4! yesterday there were a pair shadowing a woman walking her 2 small dogs. so my friend, her companion, & 2 runners walked as a pack between the coyotes & the woman. it gave her time to pick up her dogs, but she was freaked (as was one of the runners).

  • WOW! These photos are fantastic, girls! Please just cajole me (that means to just humor me, or to just 'go along with it') for a minute as I muse at this wonderful sighting there at your farm -- nature-wise, that is...

    Now. On the other hand, this little(?) puppiedog-looking coyote could wreak some havoc there at the farm, too... MommieMartha, Uncle Carlos, and any other caretakers you may have are correct - make sure that you always have someone close by, even if you get the wanderlust! Mr/Ms Coyote might be a little hungry and may be looking for a little snackie, which could be YOU! We ALL would be heartbroken if that happened, so please - puhlease be careful, okay?! Be good girls for mommieMartha, and remember to always mind your elders (including HisFluffinessVivaldi)!

    BIGGG hug, beautiful girls! Muaaah!


  • Holy Moly!!! that is one big Coyote!
    Francesca and Sharkey you must be careful they do come after household pets...but I think the coyote would have a fight on his paws going after either one of you, right?

    yesterday a huge Red Tail Hawk was on our new roof stalking me, when mommie delia came out for a look she took photos of him/her...she then scooped me up and brought me in...we also have Coyotes and a Fox nest behind our house...it scares me but mommie is always looking out for me...
    So be careful sweet pups!
    till later, from a scared Kitty

  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey: Stay away from that big bad coyote. We don't have any of them here, even though we live in a wooded area. Be very careful and stay close to your mom or Uncle Carlos for sure, so that coyote doesn't eat you up.

    I like to visit other pups when I go walking with my dad, but if they are walking alone daddy won't let me near them. That coyote looks just like a great big puppy dog. My momma would be heart-broken if something happened to me and so would my dad. So you two be very careful out there. OK???

    Must go have a sun bath now. The weather here in Eastern NC is real nice today. Take care and see ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Hello Friends,

    While Mr. Coyote is certainly a spectacular site, you two are my first priority. I got frightened just thinking about you two little doggies by yourself with Mr. Coyote. I know Martha would not send you out without a strong guardian for your protection.

    What other types of wildlife do you see at your farm. I have a pet squirrel that lives in the tree in my backyard. He makes me a little nervous, but as he never seems to come within paw range of me, I guess I'm pretty safe.

    Take care and do not venture out into the woods without your own personal super hero!

    Fisher Jimmy

  • PLEASE stay away from that coyote! That "big dog" would definitely like to get his/her paws on either one of you. It would be beyond tragic if something happened to either of you. I know how much you two love squirrel chasing (and skunks but that's not good!) but no squirrel is worth an accidental meeting with this one. :shock: stay safe with Martha, Uncle Carlos, Betsy and anyone else who can protect you ok?

    Be sweet and stay safe.

  • I started a website to help educated neighbors about the coyote issue in my area. I lost my beloved cat to a coyote and decided to become more proactive. The site is paid for and maintained entirely by myself.. I even have yard signs for people.
    My goal is simply to bring more awareness about living with coyotes.

  • correction: I started the website to educate neighbors.. not being exclusive and only wanting to reach out to educated folks.. haha.

  • Hi Girl Friends, I have never seen a coyote and I sure hope you haven't either. My Mom told me about one that was in our neighborhood about a year ago and it took a neighbor's cat and she never found it. I was so sad because I love all cats and dogs. My Mom won't let me go outside alone at night and she checks our fenced in yard during the day, also to be sure it's safe for me and my kitty friend, Bogie. You girls stay safe and I will, too. Look out for the raccoons, also. We have some of them in our area, too. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Please be careful as we are. There are a lot of coyote in Indiana where we live. There is a nice woods behind our home and our mommies always keep us on a leash. Oh guess what girls, we had foxes in our woods this year but they have left. Mommy said if there are foxes, then we don't have coyote. Bye arf Arf

  • Coyotes also can hunt in small groups, surrounding a dog- large or small. Because dogs are not wild, their natural domestication makes them unable to stand up to a coyote. And small dogs are just bon bons to a coyote. Coyotes have been sighted in New Jersey suburbs too. When you let your doggy out at night please go out with him. Coyotes search compost piles for rodents and are attracted by the meaty smell of outdoor grills.

    Helen and Raja

  • I'm still bothered by the coyote sighting at the farm. Here's some important information to help keep all animal companions safe from their clutches!


  • Never go out without your human! The coyotes at my home in PA jumped in our chicken enclosure and killed and took away all our young chickens (10). all our grown-up chickens and even the scary rooster were killed. It was a massacre- three guinea hens died, too. The coyote was right by my grammy's house, too!

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