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Recently, on a bright and sunny day, Francesca and I were frolicking outdoors when we suddenly realized that we were very thirsty. We didn't want to go all the way back to the house for a drink so, I came up with a plan. I remembered how Shaun, the gardener was using a hose to water the plants and how that hose was attached to a standpipe. It just so happened that there was a similar standpipe where we were playing and I decided to check it out.

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So Franny - I think this thing is called a spigot.  I'm going to turn it and see what happens.

1 So Franny - I think this thing is called a spigot. I'm going to turn it and see what happens.

Well Sharkey, it looks like water.

2 Well Sharkey, it looks like water.

I think it is water.

3 I think it is water.

It smells like water.

4 It smells like water.

You're right - it is water!

5 You're right - it is water!

Sharkey, you had a really good idea.  This is quenching.

6 Sharkey, you had a really good idea. This is quenching.

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  • Hey gals,

    If it looks like water, smells like water, tastes like water then it must be water!
    I saw your friend Piper with her Mama on the Halloween Doggie show on Monday I knew I saw Nancy and Piper someplace and sure enough when she said she was from Human resources I knew it was our blogger friend. Such fun to see Piper in the doggie fashion show woofers!

    Be good.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Good Morning! You are two smart Frenchies being able to turn the water on. Who said our brains are the size of a pea???? I think it was a relative of moms but I won't mention any names.

    It's raining cats and dogs here this morning, I hope the Phillies/Yankees game doesn't get rained out. I love watching the game with mom except when I'm starting to doze off and she jumps up and screams - it scares the s*#@ out of me.

    My new Phillies shirt was a bit tight so mom took the scizzors to it and now it fits. I wouldn't let her get a good picture of me last night I was all tuned up running around the house like a mad dog. We all got a time out in our crate but it didn't last long, my mom is a real softie.

    Go PHILLIES !!!!!!


  • Hello Ladies,
    Just took a few minutes out of my snuggle blankie to see what is up with the gang today. There is a blizzard predicted and we are expecting up to 14 inches of snow. All schools are closed. A good day to bake pumpkin cookies with Mom--I looooove pumpkin anything. That water spiket thing looks a little fun, as long it is just a trikle. Mostly I like water from my dish or to play in the bubbles in the tub, once the water is drained. Your trip with Mama Martha to the Brooklyn Market on her blog looked more fun---FOOD!! That's my kind of fun. Have a good day all. At least I get to watch the snow shoveling and don't have to do any.
    Love & licks,

  • what smart pups you are to know what a standpipe is! well now, how did that water get trickling? good thing for you that you got to satisfied your thirst...when I go cat-ing around I drink rain water from a plant tray or from a puddle, but I would never have known about a standpipe, guess I just go home to find my water in my hand painted(by mommie)crock water bowl with my name "Kitty"...meeauw!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I’m impressed by your abilities; so much talent. I only get to drink from my water bowl which is filled daily for me with fresh water. What I don’t drink goes to the plants around the house. Daddy is on a liquid diet today. He has to go into the hospital again, for a few days, so I won’t be online the rest of this week. I miss him already, but getting that little “bag” removed from his stomach is one of those “good things.”. Cancer is a bad thing but it’s all removed now and he will be around for a while longer.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Kirby
    I'm sure your Daddy will be fine. We'll keep him in our prayers.


  • Francesca and Sharkey, you have cute noses. ;)

  • Hello Friends,

    I would like to know what college you two graduated from. You are both so smart. Martha must be proud to know that her two pups set the bar for canine intelligence.

    I am not quite as resourceful as you ladies so I always make sure Mom has water and a bowl on hand whenever we take a road trip.

    Francesca and Sharkey, you both are so darling and smart. Keep up the good work! By the way, thanks for the standpipe trick. Just in case I ever got lost anywhere, I will now know how to find water. I'll let my Mom know, too!

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Bpppupmrrrow. Mommie t'inks you two girls is sooo coot! Mrrrow, I'M COOT TOO! (mrrrow'd wif a wittle gween-eyed jealwousy). Mommie wikes to see wittle pink tongues on ANYBUNNIE -- 4-wegged, dat is... She even calls mrrre 'wittle pink nose'. Yep, you has it!...I's got a wittle pink nose! (Sometimes it changes shades, dependant on how 'bunctious I's gits...if I's gits ta "launch-paddin'" off da fro'-rugs on de hardwood fwoors, den my nose gits darker pink when I's wunnin' 'wound bein' cwazy 'n all dat. Mommie calls me 'launch-pad', cuz I's wikes to dig my cwaws in a bwaided fro'-rug - you's knows - ta pwoject my wittle self up de staircase, as fast as I can goes. Den, de wittle fro'-rug's been weft behind, pushed wight up de wall [mommie doesn't wike dat!]).

    Mrrrowell, enuf of all dat...(I DOES wike to pway make-bewieve and wun in de house!)

    T'anks fer teachin' mommie a new word - 'tandpipe. She wikes to expand her vocabuwary words all de time. She figgered it was called a spickett, but nrrrow she knows it's a 'tandpipe.

    Puppiedoggie whiskers...kittiekittie whiskers...bunniewabbit whiskers - it's Whisker Wednesday evwybunnie. Have a verwyverwy mrrrowy day, otay?!

    Your bootiful and equalwy coot Mandy girl


  • Hi Francesca and Sharkey: That is so cool! You know how to turn the water on outside. My mom and dad won't let me drink anything outside unless they bring my water bowl with nice fresh water in it.

    Kirby Bear - Your daddy is going to be fine. Mom and dad and me will say a prayer for you and your family. Momma told me that cancer is a very bad thing to have and that your dad is very lucky to have gotten rid of it. Your mom and dad are very lucky to have you in their lives. Us pups have so much responsibility to keep things balanced in the household.

    It's time for me to take a nap and have a small snack. Take care everyone and see ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Dis is fer wittle KirbyBear:

    KirbyBearpuppie, we's will miss you verwy mrrruch while you's takin' care of yer daddie-n-all... Pwease knows dat mommie-n-me'll pway fer you alls in yer wittle familwy. It is mrrrowy good dat you's daddie doesn't have dat awful disease anymores 'n dat dis wast final pwocedure'll be it fer hims, 'n he'll back on his way to wecovery.

    Mommie says ta just twust God, dat's all... She says dat AWOT, so dat's jus what we'll do's - twust God, otay?!

    God bwess you's, too!

    Wots of wuv,

  • Hi Girl Friends, You sure do know how to do fun things when ever you go out on your farm. I'm sure you get thirsty once in a while and how brilliant you were to be able to find a source of fresh, cool water. You two are so smart and I know I am, too. Your pictures today were really great. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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