Our friend, Piper

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This is the story of a lovely 10-year-old mixed breed named Piper. She was adopted by Nancy Ashbrooke at the ASPCA in New York City. Nancy is the SVP of Human Resources at MSLO and we think she should open an AR division at Martha's company (Animal Resources.) Because we have a fabulous online pets channel, animals from all over the world are sending in their resumes wanting to work for us! We really need a department where all of these resumes can be reviewed.

This is what Nancy had to say about Piper when we interviewed her:

"Piper was picked up by Animal Control. My guess is that her owner went to a nursing home or passed away since EMT must call Animal Control if no one is there to take the pet. A small dog is very likely to be adopted, and ASPCA went and got her. She needed numerous treatments before she could go to her forever home. She had to get a few teeth pulled, get neutered and ultimately due to benign but irregularly shaped cells have both nipple chains removed. She had been in the ASPCA for about 12 weeks getting all this work done and finally was ready for adoption. She could not be any sweeter. She loves playing with a stuffed cat and monkey. She adores vegetables, ideally steamed. Although if a tomato is nearby, she can not resist."


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  • Hi Gals,
    Nancy could place a lot of animals within MSLO if she gave it a good shot right wouldn't that be grand. She should host a AR through MSLO look at the good work she could do. Human resources-animal resources I say do it in jest or not what a great idea get MSLO employees involved too.

    Piper is so precious what a face, I just think she is adorable! Lucky Nancy and lucky Piper that they found each other. Lets hope many more senior pets will find good homes soon.

    Happy Monday
    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • what a face! what a face! Piper is adorable, and shows that a mixed breed can have the most interseting and adorble face...Nancy Ashbrooke you are a saint for taking in a 10 year old dog that had no one left in life...how very sad, but what a great ending.
    yep, I'm a mixed breed cat named "Kitty", meeuw!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Now that was really a fine weekend for me. I had a birthday and turned 8 years old. Mama cooked my favorite food; piggy. I usually have a small bowl of what she’s eating. It was in the high 30's this morning and my walk was really brisk; just the way I like it. I guess it’s getting cooler up north too. It looks as if Piper likes to have her picture taken just as well as I do. The sun is shinning now, so I think that I will have a little nap in the warm sun and cool air.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Ladies,
    Piper and Nancy sure are lucky to have found each other. Piper is just a little beauty queen. Don't you all agree? Nancy keep up the good work and let us know how you both are doing from time to time. Take care all.
    Love & licks,
    Shoeboy--where are you? I miss you.

  • Piper is absolutely the most adorable little dog! :) What a great story. ^_^

  • I'm lucky enough to know Nancy and Piper. Piper is such a special dog - she loves being around people, loves to go in the car and just wants to sit on your lap! She gets really excited when you come in the door at night -- tail wagging, jumping, squeaking, rolling over -- it's the cutest thing. For more photos/videos, check out her blog at allaboutpiper.blogspot.com.

    I hope many people read this and realize that they can adopt a GREAT dog for their family - no need to spend a lot of money through a breeder. There are so many loving, well trained pets who need a good home!

  • That Piper is a real cutie palootie! Her face says it all. What a dear you are Nancy for bringing her into your heart.

    Happy 8th Birthday Kirby Bear! Sounds like you had a great day. Which little piggy did you get - the one that went to market, stayed home, had roast beef, had none, or cried "Wee wee wee" and ran all the way home? :razz:

    I think it's time to put out a APB on Shoeboy. "Come back little Shoeboy come back."

  • Piper is just adorable and I hope that by now somebody has given her a home! I love to travel but all my travels have been with my family. Piper's travels need to end in a happy forever home. Hang in there Piper!

  • Don't worry, Raja. Piper is in her forever home with me. I adopted her when I met her at the ASPCA. I have had her for the past 2 years and it all has been great!

  • Hi Girl Friends, Thanks again for introducing us to another beautiful little girl who was adopted by another of Martha's great employees. Piper is absolutely gorgeous and I think I am in love again!! I'm so happy that Nancy adopted her and she sure looks happy and healthy. I think your blog is helping a lot in getting more and more dogs and cats adopted into loving homes. And that's OK by me!! Love, Dudley Do Right

  • My name is GRITS--I am a rescued Golden Retriever Raised IN The South---I write an article each month for the Edisto Island Newspaper-I write about all my doggie and kittie friends---My Hooman spoke to Mark Marone about me jumpng on her and he got that fixed--WOW--I DON't do that anymore! Then my Hooman heard a Doc on Sirius MSL =BarkBusters--and this really nice man named James came to my home and taught me and my best friend Garbo--she is a resced German Shepherd alot of manners--we are better doggies and I think my articles are well received by all my friends that have it read to them each month--I STILL venture to the Pluff mud---I think I smell SO good---my Hooman doesn't think so--but I have not seen a skunk yet--and after I heard that--I don't think I want to meet one--that oatmeal bath stuff is SO "girly" smelling to me--and I bet tomato juice is yucky!!!
    I think Francesca is HOT and Sharkey is OH so handsome...bet we could have some fun together! I love The Daily Wag---my Hooman does make Garbo and me alot of tasty homemade treats--she even makes them for Murphy-that Maine Coon that lives here--we like Murphy too--appreciate your fun--we are SO lucky to have Hoomans that love us, aren't we???

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