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Meet Sydney, Sydney was adopted by Richard Kost, who is a Senior Marketing Solutions Manager for MSLO. Richard and his partner adopted Sydney from Precious Pug Rescue & Adoption in New York City. This pug is two years old. We also heard he was 'Stud,' we would love to get to meet him :) . Another dog with a cute flat face. LOL

This is what Richard had to tell us about Sydney when we interviewed him:

My partner and I had decided that we wanted to adopt a pug instead of getting one from a breeder. My partner, Bernie, had two other pugs that have since past and we were both pug-lovers! We had found PPRA on the Web and we completed an application. Shortly afterwards, we were contacted as possible adopters of some pugs coming from Oklahoma. But this is Sydney's story...Sydney (AKA: Mr. Peaches) was a stud at a puppy mill in Oklahoma and was selected for termination, along with 6 other breeding pugs. His main purpose was to mate and make pug puppies. We are not certain of why, but we know that he was no longer wanted. The Green Mountain Pug Rescue in Wisconsin was contacted by a local Oklahoma Animal Rights chapter and was able to intercede and rescue the pugs. They contacted PPRA and PPRA agreed to foster and find homes for the pugs. They just had to get to New York!


Through the Pug Underground Railroad, (Yes, it is for real. It is a network of pug owners and lovers across the country connected by cell phone, email, text and Blackberry.), agreed to transport the pugs from Oklahoma to PPRA in New City, NY (about an hour north of NYC). The pugs left Oklahoma and traveled to various sites across the country. From rest stops to shopping mall parking lots, from car to van to truck until they got to a Vet clinic in Ohio, where they received their shots, physicals, medical attention and medications. After a short stay since some required operations to remove teeth and fix internal issues, the pugs then continued on their journey finding foster homes, adopters and caregivers along the way. Mr Peaches and two other of his mill-mates found their way to New City and PPRA headquarters. Roxy was a 6 year-old female pug who was bred 9 times! She was "bred-out" so they say. Scout was a 5 year-old male, who like Mr Peaches, was scheduled for termination. He had eye issues and did not like to be touched. We wanted all of them, but Mr Peaches needed the most love. He was a tiny, scrawny thing incapable of affection or play. He just sat quietly and watched the other pugs play. We were told that he was two and spent most of his life in a wire cage (not much play time for Mr P!). He has splayed paws from standing on the wire grid floor of his cage, and his teeth are pretty banged up from gnawing on the bars. But he was healthy, and there was a longing in his eyes. The other pugs were much more rambunctious and lively. Mr Peaches did not even respond to his name! So, we wrapped him in a my coat and I carried him in my arms on the car ride home. The first few nights were a challenge. He was not house broken and he had never been on a leash or had a collar. We named him Sydney (MP) Galvin-Kost, since it was Australia Day when we got him, and my partner is from Australia. I am happy to say that after the 6 short months of TLC, he has almost become a true pug --lovable, kind, playful, fearless and taking up most of the bed! I say "almost" because he has some baggage. He is afraid of stairs and is a little fearful of food, so eating is sometimes a challenge. And, what pug doesn't like to eat? Anyway, he has found a place in our hearts, as well as in our home. We are lucky to have him, and I think he feels pretty happy to have us, too.

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  • Sydney you are too cute. It sounds like you found a very loving family. Being the stud dog can't compare to poor Roxy - 9 litters of pups!! Yikes. Did Roxy find a good home?

    We saved my sister Sophie who is a yellow lab from turning into a Roxy. The breeder where we purchased my sister Precious, the chocolate Lab, had here there as a pup when we my dad picked up Precious. Dad was telling mom how cute she was but the breeder wouldn't sell her because he wanted to breed her, said she was a good dog. My Dad went back a few months later and she was in heat but the breeder still wouldn't sell her because the next go around she was going to be made into a mommy. Mom really wanted a blonde Lab plus it was breaking her heart that this little girl's only purpose was to have puppies. Well that did it, Dad went back and made the breeder an offer he couldn't refuse and now Sophie lives with us. She was only a year old when she came to live with mom and dad so she was still a pup who just needed lots of love - which by the way she did get. Mom and Dad love us all VERY much - we are their kids and very spoiled :)


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Well Sydney, you are the first Pug that I know of who doesn’t like to run and play. I’m really glad to hear that you are getting better and will play now. I have never been put in a cage so I don’t know how that feels, but I’ll bet I would not like it at all. I do have a “crate” when we travel just in case I have to be taken home some other way than by daddy’s truck. When they first got it, they tried to get me into it but they couldn’t. Now if I was hurt, and given one of those little pills I have to take when it’s storming, they may be able to get me in. Not a good day yesterday at all. It rained all day long and I didn’t get to take my walk; speaking of which is coming just about now.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • what a great story! like a movie, all the places and exchanges! Richard Kost and Bernie what big hearts you have...Sydney has a pug mug to love...and bringing in Scout and Roxy, what a wonderful feel-good story...May your house be filled with much Happiness and Blessings.

    I think most puppy mills are horrible and should be regulated more's beyond me that anyone can be so heartless and greedy!

  • Hello Ladies,
    Sydney, it sounds like you have a very loving home now, thank goodness, and your Dads are very lucky to have you and you them. Those bad people that kept you in a cage should have to go to jail, but one that is a cage, and see how they like it. I bet your Dads have fun fixing you all the good food to get you to eat. Happy days ahead for your entire family and many thanks to your Dads for adopting you. They are great!!
    Love & licks,

  • I am so glad that Sidney met Richard and Bernie. He will always remember what they did for him and will be forever grateful to them for saving him and giving him such loving and caring home. His journey to happiness is complete...challenges continue but, love prevails :-)

  • Hi to any four legged fellow lovers of food,humans and other four legged friends in no particular order...I am the 2yr old, shiney brown coat lab friend of my human friend named Frank. When he leaves for work each day I am keeper of this big living space which is also inhabited by a four legged black and white creature who used to hiss and snarl at me when ever I entered the room but now rather is my biggest competiton at the table when ever food is atop it!!!We each have our station aside the humans and usually do pretty well at getting those yummy tastes off the plates!UnHappy Tuesday, it is raining here in my state so I do not get many visits out to our big yard to chase my favorite tennis ball launched by my human friends. Oh well, I could do worse, today I will just sleep on my friends bed, snuggled in his smelly quilt, till he returns from his day of work. Then I will welcome him home with my usual 100 licks all over his body,I especially like to give attention to his bald head and rough face and two feet. Life is good in my house, as I have heard said..."It's a dogs life, love it!" Nani (my name in Hawaiian, the ansestry of my human, means "beautiful one.")

  • I loved reading this story. My boyfriend and I foster rescue pugs here in the Pacific NW. Our organization is Pacific Pug Rescue ( and I LOVE hearing success stories from other rescue organizations.

    Thank you for sharing,


  • Hi Girl friends, Thanks for introducing us to your newest friend, Sydney. He is one handsome dude and since he is about my size, I think we would have a wonderful time if we ever met. I'm so glad he found his new Daddies and that he is doing much better. I kind of know how he feels, because the beginning of my life wasn't all that great either. Take care everyone. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxoxo

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