A visit to the pumpkin stand

Posted by Sharkey

Franny and I were driving around the other day when we spotted a very colorful place on the side of the road.  Just for fun, we decided to check it out and discovered it was pumpkin stand, selling all kinds of decorations for Halloween.  Of course, Martha has her own pumpkin patch and has been busy decorating our home, but just like Martha, we can't get enough of Halloween.

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We liked this sign so much that Franny and I are going to try and reproduce it for next year, down in the woodshop at the farm.

1 We liked this sign so much that Franny and I are going to try and reproduce it for next year, down in the woodshop at the farm.

Wow! Franny, they sure have a lot of pumpkins here.

2 Wow! Franny, they sure have a lot of pumpkins here.

How do I look amidst all of these unusual pumpkins and gourds?

3 How do I look amidst all of these unusual pumpkins and gourds?

Oh my! It's not Halloween until the fat pumpkin sings!

4 Oh my! It's not Halloween until the fat pumpkin sings!

Let me sneak up on this black cat and scare it away.

5 Let me sneak up on this black cat and scare it away.

Hey Sharkey, remember the Wizard of Oz?

6 Hey Sharkey, remember the Wizard of Oz?

Hey, you in there! Do you have any brains or is it just all hay?

7 Hey, you in there! Do you have any brains or is it just all hay?

BOO! Another great sign.

8 BOO! Another great sign.

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  • Hi Gals
    Sharkey in #3 you almost disappear!
    Fun, fun, fun, I love Halloween. Franny, the wicked witch of the West in OZ scares me silly and those flying monkeys make my fur stand on end boooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Cute blog today Frenchies!
    We are watching The Blob on TCM right now really scary for me, I am hiding behind a recliner.

    Have a fun week.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Good Morning F & S
    Looks like you had fun at the pumpkin stand did Uncle Carlos take you there? Mom loved the wood signs I'm sure she'll be asking her sister to make the BOO sign, she is really good with that kind of stuff.

    I had a wonderful weekend, mom and dad both were home and we did lots of things around the house. Mom spent most of Saturday in the kitchen. I got to taste all kinds of good food.

    It's really chilly here in NJ this morning I think I'm going to go crawl back in bed with dad and snuggle.


  • Francesca & Sharkey love your photos you are so adorable and so so cute. Happy Halloween!
    Love you

  • Hello Ladies,
    It looks like you two were having fun exploring at this roadside stand. That's right, scare away that black cat. It is going to be a fun day around here, with the Pet Show on your Mama Martha's, because they just started showing her show again here in Lakewood,Colorado. I suspect it is because of all my complaining that they put these changes into effect. I hope Zoe will be on and represent all us bloggers. Have a great start to the week.
    Love & licks,

  • aaahhhh that BOO photo with Sharkey is just too cute!
    they are all adorable photos! I'm not a fan of Halloween for the negativity that goes with it and I prefer not to get the **** scared out of me(besides a personal faith belief) I choose not to celebrate this day...although I do decorate for the Fall season...
    say, WHY do they say "HAPPY Halloween"? it's not a happy time, it's goulish!...JMO...maybe we should say Happy Fall Season!!!!
    Kitty gets scared cause of things that happen to cats during this time...meeauw I'm hidding!

  • Aw - Love the photos!! Really cute - looks like a fun trip!

  • Hello Friends,

    There is nothing better than a trip to the pumpkin patch on a crisp Fall afternoon. I personally love the hay and always make sure to roll around in it every year. It takes Mom about six months to fully get the car clean after our pumpkin patch adventure.

    I love Halloween because I get to dress up, go trick-or-treating with my baby brother and sister, and have a birthday party! This year I'm hoping for a big bone and a squeaky toy!

    Oh, by the way, I decided to dress up like you, Sharkey, this Halloween. Don't worry Francesca, I'll dress up as you next year.

    Talk to you tomorrow.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    What a weekend I had. It rained on Saturday and Sunday mommy and daddy had to go have some welding done on the trailer. Getting ready for our trip. That is if daddy will be able to drive after his operation. Today I didn’t get my walk in until later in the morning. I did catch the Martha Show and saw you two on there. Great costumes for Halloween. I’m not into dressing that much but I may get into the mood later on in the week. We set up a pumpkin patch in the front yard for the trick or treat night and that’s always fun. I see lots of children of all sizes come by our house. Got to run now.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Frannie, you should've gotten photographed with the white and lighter-colored pumpkins, and Sharkey should've posed with the conventional orange ones - so we can see you and FIND you in the pictures!

    Sharkeybarkey, what did that scarecrow have to say when you asked him about his brains?...mmmhuh? You posed just p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y for that photo! Were you whispering in his ear?! (Have you been getting some coaching on modeling?! [giggle] ) Your 'boo' photo was just precious, too! - you always seem to be in the right place at the right time!

    I'm kinda like Kitty's mommieDelia...I don't celebrate Halloween - I just decorate with and prefer to emphasize the fall harvest theme. I do enjoy, though, seeing all the neat and nifty decorations that mommieMartha comes up with, along with some of your getups [meant kindly!] that you wear from time to time. I'll even decorate with a jack-o-lantern or two, as long as they have happy (and not evil-looking, grimacing) faces on them.

    Kirby Bear, I sure hope that your daddy's surgery goes well for him...I will definitely keep you and your family in my tho'ts (and had meant to say so previously)! If you miss a couple days in writing, we'll miss you and know why you're absent!

    Oh! - a hardy welcome to farm girls HoneyBrowne and Sassafrass...hope you girls become one of the 'regulars' in mommieMartha's, Franniebrindle's, and Sharkeybarkey's extended family here at The Daily Wag! There is NEVER a dull moment, and as you get better acquainted with the 'girls' (Frannie-n-Sharkey) and the rest of us, you'll catch on pretty quick! [giggle] We're one big happy family of a couple kittiekitties and mostly puppiedoggies like you.

    Well, I AM fond of all my anipals here at TDWag and wish for you ALL a blessed and bounteous autumn - in whatever life dishes up on your plate. (Remember! - sometimes mishaps CAN be blessings in disguise!)

    My beautiful little Mandy girl sends her love to everyone!


  • I was just to the pumpkin patch myself. Murphy and Pancakes couldn't come, but I brought a pumpkin home for them to sniff around :-)

  • No Basil, you will not see me on the Martha Show. Why you ask - BECAUSE I WASN'T INVITED!!! I live at exit 4 of the NJ Turnpike just a tails wag from NYC and nothing. No invite, no play date - nothing. I am one pissed off Frenchie right now. Mom said she would have taken me in a limo and I would have been on my best behavior. Instead you'll get to see less attractive dogs then myself who don't give a hoot about us bloggers.

    I hope I run into Martha one of these days I might just pee on her shoes.


  • Hi Girl Friends, That looked like a pretty neat pumpkin place to visit, but I think Martha's is by far the best! I'm sure you girls would agree! Sure was fun seeing you on Martha's show today with all of the other great animals. You looked so cute and I was surprised that you didn't bark at anyone. I guess you are getting pretty used to the routines that you have to go through. Way to go gals! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Bpppupmrrrow. Girls, I's jus had ta dwop in dis morning ta tell yous dat you two wooked awfulwy coot yestidy on mommieMartha's pet show! Mommie jus WUVVVED you twos 'n was jus goin' on-n-on thwuout de whole show!

    Fwanniebwindle, dat wittle porkiepine costume wooked sooo good on you...it was wots of fun seein' how it was made! And Sharkeybarkey!...mommie t'ought yous was absowutewy pwecious in yer wittle dandiewine outfit 'n how yous 'went ta seed'-n-all... Whosever t'ought up dese types of t'ings is v-e-r-w-y cwever!...verwy cwever indeed!

    Mrrrow, dat's alls I had ta say... Mommie had a good time, 'n we ALLS knows dat if mommie's happy, den evwybunnie's happy!

    I'll catches up water ('water' rhymes wif later) wif yous taday, otay?...

    Your bootiful Mandy girl

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