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Francesca and I live in a house that now has five cats.  I know - we haven't shown you any pictures of the new calico Persian kittens yet.  Truth be told, we haven't seen much of them ourselves.  In fact, we find that cats are just so darn aloof.  Why don't they ever want to play with us?

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Oh, look!  Is that Vivaldi I see?  He always acts like I don't exist.

1 Oh, look! Is that Vivaldi I see? He always acts like I don't exist.

I mean, look at him just sitting there, oblivious to the world.

2 I mean, look at him just sitting there, oblivious to the world.

What do you suppose he thinks about all day - mice? - birds? - catnip?

3 What do you suppose he thinks about all day - mice? - birds? - catnip?

Oh, he's beginning to stir!

4 Oh, he's beginning to stir!

Perhaps I should make a move and attack!  But, that would just be so easy.

5 Perhaps I should make a move and attack! But, that would just be so easy.

Wait!  He's turning around - maybe he plans on attacking me!!  En guard!

6 Wait! He's turning around - maybe he plans on attacking me!! En guard!

Boring!  Right back where he started from sitting next to Martha's 'fiber optic' plant - I'm outta here!

7 Boring! Right back where he started from sitting next to Martha's 'fiber optic' plant - I'm outta here!

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  • Silly Sharkey,
    First hideouts in trees and now cat watching 'taunting' a dog after my own heart! I am with you cats are just so boring just full of themselves aren't they LOL!
    Have a wonderful weekend all.
    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow
    It was 104 here today where's the coolness?

  • Sharkey - you mean to tell me you live with 5 fur balls!!! I know what you mean about cats - BORING.
    When's the last time a cat chased a skunk? Or ran thru the house with the toilet paper? Or chewed up several decks of playing cards? Or removed all the boots from the coat closet and chewed off the laces? They just don't get it - enjoy your life - have some fun. There is plenty of time to nap in the sun for God's sake Vivaldi have a little fun :)

    F & S - I need your help. I was on moms lap reading Martha's website and she is having a show in October for the Dogs - I WANT TO COME!!! I think you should invite all your blogger buddies to the show, we are faithful, loyal fans and we would love to meet you and Martha. (keep the cats home)

    I know you have some pull at that place so get to it send us all an invitation. I'd like to meet Shoeboy and Bosely Chow Chow and the rest of the gang. Call a meeting and submit your request. Mom said if we get invited I'm getting a new outfit and I'll get to ride in the limo again - much fun.

    I'm happy it's Friday, lots of time this weekend with mom and dad.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone.


  • Happy Friday Ladies,
    Sharkey you are so clever!!! Spying on Vivaldi looks so fun. He appears to be a bit boring. I bet those kittens would give you a nice chase. But we don't want to scare them too much, as they are part of the family. Hope Franny faired well at the doctor's office. I know how that can be. Have an adventuresome weekend all!
    Love & licks,

  • You said it Sharkey! Cats are sooo lazy, definietly the underacheivers of the pet world.

    That being said I have been known to oh and ahh over a cute kitten (they're still cute, even if all they do is lay around all day)

  • Hi there Sharkey: Hey, how is Francesca doing??? I miss not seeing her pictures. By the way, the only kitty cats I knew was my Grandpa Little Man and the neighbor's kitty when she was little. I don't see her much any more since she grew up. She would come out when daddy walked me up the road and she would sniff me and run around me. She was funny. I can't imagine living with 5 kitty cats in my house. They would drive me crazy nuts, but I would love them anyway.

    It is very nice today. Maybe I will have a sun bath or maybe I will take a nap or do both. Have a great weekend and keep dancing. PS: I give a kiss to Francesca and you too!!! See ya later. Love Gracyn.

  • ah, sharkey,you must understand....cats, being the embodiment of nirvana in this dimension, have no need to indulge the playtime of dogs! as every movement is perfection in & of itself, chasing other species would merely clash with their zen selves. (nothing personal, of course).

  • Hello Friends,

    Sharkey, you have asked an age-old question about cats and their aloofness. My kitty sister, Princess Harry, doesn't really like to play with me either. Princess Harry does, however, like to terrorize me.

    While she will never ran after the ball with me or dig holes, she will lurk behind walls and await my turning of the corner. Once I begin to walk into the room, she will leap out at me with her paw outstretched and scare the bejeepers out of me. Other than this activity, she ignores me altogether. Oh well, what's a pup to do?

    At least your kitties don't try to scare you. Sharkey, look on the bright side--at least you have Francesca!

    Fisher Jimmy

  • OMGoodness...I am literally laughing out loud at today's blog. It is SOOO real life, and the captions and vantage points of the photos taken are just phenomenal!

    Oh, the humanity!


  • Bpppmrrrow. I know, I know...we kittiekitties ISSS known to be furry little balls of badness, but in all fairness, Sharkeybarkey, you two girls do a good job fitting in in dat wittle CATegory yer ownselves! See, wittle Vivaldi, I t'ink, is a senior kittiekittie, just wike my brofur Edgar was. Vivaldi has mostwy done doin' all the wittle t'ings he wants ta git into (dat incwudes mischief-makin'), so he's purrfectwy content to jus way in de sunshine 'n wook out over his wittle kingdom. He has basicwy earned his Kingdomness, so ya' hafta wespect dat, otay? See, I is now de wittle queen at my house, but before Edgar went to Heaven, HEEE was de king, even d'o III basicwy wuled. So, dere ya have it - de wittle storwy in de nutshell. Prrr. =^..^=

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Happy Friday to you two. I see that you don’t have very much to do today if you have time to watch a cat. I mean, why not watch something more interesting such as squirrels, rabbits, birds, frogs, or skunks; err, maybe not the skinks. I have often heard my mommy tell people that Chow’s are much like a cat. I do a lot of sleeping; almost 20 hours a day sometimes. We walk in the mornings, then a nap. Have lunch while watching the Martha Show, then a nap. I try to bum ice cream around 2 PM. When that doesn’t work, I take a nap. After supper, I take a nap. Have my spoonful of ice cream and then another nap. After a short quick walk, I go to bed and guess what? I sleep again. Kind of sounds like a cat to me but I’m all DOG.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • That was a very fun slide show of you and your kitty cat sibling. I love Martha's fiber optic plant - we could use one of those around here.

  • Hello Martha: Enjoy looking at your website. Thanks. Just wanted to say my cats are not boring! Maybe it is the kind of cat you have. Maybe that is why they are so aloof...but when you have
    dogs they are NOT the bosses of the house anymore too.
    We have 5 cats also. Each and every one of them have different personalities. Martha if you would like to view can...go to:
    see my boss of the house...Whiskers sticking her tongue out 'alot' I happen to catch her.
    Our cats are fun! they love playing either chasing acorns, bubbles, or string. They love it when we go outside with them. They follow us around like dogs.;o) Once I had a cat named Friskie from France.
    She used to follow me down the street and one time I rode my bike she let me pick her up and she got a ride. She was not scared at all! you can also see my crafts and photos of my other cats at:
    to view my Feline Photo Gallery.
    Enjoy Martha!

  • Hi Girl Friends, I think Vivaldi is a beautiful kitty and I sure would love to play with him. Since I spent my first 11 months with a nice kitty in a back yard before my Mom came to my rescue, I think I could show you girls how to get those kitties to trust you and be willing to play with you. After I moved in with my Mom, I was lucky to meet her part-time kitty, Bogie. He was a little reluctant at first, but as time went by and I was patient with him, he and I are now the best of friends. The key to the whole thing was being patient and never chasing him. He is getting older now and I respect that and we only play when he wants to. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • mommie delia just came home from Toto-land(Kansas) daddie Al got a Military award(DMOR)at Ft.Riley... they then visited their grandog Logan, the smartest Chocolate Lab in Kansas...he he

    Now we are trying to catch up here on our favorite blog of F&S (Daily Wag)

    Got to say as a cat, I'm not happy to hear you guys doggin us...I know for a fact I'm not boring...ok alooft some times *!* mommie delia tells me all the time, I'm the smartest cat she ever knew. I'm a feral but socialize with dogs, no matter what size, and they love me too.

    Vivaldi is smart not boring, he knows what he maybe next time Francesca he will want to play with you, it's just on his terms...I know I'd play with you!! meuw.. Kitty!

  • ok SHARKEY, I ment YOU playing with Vivaldi the next time...I had Francesca on my mind. Hope all is better with her.

  • Awwwwww, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable! I love it!

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