Our top secret mission revealed, dressing up for halloween

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You may recall that last June, we blogged about a photo shoot that we were a part of regarding the latest in Halloween costume couture. At that time, we were sworn to secrecy and weren't allowed to show you the costumes that the craft department made for us. However, now that Martha's latest Halloween Special Issue is on newsstands and we are featured on page 54, we can show you more behind-the-scenes photos taken at that shoot. You can even learn how to make Francesca's spider costume and Sharkey's moth outfit with step-by-step instructions.  Here they are and now get yourselves busy preparing for Halloween! This issue is loaded with great ideas.

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Martha looks really scary dressed up like this.

1 Martha looks really scary dressed up like this.

But look how adorable we look in these costumes - Spider-Dog and Moth-Dog!

2 But look how adorable we look in these costumes - Spider-Dog and Moth-Dog!

At the shoot, Nicholas Andersen is putting the finishing touches on my Moth-Dog costume.

3 At the shoot, Nicholas Andersen is putting the finishing touches on my Moth-Dog costume.

William van Roden is positioning me for the shoot.  He told me to be very still.

4 William van Roden is positioning me for the shoot. He told me to be very still.

I'm doing a really good job, right Will?

5 I'm doing a really good job, right Will?

Meanwhile, Francesca is getting her costume on.

6 Meanwhile, Francesca is getting her costume on.

OK Sharkey, I'm all dressed and ready for our portrait.

7 OK Sharkey, I'm all dressed and ready for our portrait.


8 Sharkey!!!


9 Sharkey!!!!!!

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  • Hi gals,

    My Mama bought this neat Halloween issue the other day, your Mama and her horsey look really scary gracing the cover & wonderful too!

    I think I will go as the Red Baron(ness) dog with my flight goggles on and my neat flight cape.
    I will have to send in photos.

    You look fab gals just fab in your Halloween costumes bravo!

    Won't be long now until trick or treat time, we doggies know all about how to do tricks and how to eat treats don't we?

    Have a safe & fun Labor Day weekend.

    Until next time,

    Be cool.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    With the summer ending and the fall coming, the yellow jackets are busy getting their nest ready for the coming winter. I found one such nest in my back yard. I got a little too close to it and the bees came out in large numbers. Rolling on the ground was not doing much good, so I went into the house to roll on the carpet. Daddy, who was downstairs, heard my thrashing about, and called me downstairs where he was. When he saw what was happening, he started running his fingers through my fur in an effort to dislodge the bees. Mama was right there to, well let’s just say, make them harmless. He brushed 8 of them from me and then took my comb and combed me all over. Mama and daddy found another 18 or 20 in the house and took care of them also. The vet told them what to do. So far, I’m alright. Just be careful when you two go into the woods. If you hear buzzing, just leave the area. If they get on you, go get help.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good Morning F & S
    Something is wrong with your blog. The slide show pictures are coming up across the bottom of the big picture and you can't read the captions. PLUS, you can't leave a comment. I think this is the first time all week I was able to get to the comment section.

    Anyway, LOVE the costumes, you both look great - so does Martha. I'm not sure what I'll be for Halloween this year. Everyone calls me the "Fat Bat" so I might be a bat.

    My mom does a hayride/bonfire for her nieces and nephews every year "Aunt Ann's Hayride" and I'm so excited because I'm going this year. She received permission from the farm where she goes to take me :)
    They cook hotdogs out on the fire and she makes a big pot of chili. Plus her sister makes SMORES - one of my favorites. There is always a big crowd and I never got to go - I can't wait. This year it's October 30, mischief night. I hope I'm not too scared out in the dark woods. I'll have to stick close to my mama.

    Can you believe the summer is coming to an end? Big party at our house this weekend, last pool party of the year. I'm happy, lots of kids to play with.

    Have a happy Labor Day.


    **Mom is so excited, she is going to see your mom's show in a few weeks. Do you think I could come with her?

  • Happy Friday Ladies,
    Mom and I have been anxiously awaiting the special Halloween issue ever since we heard of your top secret mission in June. It is too early for the stores yet to be open, but Mom says as soon as they are, we will get the magazine and hopefully get ideas for Tasha and I to dress up. You girls are so beauuuuutiful and scarey too in your costumes. The spider looks like it might go with my coloring. Just hearing of the Red Baron(ness) sounds fun for Tasha.
    Kirby Bear, I am so glad you are alright after the bee stings. Good thing you have thick fur. If it was me and my short fur I would have been a goner.I hear we are having a little BBQ on Sunday. Lots of loving and treat time--great!!! Well, you all have a great Labor Day weekend and be safe.
    Love & licks,

  • F&S!

    Told ya I'd see you in September! Ha!

    Love your new costumes AND your mom on the cover of Living's Halloween Issue! She's not really that scary is she? Rudger looks more gentle! Ha! But it's all in fun!

    Franny the Web Browser = spider, and Sharkey The Moth..."Go to the light, Sharkey! Go to the light!"

    I dress up the same every Halloween. I am always a Waiter. See, I got the tuxedo markings. Mom just puts a bow tie on me and I walk around taking orders! Ha!

    But what to do after Labor Day? You see, with my four white shoes and my black coat how will I fit in?

    Happy Labor Day! To all my furry friends here at The Daily Wag!

    PS. Hey F&S? Are you going Trick 0r Treating? If so, what are you going to carry to put all of your treats in? Maybe The Daily BAG! HaaaHaa! :)

    See you all sometime after Labor Day...that is if you recognize me...it might be Halloween by then!

  • ahhhh, how cute are you two Frenchie pups! really Francesca and Sharkey, you look adorable as little Kritters! and hey, your mommie is looking good as a gooly like person...the horsie is perddy too!
    I think I'll go as a Chippy for Holloween cause that's about what I'm turning into with all the ones i have caught while they where eating the Hickory nuts...meuw, meuw...here comes mommie delia shouting NO Kitty! she likes the little chippies, what can I say...I'm a cat!!!

  • Hello Friends,

    I love these costumes! I can't wait until Mom gets Martha's Halloween issue. She is a regular subscriber to Martha Stewart Living, so maybe this issue will come in the mail. I'll have to ask the mail person to delivery it personally to the door.

    I think I want to be a moth like Sharkey. I just changed my mind--I want to be the spider!

    Halloween is such a fun day. Last year I went trick-or-treating with my baby brother and baby sister. Mom attached one of my brother's ties to my collar and I went as a capitalist! It was such fun. I even managed to pick up a few treats for myself, although my brother and sister usually share their candy with me so I'm never without.

    The best part of Halloween is that it falls on my birthday, October 31. This means, in addition to all the fine treats people give, Mom makes cupcakes to celebrate my special day. Francesca and Sharkey, I tell you I can hardly wait for the next several weeks to pass until Halloween!

    Have a great weekend.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Hi Girl Friends, You two looked like you were having fun letting those guys put those Halloween costumes on you for the photo shoot until I saw that Sharkey was really tired or bored with the whole thing. Well Francesca, sometimes you just have to put up with your sister's actions. I know that you still love her just like I do. Patience is the name of the game. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Love, Dudley Do Right XOXO

  • Hi Sharkey and Francesca,

    Our mom dresses us as Punkin' Dogs for Halloween. We love hanging out on the porch and giving out treats to all the ghouls and goblins who come to visit.

    Roxie and Chopin

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