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This is the story of Cayenne Bellamy, A 5 -year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever Mix Adopted May 2005 from Citizens for Animal Protection Shelter (CAPS) in Houston, Texas. She was rescued by Anna Bellamy, the sister of one of our fellow Martha Stewart Living employees Allison Mikkalo, an associate marketing service manager. We were very curious as to why she was named after something we have seen Martha use in the kitchen while she cooks. We asked Cayenne's mom about this and here is her answer:

We thought that “Bluebelle” was an unlikely name for the green-eyed, red-haired retriever mix pictured on the Shelter’s web site, but her worn bandana, floppy ears, and dangling tongue captured our hearts. One trip to meet her was all it took for us to adopt her, bringing her home spayed and vaccinated the next day. After a family poll we renamed her “Cayenne”, a name much better suited to her beautiful auburn fur, hot pepper personality and new Texas home. Although she was initially stand-offish, after a few weeks she recognized that her new home was one filled with love and affection and she promptly returned the favor. Now after being with us over 4 years, Cayenne is the model dog – kind, obedient, athletic and loving.  She loves nothing more than a swim at the dog park, a neighborhood walk or bird watching in the yard. She has shed her reserved qualities and is quick to jump up and lick a stranger’s face as her greeting.  She is a true joy and has enhanced our lives with her presence in our family.


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  • So very nice to read your story and meet you Cayenne. I am a sappy dog who loves happy endings, I am glad you found a home full of love.
    So happy for you and your family that you found each other.

    Happy Monday ya'all!

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Hello Cayenne, what a good name for you. I haven’t met anyone with that name before, but then again maybe you haven’t met anybody named Kirby before either. It’s been a good weekend for me; just a rainy Saturday but yesterday was great with sunshine and a cool breeze. It’s going to be back up in the high 80’s today, so it’s inside for this cold loving creature. Have a good day and a wonderful week.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • ood morning Cayenne: WOW! That's a hot name. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I read that you can go swimming in the local dog park. I don't have a dog park close by and gosh, I sure would like to visit one and play all day. Maybe swim too, but I don't like lots of water. Looks like you got a swell home to live in now and nice parents. We all deserve that!

    I better start getting ready for my trip to the Deluxe Boarding Kennels. I get to stay for a couple of days in the "Couch Potatoe Suite." I'll get a bath and get my nails done. They will take me for nature walks and play time and snacks too. I like it there.

    Well, must go now and have a snack. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Cayenne, glad to hear of your new home and how happy you are these days. You are certainly a looker--if only I was a few years younger!!!!!! My sister, Tasha loves to swim also. Those webbed feet help you two to have fun. Me, I sink in the water. Not good for Frenchies. Welcome Cayenne and keep in touch and update us on your adventures.
    Love & licks,

  • Wow Cayenne is a beauty! So glad she's found a loving home.

    What's this I hear from Martha that Frannie has hurt herself again and can't walk!?!?! Last tweet said that she's in the powder room under close observation. I'm very upset about this because I adore both of you so much. :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Please give her sweet kisses and hugs so she'll be better real quick.

  • I hope Franny is ok, I read about her hurting herself this past weekend. I pray for her that she will be ok and recover quickly. She is such a sweet doggie and my Mama and I wish her many doggie prayers and send lots of love and good thoughts her way.
    Take care Franny. Sharkey you keep an eye on her and make sure she does all the vet wants her to do. Lay quiet and not try to run around.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow & Pam from California

  • oh WOW what a beautiful dog!!! and love the name Cayenne...Thanks to those that saved her life! makes my heart happy...
    and Francesca, mommie delia said to tell you she prayed for your recovery...me too in Kitty language.

    Thanks again for sharing another success story on a pet that was saved and enhenced a human life.

  • Nice ending to an adoption story. Cayenne is a beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix!! Many blessings in your new home!
    Martha, so sorry to hear about Francesca. Read your tweets this am. What is the latest?
    Nothing is more concerning than a loved pet at the Vet's not well.
    Hope she is walking again soon and playing with her best friend, Sharkey.
    Martha, Bentley the two Yorkies, and the newest, Olive (a 4 month old Brussels Griffon) give lots of wags and licks to a speedy recovery.
    Many paws in prayers to St. Francis, the patron saint of animals is going on here too.
    Take care,
    Paula M., Martha, Bentley and Olive! (woof)

  • Hi Girl Friends, Thank you for introducing us to Cayenne. She is not only beautiful, but I would love to play with her because she looks very friendly. Even though she is much bigger than I am, I can tell by the look in her eyes that she wouldn't hurt little me. She probably likes to collect new friends just like I do. Franny, I want you to know how worried I am about you. I pray for you every day and I will be so happy when I hear that you are well again and back to your old tricks. Sharkey, you take good care of your sister. I love you both very much. Love Dudley Do Right. xoxoxo

  • Okay, I am a little biased!!! I am Cayenne's Grandmother from Texas. And yes, Cayenne, is very obedient and loving. She is a head turner, her fur is gorgeous! I enjoy walking with her, and yes she loves to run. And, I am happy to report, that this 64 year old can keep up with her!!

    Jo Harrison

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