In memory of our adopted friend Talula

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As part of our pledge to help animals in need, we want to use our star power to bring attention to the fact that many employees of Martha’s company have helped out our kind (and even cats) by taking in animals in need. We thought it would be great to tell you some of their stories! Kim Rygiel, an Associate Art Director for MSLO, adopted Talula (a Pomeranian) back in 1997. Wasn't she adorable? This is what Kim had to say about her precious "Noosh" when we interviewed her.

"We adopted Talula after finding out our previous dog's vet had found her wandering the streets and no one had claimed her. She had been abused and when we got her she was completely shaved except for her head because she was so matted. Needless to say when I brought her home my parents thought I was crazy. It didn't take long (about an hour) for her to snuggle her way into our family. We spent 12 wonderful years with Talula until sadly she passed away this past February. But in all the sadness of losing her we realized that we had given her a good home which she didn't have before and in exchange she gave us all the unconditional love her tiny little body could give."


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  • What a precious true story of this little dog. Good life she had with her adopted family.

    RIP Talula

    People often remark that Poms look like smaller versions of the Chow Chow.

    She was a beauty , love the sunglasses.

    Until next time.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • P.S The featured dog breed of the month The West Highland White Terrier is such a cutie. I am in love.
    I bet these dogs are full of energy.
    Thank you for featuring all the many AKC dog breeds here at The Daily Wag. Enjoy reading about them.
    Mrs. B

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    My mommy and daddy have taken in cats and dogs through the years. Mommy took in some kittens one time. They were really sick and one of them had something wrong with his brain. One time he was gone for two days and mama went looking for him. She found him just 50 yards from the house; almost in his own back yard. He was always getting lost after that but mommy took good care of him for years. There are many animals with special needs who need good loving families. Yes, those little dogs look like a Chow. One time a woman told my mommy that I was the biggest Pomeranian she had ever seen. Mama just let it slide and went on with my walk.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hello Ladies,
    Wasn't Talula lucky to find such a wonderful family? Our Tasha girl was too. Thank you Francesca and Sharkey for featuring about adopting. Hopefully it will help bring awareness for more families to adopt with your star power behind things. Have a great day.
    Love & licks,

  • Woohoo! I love the Greta Garbo sunglasses! Thanks to everyone for helping animals. Someone should sell doggie sunglasses as a fundraising strategy...I'd buy a pair!

  • first Thank You Kim Rygielfor for adopting Talula "Noosh" and giving her a wonderful life...I'm sorry to hear of your loss, but just know that Talula had the best of her life years with you.
    Many years ago in California I saw a small dog in the weeds of a back road, approaching was a pack of large dogs. I asked my husband to pull over, as for sure the dogs would kill this little dog. This little dog could not run from me, she was tangled in weeds and covered with so much matted fur...I scooped her up and decided to find her owner. Not finding her owner I did not want to take her to the animal shelter as the euthenized unwanted animals, so I kept her but always looked for the owner..she turned out to be a tiny white Poodle, we named her "Pippa" and she lived her life out with us for 10 years(she was already an adult) so this story of Talula has brought back some memories.

  • Awww...what a pretty little fluffball Talula was! Indeed - I KNOW that teenytiny little girl gave back ALOT of love! What a pretty little thing!

    It's wonderful that Kim had 12 years jam-packed full of happiness while owning Talula. May God bless her for her sensitive heart and for giving this little girl a safe and secure and love-filled home!

    Rest in peace, little one...


  • Hi Girl Friends, Thanks for sharing this special story about beautiful Talula. I feel a close connection to her because I am part Pomeranian myself and I was abused before my Mom took me into her loving home. I'm sure she had a wonderful life and I say thanks to her devoted parents. I wish more people would be that kind. Let's spread the word girl friends and hopefully more people will take in more of our friends into their loving homes. We can certainly hope can't we?! Love to all, Dudley Do Right xoxoxo

  • What a beautiful tribute to Talula. Kim Rygiel certainly gave Talula a fulfilling and loved life and in return Talula shared her love inconditionally with Kim and her family. That's just the way it is with rescued dogs and cats. They are forever grateful for being saved,wanted and loved and they make us better people for it. Talula will always be fondly remembered by Kim and her family and anyone she met. That's wonderful!!!

  • It is amazing how these little creatures survive. My Princess Fluffy (himilayan cat)somehow survived 6 months under a bush 3 doorsdown until miraculously she came through 1 yard with a large black watchdog, another yard (mine) with rottweiler and silkyterrier and 4 male cats, to find me on my top verandah at chowtime call. She too was in terrible condition, matted, pregnant, catflu and covered in sores. I had to keep her in doors for 2 years before she was well enough to go out again and of course she has now been with me for 5 years. I later found out the neighbour who owned the place she had been sheltering in as an abandoned kitten knew she had been there and commented on her wailing. Poor little thing suffering and no-one would help. Thank God there are people who will take in these poor little animals and give them the love they deserve.

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