Baking a cake for Fernando

Posted by Francesca

You may recall how Sharkey and I love to bake.  When we were told that Fernando, who works at our farm, was celebrating a birthday, we decided to get busy in the kitchen.  We wanted to throw a little party to show our appreciation and what we baked for Fernando turned out really well.

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These freshly picked apples have a very good fragrance. They will be delicious in a cake.

1 These freshly picked apples have a very good fragrance. They will be delicious in a cake.

How many cups of sugar do we need, Franny?

2 How many cups of sugar do we need, Franny?

Sharkey, look at the recipe and tell me how much flour we need.

3 Sharkey, look at the recipe and tell me how much flour we need.

I collected these eggs this morning from the chickens. Now I'll break them into a bowl.

4 I collected these eggs this morning from the chickens. Now I'll break them into a bowl.

I love stirring the batter.  I can't wait to lick the spoon!

5 I love stirring the batter. I can't wait to lick the spoon!

Three cakes - bluberry, chocolate chip, and apple!

6 Three cakes - bluberry, chocolate chip, and apple!

Everyone was so impressed with the cakes we made. Happy birthday Fernando!

7 Everyone was so impressed with the cakes we made. Happy birthday Fernando!

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  • Hey gals,

    I am so impressed with your baking skills, my Mama was a professional baker for many, many years and she says you look most impressive.( you didn't fall into the batter or your paws didn't stick to the counter good job - high five paws up!)
    I want some cake too send me some ok! Sharkey I'm with you bowl licking 101 that's for me, spoon, bowl sounds like a plan!

    Baking bull dogs you two need to be wearing your mini Martha logo aprons maybe next time LOL!

    I hope you gals washed your paws and cleaned up the kitchen before the party , or your Mama might give you a time out on those trash bins or stools/urn things she has around there LOL!

    Until next time,

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S
    Great looking cakes. That Fernando is a pretty lucky guy to have the two of you baking for him, he must be pretty special. Did you get to sample your work? Did Alexis teach you to bake? She always has pictures of the things she bakes on her blog.

    Well our nice weather is over, rain for the next few days. You know that is not my favorite so I'll just stay indoors and venture out only to go potty. We have a new dishwasher being installed today so I'll be pretty busy helping out the installer. I'll be under his feet all day getting in the way. I have to be there to make sure he does things right.

    I'm starting to feel better today. Monday we had a BBQ at our house and I climbed up on the kids picnic table and ate all the potatoe chip dip. It was wonderful at the time but my tummy was upset for a few days. I got caught with my head in the bowl and my face was covered in french onion dip. Boy did I get in trouble.

    Have a nice day.


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Let me wish a happy birthday to Fernando also. I didn’t bake him a cake, but I know he will understand. The only thing I do around the kitchen is eat or get under foot when my mama is cooking. She doesn’t like to bake very much. It’s been said that when someone sees her baking a cake, it’s someone’s birthday for sure. I guess pies are her thing when it comes to baking. Daddy told me that one time she baked one of those fancy red cakes and she did something wrong. The cake was so hard she just threw it out, in the woods, for the local opossum to eat. Daddy said that he found the cake and the opossum didn’t eat it; just drug it around for three days. When mama is cooking, everyone stays out of the kitchen except me. She does run me out sometimes.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • what talent you pups have! looks like the cakes for Fernando and the crew turned out spectacular...but Sharkey and Francesca you know Chocolate is bad for dogs so hopefully you stayed away from that....tell Fernando "Cumpleaños Felices"

  • Girls, that was the fastest cooking demo I've ever seen! I mean, I didn't even see most of the ingredients, the pans, or an oven! I didn't know you were so adept at sleight-of-paw to the extent that nobody saw most of the preparation! If Martha did that, her show would be a commercial! The cakes look luscious though, and I know Fernando loved them. Happy Birthday to Fernando!

  • The cakes look fantastic. Well done girls!

  • Hello Ladies,
    You two girls never surprise me with all your talents. I bet Fernando loved the cakes, and hopefully you got to taste the apple. I love apples. Mom has an apple or two daily and Tasha and I always get a little. Mom says it makes us optimum poopers like on that TV commercial. Ha Ha!! When are the two of you going to have your own party for your friends? Boy, I can taste the cake now. Maybe at Christmas you can get Aunt Alexis to come and you can all bake together. She really does it up deluxe from the photos Mom and I have seen. Have a great day.
    Love & licks,

  • BpppupMrrrow. Mrrrowy birfday, Fernando!...wooks wike you DID have a wittle pawty, compwete wif yer wittle cakes dat Fwannie-n-Sharkeybarkey made fer you...

    Girls, didja use yer wittle easy-bake cardboard oven?! - I know it's sized purrfectly fer you two! You is such good wittle bakers - yer wittle cakes wooked yummyyummy-fer-my-wittle-tumtum good! (Even d'o I ISSS a kittiekittie, I CAN be somewhat of a wittle chow-hound fwom time ta time!)

    Mrrrow, it's a boo-ti-ful day today where I wiv...hope it is, too, atcher house-n-all...

    Have a mrrrowy Purrsday evwybunnie!

    Wots-n-wots of wuv,

    Your bootiful Mandygirl


    (pee ess: pwease don't t'ink I'm bein' self-centered 'bout my bootifulness-n-all... Mommie tells me all da time how bootiful I is, 'n how God made me sooo bootiful... Some days, it all just bwends togeva - Mandy/bootiful/prrrttygirl- I come wunnin' to all of dese names (when I feel wike it, of course...)

  • Hi everyone: Sorry I have not been writing on the blog this past week, but mommy has a back problem and has been going to see the doctor. I'm glad I don't have a back problem. She said it might be a special guest by the name, oh what was his name. Now I remember - Arthur Itis! Momma wasn't very happy to hear that name, so I will stand guard at the door whenever I can to keep him out.

    Yummy, yummy in my tummy! A cake so good and flavorful, oh boy. Happy birthday Fernando and enjoy your cake. Mom gave me a morsel of cake once but with no frosting. She said it was bad for my teeth. But, mom and dad ate cake AND frosting - so not fair.

    The weather has cooled off, but gosh it did rain on Labor Day. We got nearly 10 inches. Well, I must take a short nap. It's going to be short because I must watch out for the miserable Arthur Itis. Take care and see ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Hi Sweeties,
    Great job with the cakes! I would really like to taste the blueberry one - blueberries are my favorite. It was so nice of you to remember Fernando on his birthday; he looks quite pleased with the little party you threw for him. Franny, you just make me smile when I see you sitting on your little tush. I hope we see you on the show a lot this year! Bye for now.

  • Hello Friends,

    Happy Birthday Fernando!

    Ladies, the cakes look delicious. You two are such Renaissance womena. I mean you do it all--write a column, fix cars, drive cars, garden, host and attend parties, desin clothing and costumes, and now cooking! You two are a combination of everything good-- beauty, brains, and talent. You both are just like Martha and of course, me.

    I wish I could have been there for the cake.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • "Sharkey, the distinctive smell of freshly picked apples
    Makes me want to bake some of those crapples.
    Oh Franny, you mean thin pancakes called crepes
    Yea, that's what I must mean, for goodness sakes.
    Better yet, let's do something for Fernando's birthday.
    Get Martha's cooking book we should do it her way.
    O.K.sugar, flour in a bowl,pinch of salt what the dickens
    Whisk a bunch of eggs I just got from the chickens.
    Franny, I love stirring batter and lickin' the spoon.
    Sharkey, they're playing by the light of the silvery moon
    My favorite little tune, good to give the batter a shakin',
    You get the oven ready and we'll start the bakin'.
    Right o, we've got 3 cakes, apple choco chip n bluberry
    Let's tell Martha and the gang,she'll be pleased the cakes are not hairy.
    Do you think everyone will be impressed by our laboring?
    I wont tell that you licked the spoon WHILE you were stirring."
    With that, Sharkey licked her lips and slowly walked away.
    Franny gave a large puggy grin, that's the end of a cutie day.
    A smile a day keeps the doctor away.

  • Hi Girl Friends, Fernando is one lucky guy. He not only gets to work on the farm where you live, but gets the pleasure of having you two give him a nice surprise for his birthday. I can tell by the picture that he is really happy that you two made him three cool birthday cakes. You sure did a nice job of making those cakes and I studied your pictures very well so that I can surprise my Mom with a birthday cake next year. Thanks for sharing. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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