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Posted by Francesca

As you may know from reading Martha's blog, she recently hosted an all-day meeting at our farm in Bedford. Sharkey and I always like to attend these functions and put in our two cents. The meeting was fascinating and the crowd was very friendly. It was a most successful day.

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When is this important meeting going to start? We're very anxious.

1 When is this important meeting going to start? We're very anxious.

Martha's at the podium - get ready to take notes!

2 Martha's at the podium - get ready to take notes!

Where's everyone going? It must be lunchtime.

3 Where's everyone going? It must be lunchtime.

Sharkey, follow me - I found the group.

4 Sharkey, follow me - I found the group.

Hey, how's the box lunch? I watched while they were making them and they looked really good.

5 Hey, how's the box lunch? I watched while they were making them and they looked really good.

Nice shoes - these ad sales people really know how to dress with style!

6 Nice shoes - these ad sales people really know how to dress with style!

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  • So gals did anyone give you some of their lunch?
    Only 2 cents worth- inflation gals inflation at least you could give two bones worth of feedback LOL!
    It must have stopped raining long enough in NY for a box lunch day at your Mama's house. Glad everyone enjoyed it while punting on their creative thinking caps(which had better have been made and designed by MSLO correct!)

    Have a lovely day Franny & Sharkey.
    I saw you barking at all the doggies in the doggie fashion show on television yesterday - Martha repeat. I see you are on again today yippee publicity !!!!!

    Until next time be good.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I know that the most important part of any meeting is when the food is served. I always get a little taste of what people are having. Sometimes I like it and other times I just sniff and leave it. I don’t take food from strangers. Sometimes mama brings me a double cheeseburger from a fast food place. If they touch the food with their hands, I won’t eat it and I do love cheese and burgers. Mama says that it’s best that I don’t take food from strangers.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Good Morning F & S

    You both look totally bored at the meeting, wasn't there a donkey or cat around that you could chase?

    I was looking at the pictures from your mom's blog this morning, how come you didn't get to go to Montana? I saw in one picture there was a black lab you could have chased around the ranch.

    Well today is the first day of September and it feels like fall outside. I love this kind of weather, I think I'll lay out on the deck most of the day. I did hear mom telling dad I need to see the groomer and get my nails clipped - I HATE THAT!! I will not cooperate even a little bit and I always end up with a bloody nail. If I would behave (which I won't) it would make all their lives easier. Oh well, get over it - I'm not.

    Have a nice day.


  • Hello Ladies,
    Sorry I didn't sign on yesterday, but I was comforting Mom all day,--something to do with identity theft. She was quite upset and on the phone with lots of people, so I did not want to leave her side.
    Look at you girls attending these meetings. If you have your own portfolios on things, where is your box lunch? And when do you get to host your own meetings with your blogging bunch. We could all really have a party big time. Can't you just see us all running everywhere? You would be the best hosts. The donkeys wouldn't know what to do with a blogging pack of dogs and cats. Well, hope you got some lunch at the meetings--speeches can be boring and we need replenishment sometimes.
    Have a great day! I heard the Farmers' Almanac is being released today and that here in Colorado it is supposed to be a numbing, cold winter. Fireside and blankies for me.
    Love & licks,

  • Hello Friends,

    It looks like you two enjoy entertaining as much as Martha does! I love to host a party myself. All those people sharing their food, not to mention assisting in the taste tests during preparation.

    Francesca and Sharkey, what a lovely Summer you both are having. I know I'm having a great time enjoying your escapades through your column. I especially love that everyone who reads The Daily Wag is receiving information about the joy of adopting a pet.

    I am helping Mom prepare for our annual Labor Day picnic. I bet you both are doing the same. Any suggestions about how to entertain the canines who will be attending the barbeque this year?

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Dear Martha,

    I watched your show about pets today. Where do I get the "talk to me treatball. My dog who is 15 hates to be alone. He gets into everything. Thank you.

    Naomi Pinto and Buttons.

  • Dear Doggies: I was so excited after the show to recieive my "Talk to me treat ball" and my Mommy can't find it on any of the pets toy site listed!! HELP!!!! Love, Kipper :(

  • It's so nice, girls, that you had 'a place at the table' the day of mommieMartha's meeting. I see the meeting coordinator had seating for you, complete with the day's itinerary of discussion topics. It's a good thing, as you lend helping paws in so many ways that prob'ly aren't even on purpose. You've basically become good will ambassadors for mommieMartha's MSLO!

    I'm with Kirby Bear!...sometimes an integral part of these brainstorming sessions is lunchtime, especially to keep those creative juices flowing. It was very nice of you to be such good helpers behind the scenes in assisting to prepare the yummy-looking boxed lunches. Any moral support counts, you know - even if it's only sitting up on a stool in the kitchen, looking pretty, and keeping someone company!

    Well, it's a beautiful day today!...hope you're outside runnin', 'n playin', 'n givin' God glory!

    Muuuah! [a kiss for each, on your pretty little brindle/blonde heads]


  • Hi Sweeties,
    I sure hope you got a taste of something good after Martha's meeting since you both worked so hard on taking notes! I have a feeling you would rather have been out chasing a squirrel or teasing the donkeys which Sharkey seems to enjoy so you were good sports to sit it out. I love the way you two sit upright - I was noticing that when I watched you on the show today. You look so cute. I think Franny was doing most of the sitting today though.

    To Kipper and Naomi Pinto I found the Talk To Me Treat Balls for sale on Amazon for $11.95 large or small. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Talk-Me-Treat-Ball-Small/dp/B0002KQIEA

  • For Naomi, Buttons, and Kipper, you may go to the following to find your talking treat ball:


    This information is housed under the 'TV & Video' tab on marthastewart.com. Usually the products and resources are found there featured in each day's show.

    Hopefully, this will be of help to you!


  • whoa pups, you do look so enthused!...hope the meeting went better then that! well the note pads where nice...any paw print notes? ok, the photos where cute of you two sweet pups.

  • Hey everyone!!!
    Mabel and Maude are the two most gorgeous pugs you will ever meet! Woof woof! Myself ( Mabel) and My younger sis (Maude) are suburban glamour sisters! I ( Mabel) am 9 years old and my little sister maude is 4 years old! Today we both watched the superb fashion show on the Martha show this morning! We both absolutely drooled over the adorable accessories and cashmere sweaters! We both have dibs on that little princess Leia hat that was shown by that adorable pug model! We also had our stunning Aunt Beatrice stay over with us this weekend and had a girls night! Martha, the three of us moaned and barked yearning for those fabulous sweaters u hand-made this morning! The three of us also can’t wait to get the ” Talk to me Treat ball”! Tell Skarkey and Francesca we would absolutely love to make a dog-date to play & eat lots of biscuits! Lots of Pugs and Kisses<3 Mabel & Maude

  • Hi Girl Friends, WOW! It sure looks like you gals had a good time during that all day meeting at the ranch. With breakfast, lunch and dinner you must have had a ball following everyone and begging for treats. Sure wish I was there. I love begging for treats. How do you beg? I just lay on the floor(ground) with my legs stretched out in front of me and keep staring until someone finally gives me a treat. Happy, happy, happy! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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