We found the garlic and onions!

Posted by Francesca

The other day, Martha and Shaun, the gardener, were discussing the fact that the onions and garlic needed to be harvested. Shaun had planted many, many varieties of onions last spring and there was plenty of garlic planted last autumn. Sharkey and I heard them talking about how you must cure the crop after harvesting so that the outer skins will dry out, forming a protective barrier to keep the insides moist and flavorful during storage. We watched them pull the onions and garlic out of the ground, but we wondered where they were being cured. Sharkey and I decided to go and explore.

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Hey Sharkey, come and see what's going on in the cold house. I think we found out where the onions and garlic are being cured.

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  • Be careful Sharkey & Franny onions are poisonous to doggies it's on the top ten list for dogs to stay away from and not eat. Garlic isn't good for you either.
    Don't ever eat them ok!

    A birthday message to your Mama.

    Happy Birthday to you Martha.
    I love you lots
    Thank you for helping the animals and for adopting so many from shelters over the years.

    Until next time,
    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S
    Did you read the blog from Saturday, poor little Edgar went to heaven. His mommy is really sad. He talked a little funny but he was a loyal blogger.

    Lots of onions and garlic. My mom grew some onions in a large pot this year, her and dad said they were really yummy.

    I was really scared this weekend. Friday we had a really bad storm, trees were down and we didn't have power for hours. Then the same thing happened yesterday afternoon - loud thunder YUK. I'm glad it's all gone.


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Onions and garlic may not be good for dogs to eat, but they are good for humans. I don’t know why this is, but that’s life. I don’t mind if mommy and daddy have that “stinky” breath after eating foods with these things in it, it’s just a part of them and I don’t mind. Now stinky feet I do mind. So sorry to hear about Edgar. I hope his mommy tries to just remember the good things about him. That’ll help her.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • O.K. little cuties,here's the scoop.
    It's MnM's birthday,you're in the loop.
    Dont let the chickens fly the coop.

    Franny & Sharkey, its up to you
    To keep the Boss from being blue.
    Give a DVD of the famous U2?

    Maybe not.A good hike is one of her favs.
    Thank her for all the furries she saves.
    Keep her away from spooky old caves.

    Be good girls,well,as you can be.
    Dont chase donkeys over their lea.
    Puggy grins will please her,you'll see.

    Bloggy friends,are sure to be waiting
    To see the fun you'll be creating.
    Make sure you dont interfere with "dating".

  • WOW I never knew about Onions and Garlic being bad for dogs and cats...the things we learn here! got to say am a bit envious of all those great Martha onions and garlic crops.
    So having found out about the poisinous part for dogs, you probably didn't want to eat them anyway...the smell made you back up for sure...we have those wild onions in our back, suppose they are poisinous also!?
    Cindy if you are reading this, we feel for your loss of Edgar, my heart aches for you...what a nice gesture of the MS camp to acknowledge your loss...it proves someone is reading these comments.

  • Sharkey & Frances, Mom told me today is Martha's birthday. Did you wish her a Happy Birthday? Are you going to cook a birthday dinner for her? I have a question that may seem stupid, but...what does Martha do with so much onion and garlic? Does she make dinner for everyone in New York (or maybe New England)sometimes? Does she have a farmer's market? Does she give baskets of garlic and onions to her friends? Is she the main supplier of ingredients for the Food Network? Know what? If you wear a garland of garlics around your neck, it'll keep the cats away. Good idea or what?

  • HI Francesca and Sharkey: Onions and garlic! I don't know how my mom and dad can stand them, but they eat them almost every night of the week. They won't give me any cause it's bad for me to eat those things.

    I think mom and dad are going to give me a bath and trim my nails sometime this week. I don't look forward to it, I can tell you that. I try and shake the water off whenever I can. That will show them!

    Miss Cindy, I cannot wait for little Edgar's sister to join the blog. She sounds like fun. Don't worry, cause Edgar is probably playing with my grandpa Littleman cat and grandpa Littleboy cat in heaven and having the best time ever. My mom and dad and me said a prayer for you and little Edgar Friday night.

    Everyone take care and have a dancing day. See ya later. Love, Gracyn

  • Hello Ladies,
    Lots and lots of onion and garlic you found. What does Martha do with it all--have a big party, a farmer's market or give it to her employees? Maybe she pickles some, or does it keep for a long time in a fruit cellar type place?
    I hear it is Martha's birthday so Franny and Sharkey you must get busy at your personal little oven and bake her some cupcakes, since they are the latest. You better get busy and get to work on a celebration. Take care and have a great day.
    Love & licks,

  • Hi F&S!

    Wow! That's a lot of garlic and onion!

    Sharkey, so glad you came to your senses before biting into that monster! As always, love the foot-thing. :)

    Franny, my Darling, knowing how Sharkey always tries to out do you, just wondering if you might have tried to 'lick" the garLICK? Ha! :)

    I hear that garlic, just like onion, is no good for dogs. Hmmm...makes me wonder because it's one of natures cures and I've seen vitamin powder for dogs, advertising, "With Garlic". Well, I will avoid it just in case. Or maybe just a "lick"? Franny? Huh? ;)

    PS. HEY! How was your mom's birthday party? Did you get some cake? Was there soda pop?

  • Hello Friends,

    Happy Birthday Martha! Martha, you are an inspiration and every year you keep getting better! I hope you have a wonderful day with all your loved ones.

    Francesca and Sharkey, you both taught me so much about onions and garlic. My Mom never lets me eat them because she says they are bad for my health. She always makes sure to make my burgers and meat loaf separate from the rest, which, of course, is made with onions and garlic. I'm sure Martha does the same for you.

    Did you two make your Mom a birthday present? I bet you did. I hope you blog about it tomorrow.

    Talk to you later.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Hi Sweeties,
    So now I know why onion and garlic smells so bad - so doggies and kitties won't eat the stuff! That's a good thing but then how about chocolate? You aren't supposed to eat that either but I guess it's not poisonous unless you eat a lot of it. Well, I never gave my pooches chocolate and of course they backed away from garlic and onions. When I gave them their favorite treat of spaghetti sauce, I always made sure to leave out the seasoning. What are your favorite people foods? And like some of the other commentators on here, I too would like to know what Martha does with so much garlic and onions. Maybe you two could ask her for us. Well, catch you later.

  • Author Comment:

    For Meredith Broderick who is looking for a breeder of Frenchies - Martha got us from Suzanne Readmond of Justus Dogs. http://www.justusdogs.com
    F & S

  • I laughed right out loud at the last photo! - the look on Sharkey's face was so befitting to the caption of 'reconsidering'. (And) gee whiz, I didn't know that onions and garlic were toxic substances to our pets! That should teach us, I guess, that in general it's just not good nutrition to feed our pets some of the things in our diet that WE consume - 'people food'!

    Well, I'm feeling a little better today - I haven't cried as of yet today... It is important for me to thank people and acknowledge their mention of and sorrow for Edgar's passing. I know, Zoe, that Edgar talked kind of funny, but if you remember Tweety Bird or Elmer Fudd cartoons, he talked kind of like them. (Edgar had 'pwobwems' with the letters 'L' and 'R' - they usually turned into a 'W'.) Kirby Bear, I WILL remember the good times (and the not-so-pleasant ones) - ALL of it I cherish! Delia (and Kitty), I AM reading, and thank you for bearing my pain on a personal level, and yes, the 'MS camp' has been absolutely phenomenal with memorializing Edgar! (And) finally to Gracyn, I'm sure my calico girl Mandy will inevitably develop her little voice here on TDWag...she is my active 'handful' of my two, and is the TOTAL opposite of my sweet boy Edgar! I am confident, too, that Edgar is running and playing with your grandpas Littleman and Littleboy, being young and playful again. Thank you (and mom and dad) for your prayer last Friday evening...say some more for us, okay?

    I apologize for this lengthy post, but I DO feel I need to thank each and every one, as each of you have taken YOUR time - both here, and personally, to show concern and an outpouring of love to me and my family. I cannot NOT reciprocate that back to you!


  • Looking forward to "Mandy's" comments on the blog in the near future we hope!! A big "hi" to Mandy's mommy as well.

  • Hi Girl Friends, How is the weather at your place? It has gone from 103 degrees last Wed. to 67 degrees today. What a difference a week makes! Looks like you had fun finding the garlic and onions. I'm not sure I would recognize either one if I were looking for them. My Mom never buys onions because she doesn't like them and she's never shown me the garlic. It's interesting how Martha cures them in the cold house. How long does it take? I like to eat most everything but Mom says they are not good for me so I don't worry about them. She always knows what's best for me like your Mom does for you. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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