The Dog Days of Summer

Posted by Sharkey

Everyone has been talking about the dog days of summer and I was wondering why they were called that. I did a little research and found that the ancient Romans thought that Sirius, the Dog Star in the constellation, Canis Major, and also the brightest star in the night sky, was the cause of hot and steamy summer weather. I guess the name stuck and now I'm stuck in the dog days of summer.

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Why did I come outside? It's so hot today.

1 Why did I come outside? It's so hot today.

This is what they mean by the dog days of summer.

2 This is what they mean by the dog days of summer.

I feel so lazy.

3 I feel so lazy.

It's no cooler here.

4 It's no cooler here.

It's a little cooler in the shade but Vivaldi must be hot, too. He's not even moving away from me, as he usually does.

5 It's a little cooler in the shade but Vivaldi must be hot, too. He's not even moving away from me, as he usually does.

Maybe a bucket of ice cubes would cool me off!

6 Maybe a bucket of ice cubes would cool me off!

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  • Sharkey - don't tell me you like ice cream - I LOVE ice cream :)

    When I hear the freezer open at night and then the cracklin noise from the ice cream cone box I go crazy. I wait under mom's feet and then when she walks into the family room to give dad his cone I hit the sofa and leap right over to dad on the recliner before the cone hits his hand. I sit right in his face until he gives me a lick, which he always does. He takes a lick then I get one - it's so nice that he shares.

    Now when he tries to give Precious a lick there is trouble. Precious is my sister the 90 pound chocolate Lab and one time she was suppose to lick and she bit off all the ice cream on top the cone. Boy was I pissed - ice cream was over for that night.

    I know what you mean about the dog days of summer - the heat is tough on us Frenchies. I love to lay out on the deck sunning myself but this humidty makes it difficult. I have to find shade or go back in the house. If mom is out with me I always get a cold spritz of water to keep me cool.

    I think I'm ready for fall, it's such a pretty time of year with the leaves changing and the cool sunny days.

    Rain forecasted again this weekend - stay dry my little friends.


  • Hi F&S,

    My favorite hot weather treat is ice cubes, my mom calls it a "cocktail", but I don't get fun stuff poured on my ice like she does...

    I never met him, but mom says I had an Uncle Siri named after the dog star. She says that he was her nanny when she was a baby - I guess both of us were raised by dogs!

    Big sloppy kisses,
    (P.S. Indy says hi too)

  • Hello Ladies,
    My, my Sharkey, don't you look quite the model. The photos of you certainly are becoming--even in the heat you look beauuuuutiful! I'm not much of a heat man myself. Except in the cold winter days, I like a blankie on me as I lay in front of the fire. Well, enjoy your weekend everyone.
    Love & licks,

  • well Sharkey before you know it summer will be over and the cold/snow will has been cold and rainy here...blaaaa...such a short summer...hope mommie delia moves to somewhere warm, it's pretty here in Wisconsin but cold for too long. Love the picture of you and Vivaldi...have a great weekend!

  • Sharkey, you are so cute! Could I ask something a little offense...but how did you get such a squished-looking face? Did you ram into a wall at high speed when you were little? Just curious. I have an idea about keeping cool, since you can't swim...ask Martha to buy you a Wham-O Slip and Slide! Set it up on a little hill, and you can slide down on the water! Franny would love it, too. Keep your fingernails in though, so the plastic isn't torn. It's fun...really! Bye!

  • Hello Friends,

    Sharkey, you look absolutely fabulous, even in the heat. It is very hot here in California and I don't brave the elements until after the sun goes down. Mom says she is afraid I'll get skin cancer as I usually forget to put sunblock on before I go outside.

    I'm looking forward to Autumn. Although we don't have much of a season change out here, my birthday is in October which means I'll have a big party complete with vanilla cupcakes and presents!

    Have a great weekend!

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Hey F&S!

    Yup! It's sweaty-bun "Dog" hot! But don't get too overheated by all that 'dog day' stuff. That's old news! Now they're blaming it on some pooche named El Nino! Anyways, the Romans were just looking for a good excuse to start that age old men-in-the-locker-room trend: The Roman Baths.

    Not to change the subject but I'm in trouble again...

    Think my radar is going out!

    Mom came home yesterday. I was so excited! My big black tail started going when I heard her car way down the road.

    When she came in the house with groceries bags I just knew - 'cause she always has one for me - a treat awaited me.

    I followed her into the living room. She had gone in there to turn up the radio. I was following every move she made. I was getting over-excited, "exuberant", even (new word I just looked up - along with [condominium] - in my Funk & WAGnal) for that treat; drooling, smiling, tail like a windshild wiper in a hale storm; you know the whole bit...

    Then glass broke! And when glass breaks, you know something bad has happened!

    You can probably guess what happened, right? My tail used to know where the coffee table was, it used to know every where-a-bouts of every glass thing. the screen!

    Tune in next time for Shoeboy's Long Tail of Whoa!!!

    PS. I'm grounded! See you in September! :\

  • Awww. Poor little Sharkeybarkey! I can tell that you're hot, baby girl. That flagstone is prob'ly like a heating pad, too, even in the shade. Think about poor little Francesca...she has a little DARK fur coat that she's toting around - dark colors draw more warmth, versus being blonde like you, Sharkeyhonnie. (And) poor little Vivaldi! - he has twice the fur coat that you have! He's feelin' like a little limp dishrag, too, if he didn't scurry away from you. Awww. Take your little panting button nose inside, ask for a nice cold drink (make sure someone then dries your flews and/or DON'T shake your head [giggle] ), and lay down on the cool kitchen floor for awhile. Go get cool, baby girl. [muah! - a kiss between your pretty little ears] =^..^=

  • Hi Sharkey,
    It gets so hot down here in Florida that I feel like you just about every day! It was already blazing hot this morning when I went out to bring the trash containers in so I'm sure the temps will be way up there later on. Whew, I'll just make sure to drink plenty of ice water and do my gardening before it gets dark and when it is cooler. Franny must have been in the cool house, huh? Well, Sharkey, I hope you joined her before you got too hot! Have a nice weekend you two little cutie pies!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    It doesn’t matter if you call them “dog days” or “cat days,” it’s still hot and steamy. It seems we owe a lot to the Romans. Even though it’s hot in the afternoons, my daddy and I walk in the cool of the mornings; it’s only in the low 80’s at that time of the day. I feel a weekend coming on; also a nap. Have a great weekend ladies.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Very insightful Sharkey! I'm fascinated with all things star related!

  • Hi Girl Friends, You sure do look uncomfortable my dear Sharkey. You do need a cool drink of water and some more shade to cool off. It has been Dog Days heat here off and on all summer. Our worst was 103 degrees and then we had 90's and high 80's. Today it cooled down to the 70's with a chance of rain. I don't mind it in the 70's and 80's but more than that makes me pant a lot. I'm off to the vet in the morning to see if the crystals are gone from my bladder. Wish me luck. Have a good weekend everyone. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Dear F&S: I am a "Hairless Chinese Crested" and enjoy the summer months. I get cold easily and have many, many sweaters, sweatshirts and custom made "jammies" for when it gets real cold. So enjoy the "Dog Days of Summer"! Tell your Mom she should feature a "Hairless Chinese Crested" on her show, because people only know them as winners of "The World's Ugliest Dog" contests and I believe I am very attractive.

    Bolingbrook, IL

  • Hello! My new mom and dad (they adopted me this year from a French Bulldog Rescue) also take me and my English brother, Buster, along the shores on MDI! That is even better and cooler than an ice cube. I also like to go for a dip at Echo Lake and swim from rock to rock. If you ever see us on the island, please say hello! Our place in SWH is called Bliss and is a great place in the summer to cool off and to take a nap. I hope NJ is just as nice in the winter!
    Lots of kisses, Normandy aka Norman

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