Something was slinking around...

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When we were traveling with Martha on the North Fork of Long Island, we stopped at one of her favorite plant growers, Beds & Borders. We Frenchies always like to say hello to the crew there and while we were visiting, something was slinking around. We, of course, charged over to have a look but it was faster than we were.

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Heather, at Beds and Borders, was giving us nice back rubs when something caught our eye from across the warehouse.

1 Heather, at Beds and Borders, was giving us nice back rubs when something caught our eye from across the warehouse.

We dashed across the way and saw that we chased a cat up onto a large box. It was leering down at us. Of course, we were making quite a lot of noise.

2 We dashed across the way and saw that we chased a cat up onto a large box. It was leering down at us. Of course, we were making quite a lot of noise.

We thought that maybe if we got the fork lift going, we could lower down the box.

3 We thought that maybe if we got the fork lift going, we could lower down the box.

That plan didn't work.

4 That plan didn't work.

The cat just said, 'See ya, Frenchies!'

5 The cat just said, 'See ya, Frenchies!'

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  • Cats - who needs them. I can't believe it wouldn't even come down and say hello. They can be such rude animals at times, very independent. Didn't it realize who you were??? You're famous for God's sake.

    I had a nice birthday dinner last night. In fact all the dogs got an extra treat. Mom had some prime rib left over from the night before. Sophie's birthday was Saturday and mine was yesterday. I think we should have gotten all the beef but mom shared and T-Bone and Precious got a taste as well. Boy was that good :)

    Well gotta run, I hear the newspaper man coming up the front porch so I have to go start barking to wake up dad so he can yell at me. This happens every morning you think he would be use to it by now.


  • Girls, I have to give you credit for trying, but cats are tricky and it's tough to outsmart them. Know what you should have done? Franny, you should have stayed at the bottom and distracted the cat, while Sharkey climbed to the highest point ABOVE the cat. Then, when the cat was looking the other way, Sharkey should have jumped ON the cat. Heh heh! That cat would have high-tailed it out of there in no time! Hee Hee...sorry for the giggles, girls but I like to keep cats on their toes, so to speak! Sharkey, it would have been worth a few scratches, believe me! Page me next time! I'm on call 24 hours a day, where cats are concerned. Later, girls!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I know too well what you are talking about when it comes to cat’s slinking around. My neighbor’s cat likes to slink around our plants in the front yard. When I see him doing this, I bang on the windows so hard that mommy is afraid I am going to break them. She has some “foam board” cut to fit into the windows. When I start to bang on the windows, mom puts the foam board in them so I can’t see out. That works just fine for her but not so good for me. I know that “thing” is out there and I start to make a fuss really loud. That’s when I get into trouble. Like I said before, cat’s are for chasing.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • now pups what would you have done had that kitty come down? ok maybe played with it, chased it up a tree, it was scared of you(hence the humpy back*!*) and I bet if it knew how nice you where, maybe would have puurrred and rubbed against you two sweet pups...just what I would have done.

  • Bpppupmrrrow. ZACKLY! Dat kittiekittie is sayin' "see ya, Fwenchies...FURREVER!" If you two cwazy girls was barkin' up at de wittle kittiekittie ('n he DIDN'T wook dat awful wittle!) - well, dat w-e-a-l-l-y wasn't a mrrrowy good idea! See, you's gotta wearn da body wanguage of us kc's! See dat wittle hump in his back?!...see dat bigggfattt fwuffy tail?!...Oh, mrrrow no! - FLEE! Go de opposite diwection! Like you taw - we kittiekitties is faaast 'n will bappp you if you git us cornered!

    (Mrrrow, I's all upset...)

    Hmmm...wet's see - it's Tuesday...I tink today I'll choose TWEAT Tuesday!

    Happy Tweat Tuesday evwybunnie! I DOOO wuv my wittle tweats! Make sure your purrson gives you p-w-e-n-t-y of tweats today, otay?

    Your bootiful spotted Mandy girl

  • Hey F&S!

    That looks like a cat you need to stay clear of. My rule of claw: Keep away from all things 'slinky'!

    Thinking that slinky black cat is preparing for Halloween!

    Or maybe the cat is scared? Now I'm wondering if the cat has a home to go to? Does it live at the warehouse? If the dogs back at the ten acre woods could hear me getting soft on a cat they'd have my goat! Do not breath a word of this!

  • Hello Friends,

    How unfortunate that the kitty wouldn't play with you two. That kitty doesn't know what he or she was missing!

    My kitty sister, Princess Harry, is a bit slinky herself. When we first met, I chased her into Mom's room. Now, the shoe is on the other paw and she does all the chasing. Sometimes I will just walk by her and she slings her paw in my direction ready to pounce. She usually hides around the corner from our food and waits for me to walk into the living room before she jumps out and tries to attack me. I tell you, Francesca and Sharkey, I try not to show my fear, but that little kitty cat really does scare the bejeepers out of me.

    Now that I think about it, it was probably a good thing, like Martha says, that cat left you two alone. Who needs a cat to have fun anyway!

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Oh you two, always up to something! Hi Sweeties - you are looking terrific as usual standing there with your halters on while Heather rubs your back. For a second there I thought maybe the cat was going to pounce on you but maybe he or she figured out you two were just curious little critters who meant no harm. You gotta be careful of those cat claws though. Ou-ie! Well, catch you later - I need to eat something because I just read your Mommy’s blog and my stomach is growling!

  • Hello Ladies,
    Looks like you were up to trouble with a capital "T." Cats, I am not sure what I would do if I ever came face to face with one. Tasha thinks she has one cornered now and then, and guess what??? It turns out to be this thing called a skunk--looks like a cat, but smells really bad forever. Well, you girls know from your encounters. Believe me, you girls would have been smarter to stay with the back rubs. I'm looking forward to your continued adventures.
    Love & licks,
    P.S. The doctor got the results back and I do not have Masticatory Myositis. Big words for a bad disease, and we are sure celebrating tonight that it wasn't as bad as they thought. I am still on medicine for the bacteria in my jaw, but really getting better every day.Thanks everybody for all the good wishes.

  • Hi Girl Friends, Since my only friend, when I lived with my bad family, was a cat I learned to love all cats. I've found that if I walk up toward them very slowly that they will be friendly and we will get along just fine. I have a best friend cat at my Mom's house now and we get along just great. He belongs to the neighbors but he thinks he lives with us. Hey Basil, sure glad you are doing better. Love to all, Dudley Do Right xoxoxo

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