Pondering the beauty of Skylands

Posted by Francesca

Sharkey and I really love to visit Skylands in Maine. Last weekend, we went there with Martha and we did so much walking. Fortunately, there are many comfortable places to sit and rest and we did plenty of that, too.

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I also love the outdoors at Skylands. There is so much to explore.

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  • Dear Franny & Sharkey,

    BEAUTIFUL views I am in LOVE!

    I want Skylands need I say more!

    Have a safe & happy weekend everyone


    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S

    From the looks of it you two are both very comfy at Skylands. I wonder why my mom doesn't have a name for my house???? She just calls it home or our house and when she goes to her place in Aruba she just calls it Aruba. I'm going to have to talk to her about that.

    Any fun plans for the weekend? We are expecting storms today and tomorrow. I get really scared when it thunders, I am not fond of the rain either.

    Mom is very excited about the new season of Martha and I must say so am I. She tapes the show and we watch it together every night.

    Well have a good weekend.


  • Francey pants you fit perfect in those surroundings!if I had that, I would never want to wander outside...oh, I'm not saying my house is not fit for a Kitty...but am not allowed on any furniture...you get the picture!

  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey: WOW! Skylands must be really beautiful inside. So many places to play hide-and-go-seek and then I would jump out at you. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Well, I guess you wouldn't like that at all. How about outside in the gardens? That looks like a nice place to take a walk. Did your Uncle Carlos take you for long walks there too? My mom and I hope that all of you are feeling good today. Have a nice weekend. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Now you are talking my language; long walks in quiet places. I just love to walk with my daddy. He doesn’t stop too often to rest, but when he does I am ready to move on in just abut two minutes. Just got back form our morning walk, had breakfast and now for a nap. Oh yeah, naps are another thing I do really good too.
    Catch you late, Kirby.

  • Hi F&S!

    It's Shoeboy! Back in action!

    Yup! Skylands is so beautiful! I love how the fern hangs down, too. It is dog Paradise...cat paradise, too!

    Yeah! Martha is all over the place! Saw her in Yellowstone, then hiking Beehive in Maine, the back to Montana! She really gets around! (You don't think they've cloned her do you?) Forget where Mat from "The Today Show" is...Where In the World Is Martha Stewart!?! You know girls? She leaves nice, loving paw prints where ever she goes. Mom and I love your mom.

    Been reading up on your latest adventures. Especially the pet adoption program. It's really coming along. (And we are pledging our support on the 17th of next month.) Said a few words to 'Dot' the cool cat who eats dog treats! Gotta love her! And how was the dinner party? You know, the one with all the flowers?

    Guess I got a little behind on the blog while I was away with Mom. We had a nice time though. We even took a trip back into the gene pool. Ever heard of a gene pool? Me neither. I though we were going for a swim over at Jean's house. But no! We didn't even go outside! I had to sit there and wait for Mom to 'research' as she called it. But it all worked out fine and was very interesting, actually.

    Did you know that I am related to the Chow? Yup. Just like Paw Paw, your beloved cousin, and all of your Mom's clan. It goes something like this...My great great uncle, Huckleberry (You may have heard of him. He was a movie star.), was from China. He was a registered Chow but he carried a bad or altered gene and lost all of his hair! All that was left of him was his blue skin! All of the blue on his tongue came off and went through his body, like I said, causing his hair to come out. There was a huge pile of fur, a big blue ball! Mom showed me the pictures. Although he was so very funny looking, he was also resourceful, and with his great sense of dull humor he rode his disfigurement all the way to the top and became the famous Huckleberry Hound! He was also mentioned in the song "Moon River". He was best friends with the guy who wrote the song. Mom played it for me, it made us both cry. Especially the French horn part...probably because I missed my Frenchys! Anyways, he had a total lack of personality but the writers used his 'lack of' to gain some laughs and featured him in a long running cartoon. He even had his own comic book! But no, he was not any relation to the Huckleberrys of the Mark Twain adventures but he knew Samuel Clemons and hung out with all those folk when he was a pup. Long story...

    Mom said she is related to Peggy Fleming, the famous ice skater? I don't know about that. Mom has a thing for ice skating...I think she's having one of those pipe dreams that humans have. But she swears it is true. Yeah, OK Mom.

    F&S, it's so great to be back at the dog park reading the Daily Wag! We'd better stick around because so much happens when we're gone and we don't want to miss out on one thing! Ever! :)


  • Good Morning Girls,
    Franny you look just like me and what I do, relaxing in a chair. The chair is usually aroung the dinner table while Mom is cleaning up. And Sharkey I also love to sunbathe on the flagstones. You girls certainly have a beauuuuutiful home in the Skylands. You are very photogenic out with the ferns. I hope everyone has a good weekend and you girls have some fun times with Martha. Take care.
    Love & licks,

  • Hi Sweeties,
    You two get cuter every day! I just wish I could kiss you right on your little noses! You are lucky to have a mommie who likes to walk a lot. That way you get to keep in great shape which I see that you are. I'm sure you had fun with Martha's office workers last weekend too. I noticed you eyeing all the pretty flowers they put in containers and I bet you helped with the arrangements too. Well, have another great weekend and maybe rest up. You’re doing a fine job on your blog and I really enjoy reading it but sometimes I don't have time to comment. I still think of you though. Catch you later.

  • Hello Friends,

    Skylands is gorgeous! It looks like you two had quite a lovely time. Long walks, coupled with long rests, makes the most perfect of vacations.

    I just told Mom we need to take a trip to Maine. From what you two have shown me, it looks like a place filled with spectacular beauty. Of course, Francesca and Sharkey, you are two of the most beautiful sights in the state! If I were to visit, I would be the third most beautiful sight.

    For now, I guess I'll just have to continue to enjoy walks on the beaches here in California. Ho, hum, a change of pace would do me good!


    Fisher Jimmy

  • Hi F&S!

    We sure missed you two! Mom and I have been doing "research", she calls it. Something to do with a gene pool. I thought were going for a swim in Jean's pool but guess what? We never left the house!

    Come to find out, I'm a distant ansector of the late, great Huckleberry hound? Remember him? He was a movie star on the big silver cartoon screen.

    Originally, Uncle Huckleberry came form China and was actually a registered Chow - like your mom's beloved clan - but Ol' Huckleberry had inherited a bad gene and all of his hair fell out! Leaving him with blue skin! His blue Chow tongue evidently lost it's color but bled out, so-to-speak, into his body, pushing his hair out, leaving him as blue as can be!

    But Uncle Huck wasn't ashamed of his deformity, he used it - along with his dull humor - to rise above it all making a name for himself as a laid back dog-of-few-words but a mut of color. He even had his own comic book, so I was told.

    Mom showed me some pictures and played the song "Moon River", Uncle Huckleberry is mentioned in that song. He was a good friend of the guy who wrote it.

    Mom and I cried when we heard the song, especially the French horn part. Reminded me of how much I missed my Frenchys!

    Great to see you all again and I'll be visiting as much as Mom will allow, you know, she's still doing that going-green thing!

    PS. Oh! And we're making our pledge to Purina in September!

  • Oops!

    You know me, F&S, always talking about myself! I didn't even mention how beautiful Skylands looks in the pictures! And I agree, the ferns really are pretty hanging down like that. Ferns like hanging down, don't they?

  • Bpppupmrrrow. Dese is Mandy's mewsings fer today:

    Dere ISSS mrrrowy mrrruch to expwore at Skywands, Fwanniebwindle, and yes, mommieMartha is evwybunnie's wole model for home decorwating! Dose wittle cushions on da window seat and da terrace wook awfulwy comfiecozie! We kittiekitties wike to find a soft pwace ta way ourselves down on, too, just wike you 'n Sharkeybarkey. Sometimes, ya's just got ta take a wittle nappie to gain more energy for wunnin', 'n pwayin', 'n expworin' ('n gittin into mischief mainwy [I's still have my cwaws - need I mrrrow more?!)

    I is an indoor kittie, just wike Edgar was, but UNWIKE Edgar, I loves ta go outside! Nrrrow what I w-e-a-l-l-y wike ta do is weedle my wittle way thwu da scweendoor, j-u-u-u-st as that vacuum-tube-t'ing on it is twyin' ta close de door. I is 10 years old now, but I is quick! One day, mommie was uptairs, 'n she wooked out de window and saw a stwange kittiekittie in de backyard - she said she had to bwink 'er eyes a couple times ta see, 'n saw it was MRRREEE! I, of course, gave her a good wun awound da yard before I awwowed her to catch me. (Wemember when Edgar was mrrrowin' not wong ago 'bout mommie twyin' ta wemain calm in certain sitchiations? - well, DIS one was what he was mrrrowin' 'bout!) Bpppup, I'll hafta tell you, too, 'bout my wittle harness and weash...we'll save DAT fer anover time, otay?... (But) Fwanniefwenchie, Skywands ISSS a bootiful pwace ta wive or visit - inside AND out, 'n you-n-Sharkeybarkey should be pwoud of ALL yer wovewy homes. MommieMartha is a good mommie - you can tell how mrrrowy mrrruch she woves you two!

    Happy FewineFwiday evwybunnie! Tomorrow is Caturday...have yer wittle selves wots-n-wots of fun! 'Til next time...

    Yer bootiful spotted Mandygirl


  • Hi F&S,

    Shoeboy here...yes, again! Looks like I'm repeating myself. I think it's because I am really craving a Mello Yellow! I'm in withdrools! Anyway, I'm still sober but seeing double! One dog-day at a time!

  • Shoeboy - where the heck have you been? I was getting worried thought you were sick or something.

    Glad you're back.


  • Shoeboy-glad you are back--was it vacation? Give up the Mellow Yellows and go for Herbal Tea. My weakness is coffee and cream. Talk soon-glad you are back.
    Your buddy,

  • Hello Francesca and Sharkey!
    I just wanted to say how neat it is that you guys hang out in my home state! I live on the coast, in Rockland. Isn't Maine such a nice place? Very relaxing and full of fun things to sniff and chase. If you're ever in my area, I would love to give you a tour of my favorite spots.
    Happy tail wags!!

  • Hi Girl Friends, I just love it when you visit Skylands and talk about it and show beautiful photos here on your blog. I'm so glad you weren't there during the passing of Hurricane Bill. Who knows what might have happened. Hopefully you are safe wherever you are. Can't help worrying about my Girl Friends. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Hey Hey! Basil an Zoe!

    We were on a little vacation, yes. Mom's got me detoxing from all the soda pop! I've been really good and I'm using watermelon as a substitute. Ever try it? I eat it all the way down to the rind. Between you and me, I get really jealous of those @#%* chickens of Moms. They get grapes! I love grapes but they're bad for dogs, too.

    Also, Mom has this thing about going green. She uses the electricity less in the summer. She thinks every little bit helps.

    Thanks for missing me 'cause I missed you, too.

    PS. Basil, What's 'hairball tea'? Ha! :)

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