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This is a story of Hope. Hope was adopted by Robb Schwartz who is an Ad Sales Manager for Martha Stewart Living in the Chicago office. Robb and his wife adopted Hope from the Furry Friends Foundation in Chicago, IL when she was only 10 weeks old (she is now 5). Her breed is a pointer mix, we don't know why that call her a "pointer" - does anyone know?

This is what Rob had to say about Hope when we interviewed him.
"My wife and I volunteered for the Furry Friends Foundation which was a no-kill animal shelter in Chicago, IL. Our dog’s mother was rescued/pulled from a shelter in Virginia that unfortunately still uses the gas chamber to euthanize their dogs. On her way to Chicago we were informed she was pregnant and two weeks later a litter of 11 was born at the shelter. Our “Hope” was one of them! She is one of the best dogs we have ever had!"

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  • Nice to meet you Hope. I love the name Hope has special meaning. I am so happy you were saved and I am hopeful the other 10 puppies found good homes too. if I had one doggie wish I would wish for no more "KILL" shelters, that every animal found a good home.
    Wouldn't that be grand?

    Another happy ending, many times it isn't the case sometimes animals don't find loving homes & happy endings.

    Humans have other humans to take care of each other but animals in this over populated world only have us to depend on, we are their caretakers they depend on us, we just can't keep letting them down.

    Until next time,

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Hello Hope, it is a pleasure to meet you. It is always so good to hear stories like yours and how many people are adopting pets from shelters. I really don’t know anything about pointers except when my daddy points to the floor beside him, I know that I am to sit down there.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi Franny!

    This is a great story! You're really becoming the roaming reporter, huh? But is his name Rob or Robb? Ha! (I should make fun you? I can't even spell either! I still love you Franny...and I hope... oh yeah, Hope!) :)

    Hope is (just by the looks of the sweet pup) a complete "steal" form the shelter. Robb & Mrs Robb robbed a cutie and saved a life, too, huh? Bet they're in love, huh Franny?

    Oh, the sweet life for all!

  • Kudos to Robb and his wife for giving hope to that sweet dog "Hope"...it makes me sad to hear there are Kill Shelters still out there...sad indeed!
    Francey Pants thanks for sharing this success story with us...

  • Hope is beautiful (love her ears!) and her story is just as beautiful as she is. It's wonderful and comforting to know that Hope is loved and is sharing her love with some pretty remarkable people.
    Have a "paw"fect day!!
    XOXO Maggie, Jimmy and Tommy Dagger
    (3 Beagle Rescues)

  • I can't wait to meet Hope and her family.

    Winston Beres

  • Hello Friends,

    Hope, it is so nice to meet you. You are beautiful and look quite happy in your home.

    Rescue animals, like myself, are truly wonderful enhancements to any family. I am always happy to read when one of my fellow furry friends gets adopted by a wonderful family and lives happily ever after.

    Let's continue to spread Francesca and Sharkey's message until all animals find warm, loving, and fun-filled places to live!

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Hi Sweeties,
    It was great to hear about your friend Hope and Robb Schwartz and his wife who adopted her. She is adorable with her floppy ears and it looks like she has blue eyes. My son's husky had one blue eye and a big nose that I loved to kiss. I just luv wet noses! It is so nice to hear about animals that have been saved from an awful fate and I pray every day that all animals will be taken care of by loving families. It is the way it should be. Thanks for this blog Franny & Sharkey too. Keep them coming!

  • Hello Hope and Francesca: Hope, your story is like mine. The beagle rescue took my birth mother (Sierra) from a pound in Virginia too. I was one of a litter of 6. Three boys and 3 girls. Thank goodness mom was placed in a wonderful foster home and she was able to bring forth healthy and fat little ones. My forever mom has not been feeling well this past week so it meant that I could not write on the blog, but I'm back again. All I can say is that all animal shelters should be NO KILL shelters. Francesca, like your mom said: It's a good thing! Well must go now. Take care Hope. Love, Gracyn.

  • Hope, It is nice to meet you. My step-doggie brother came from a kill shelter and I am so glad he came to live with us. Not all animals have such a happy ending and I am glad yours did. Hello to Francesca and Sharkey. Love, Frasier

  • I agree with Mrs Bosley ChowChow - the name/word Hope DOES have special meaning! How befitting, too, that little Hope was given this name! Any story of a happy adoption does lend hope to the animal's life...if they could talk, can you imagine just what they'd say?!

    Euthanization by an injection is hard enough for my mind to endure - whether it be a sick or elderly animal or a HEALTHY one, but a GAS CHAMBER?! Oh, I cannont EVEN imagine this awful scenario in my mind! Are dogs and cats walking around, or playing in a room, annnd...they're suffocated, basically?! (I know the answer is 'yes'!)

    Thank the Lord for people like Robb and his wife for opening up their heart and home to little Hope. May she have a long, fulfilling and loving life, and enhance their own for manymany more years to come.


  • Hi Girl Friends, Thanks for this great blog about sweet little Hope. She is one more lucky dog who was saved from an uncertain future. I just love that and wish it would happen to all animals-that they would be saved and live happily ever after. A pointer, my Mom told me, is a dog that is trained or knows how to point out pheasants or other birds people go hunting for. They point to where the bird is and stay in the pointing position waiting for the hunter to come. I don't think Hope does that because she looks too kind. Hey Gracyn, glad to hear your Mom is feeling better. Take care everyone. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxoxoxo

  • Franny - Igor here, I loved hearing about Hope. I too was rescused by my mom from a puppy mill. I spent the first 7 months of my life in a cage because I am missing a couple of toes. My mom calls it the "craw".

    Anyway, I wnated to just tell you that a Pointer is called that because they are hunters. When they find pheasant or rabbits in the woods, they stand very still and "point" thier bodies and noses telling the hunter where the prey is. I like Pointers who don't hunt cuz I am a lover, not a killer.

    Love your work ~ new fan. Can I send you photos?

  • I am facing the choice of hospice or euthanizing my 11 year old ridgeback who was just diagnosed with cancer. We have started prednisone, an anti acid and an antibiotic, but know it is only a matter of time. I am semi torn on how to best help her through this last phase of life. Do you wonder why its "humane" to euthanize canines or felines,but not humans? In the past, I have done both, each with its set of challenges. How do you help your beloved pals? Thank you and may your day be much better than ours.

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