New friends on the farm!

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A couple of weeks ago, Martha received a phone call asking if she would be interested in adopting three Pomeranian geese.  Apparently, their owners could no longer care for them.  Pomeranian is an ancient breed of goose, brought to this country by early German settlers.  Martha said she had some room next to the chicken coops and that she would be happy to take these geese in.  We decided to go and investigate.

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Sharkey, have you been hearing about the arrival of some new geese down at the coops?

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  • I bet the way you can tell the female from the males is that the females never stop yakking ta he he!(laugh) seriously such pretty geese but I don't think they are warming up to you two do you?
    Is Martha going to name the geese or do you get to do the honors?

    Happy weekend
    Until next time

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • F & S
    It's a good thing your mom has them in a pen because those geese sure do poop a lot. We have Canadian Geese coming around our house and they sure do make a mess. Oh and trust me, they don't like Frenchie's. I was out with mom one day and we got too close and one of those big suckers came running at me, hissing with its tongue out - not a pretty sight. That was very nice of Martha to give those geese a home.

    Well the weekend is here and my mom plans to start canning tomatoes. I'll be busy in the kitchen also, I'm in charge of eating anything that drops on the floor.

    Dad has a job to do also this weekend. He has to trap the 3 big ground hogs that are living under our front porch. He is going to take them over to the golf course and set them free, mom says they are causing too much damage. I was trying to attack the big one thru the fence, he was bigger than me!!

    Well have a nice weekend, hope you get to spend time with Martha.


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Donkeys, cats, chickens, and now geese; you two really are lucky to be living on a farm. I really enjoy it when we visit a farm. There are so many smells to investigate it keeps me busy for hours. Until those geese get to know you, please keep your desistance. They can really move fast when they want to. You two have a good weekend, I know I will have one.
    Catch you later Kirby.

  • My what a nice looking trio of geese. It's nice that they have found a new home.

    To all my fellow bloggers have a nice week-end.

    A big "hi" to Mandy and her mommie...

  • alright now were talking good Goose! mommie delia was telling us a story about these geese when she was a little girl in Germany during the war...there was an air raid, hundreds of bombers humming in the sky, her mutti was calling her to come to the celler, but she could not come as the geese had surrounded her for the piece of stale bread she held in her hand...the geese where almost as tall as delia, so she was afraid to move with them pecking at her...her mutti came and grabbed her and quickly ran for protection to the potato celler from the bombing. In Germany Goose is a Xmas dinner and the fat called 'schmaltz' it's yummy and treasured for eating on bread or cooked with.
    you two pups looked like if not on the leash would have tried making a meal out of those Pomeranians. Tell your mom Martha that was nice to give them a home...delia did this when we lived in Missouri, someone gave her ducks and geese, but the neighbors hybrid wolves killed them...mommie delia cried.

  • Good morning Francesca and Sharkey: Wow! Those geese sure are pretty. Did they turn around after you backed them in a corner and chase you?? Oh, I could have such fun running and running away from them and then they would run when I chased after them. But, it's too hot here on the Crystal Coast of NC to run after anything at all, even paper bags.

    Miss Cindy and Mandy - Mom, Dad and I hope you are feeling better today.

    Ya know, I might just like the Spa treatment that mom and dad are planning for me on Saturday morning at the PetSmart. I promised them I would be nice to all the ladies there. Mom said if I behave well, she will give me 2 snacks when we get home. Can you believe it? 2 snacks - okay, so how about 4??? Oh all right, I stick with just 2. Have a great weekend. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • Good Morning Girls,
    Donkeys, horses, geese, oh my!!!! What fun to live on a farm. How nice of Martha to adopt the geese. They don't look too excited to be meeting the two of you. You were very nice to welcome them to the farm however. Hope you girls and Martha get some quality time in this weekend. Zoe, it sounds like fun eating any tomatoes when your mom does her canning. All we have now here in Lakewood, Colorado is sticks in our garden after a big hail storm a couple weeks ago. Probably no canning this year. Have a great weekend all.
    Love & licks,

  • Do the geese have names? Since they're frightened and huddled in a corner, why don't you make some geese cupcakes for them? Would you make a few for me while you're at it (not the geese kind, of course)? Kiss Martha for me, Francesca. I'm off to chase the cat's tail...

  • Hello Friends,

    The geese are beautiful! How exciting to have new friends at your home to share all the love. You both are truly blessed to have such a wonderful place to run and invite so many of our fellow animals in!

    Maybe a party to welcome the geese would be a fun event to plan. You two are such wonderful hostesses and I'm sure Martha has a litany of geese treats that you ladies could make. I'm sorry I'm in California to miss all the fun!

    Have a wonderful weekend with your new friends. Talk to you next week.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Hi Sweeties,
    What fun you two must have on the farm and now you have a trio of geese to tease. Be careful though if they happen to get out of their pen! That's a pretty big pen by the way; it looks like Martha made sure they have plenty of room to move around in. She's a great and caring momma isn't she? Well, if you get to choose names for your new farm mates, please let us know your choices, okay? Have a super weekend too!

  • Hiya Fellow Frog Dogs!

    How are the new geese on the block? I am sure they are happy not to be on the chopping block,.... so nice for your mom to take them in. Does she have any plans for them at Christmas time?

    I love to chase birds of all kinds, including geese. I just know I need to be careful because those beaks sure can bite!

    Have a wonderful weekend on the farm.



  • It's so exciting to check out new animals. Being a Golden Retriever, I would like nothing better than chase the geese! Looks you the two of you have some good herding skills, being able to back them into the corner.
    Have fun,

  • These geese are pretty little girls and boys - yes, just as pretty as you two, I'm afraid (in my humble opinion, of course...) [giggle] What a nice addition to mommieMartha's farm! I am especially fond of waterfowl, being a birdwatcher-n-all. (Yes, I talk like Edgar - once in awhile). It was neat for me to learn about this breed of geese - being 'saddlebacks', etc. They'll be good 'watchdogs', too, there at the farm, just in case you two little darlings get sleepy while protecting the homestead.

    Little Gracyn (and mom-n-dad), Mandy, her daddy, and I...we're doing okay - just okay, though. We miss our boy - it was a week ago just yesterday... We know that time will help us to heal (but NEVER forget...) Hope you enjoy your little spa treatment, honey, and if mommie wasn't watching, I'd slip you another treat! Thank you for asking about us, okay sweetheart?

    Mandy wanted to 'mrrrow' to Maureen, too, so here she is: 'Mrrrow, Mauween' (Mandy talks juuust like Edgar used to [it runs in the family, I guess] ). ' T'ank you fer stoppin' by Fwannie-n-Sharkey's bwog to say hi ta dem 'n me. You have a nice weekend, talkin' to ya', otay? Bpppup.' (I am going to have to explain the 'bpppup' sometime for those of you who don't understand a cat's language.)

    To Malcolm, Mandy also wanted to say: 'Pwease go easy on yer kittie's talewa...we kitties are funny wif our talewas! Dey are NOT ta be touched unwess dey are stwaight up in de air. If you see it fwickin' awound fwom side ta side, DO NOT TOUCH unwess you wanna git thumped! Wemember what Edgar said? Our wittle forearms are mighty, and we will thump you acwoss yer wittle nose wifout bwinking one eyeball...dat's just how we's are!'

    Well, alrightey then...I think she got her point across! How 'bout it?!

    Happy Feline Friday all!


  • If any would like to see my beautiful Edgar's picture, you can view him on my Twitter home page. He is my background photo, so I can see him each and every day and remain close. You can find me under my real name, or catwhisperer17.

    My intention is not to promote myself - only to just share my beautiful boy with you. He was just so sweet - you have no idea!


  • Isn’t it amazing a new animal is brought into a home how the symmetry of the kingdom is off whack? I caught a feral cat that had to stay in a carrier outside the first night. She let out a howl that had the whole neighborhood displeased. The horses whinnied, the dog begins to bark and then the neighbor’s ducks got into a honking issue about the new guest too. Laura Hall

  • Hi Girl Friends, I just love your blog because I learn something new all the time. I have never seen geese before and I sure wish I lived on your farm so I could see and do all of the fun things that you two do. It looks like the geese are kind of afraid of you. I'll bet they will be happy to stay in the beautiful pen that Martha provided for them. Maybe if you are patient with them, they will learn to accept you as friends. Take care and be kind. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

  • Hey Martha!

    My name is Coco. I am a 11 week old French Bulldog. I admire your children although I do not behave like they do yet. I do not think my mommy would let me sit at the formal dinner table yet. Why do I like to chew on everything esp. any type of expensive woven rug? What worked for you and your children to get out of this chewing phase? I really don't like to get in trouble. I look alot like Sharkey! Talk to you soon, Coco

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