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Posted by Francesca

As part of OUR pledge to help dogs in need, we want to use our star power to bring attention to the fact that many employees of Martha’s company have helped out our kind (and even cats) by taking in animals in need. We thought it would be great to tell you some of their stories! This friend of ours was rescued by Tressa, a food intern at Martha Stewart Living magazine. She adopted Sky ( a Weimaraner) in March 2009 from the DC Area Weimaraner Rescue. Sky is 3 years old. We are very impressed that Sky behaves so well when she gets bathed, because bathing is not one of our favorite pastimes.

Here is what Tressa had to say about Sky when we interviewed her.
"We only rescued Sky in March, but now we can't imagine life without her. We don’t know much about her life before she came to live with us, except that she came from a family in Ohio who could not care for her and that she’s had a litter of puppies. Sky loves to go on long runs, sit in her corner of the couch, and burrow under the covers in the mornings. She is also a pro at counter-surfing when we are not watching. I intern in the food department and my boyfriend is a chef, so we're pretty sure Sky is the best fed dog in all of Brooklyn. She’s a connoisseur of local raw eggs and frozen peas!"

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Isn't she sweet?

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  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    It is a pleasure to meet you Sky. Thanks to Tressa for sharing your story. When you talk about a “bath” you do mean water don’t you? I really don’t like to get wet, but I put up with the bath so that my mommy feels better. It does make me feel better too, but I don’t want her to know that. Just may get more baths if she only knew. I like the brushing afterwards best of all.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • F & S
    Sky is a really pretty dog, almost as cute as me.

    My mom and dad adopted my brother T-Bone who was only 10 weeks old only from a shelter in Lancaster, PA. She found his picture on a website a few nights after her big black lab Bear died, mom was heartbroken. She made my dad drive her 2 hours very early the next morning so she could get there as soon as the shelter opened. He is a Lab mix- big ole boy. Like mom says, love at first sight. T-Bone will be 7 next month. I have a birthday this month I'll be 4.

    T-Bone is the only male out of the 4 dogs that live in our house. He likes to think that he is the pack leader - NOT. They all know I call the shots in this house ;)

    Have a good day

  • Tressa, Thank You for adopting that beautiful Weimaraner, Sky...what a beauty! one of my favorite dogs. Looks like Sky has a loving home...

  • Hello Ladies,
    It is so nice of you to be getting out and doing these interviews. And very nice to hear positive stories. I bet when Martha gets back to work on September 14th you both will have lots more interviews. My Mom is hoping that Martha gets brought back to regular day time in Colorado. They took her off the network and put this goofy Bonnie Hunt Show on instead, and Martha is on at 3 in the morning on cable. We feel lost without her. I had some more blood tests done yesterday, but my new medicine seems to be really working. I am stronger by the day. Have a great day all!!
    Love & licks,

  • Good mroning everyone: Basil, I'm so very happy that you are feeling much better. Good medicine and good moms make all the difference, huh? Welcome Sky. You are very pretty and you like baths too? Too bad you could'nt come over and play in my big fenced-in back yard. We would have a lot of fun with all my toys too.

    It is very hot today and it rained terribly yesterday afternoon. Sky, I guess we better wait till it gets alot cooler before we run in my yard.

    Miss Cindy - We all hope you are feeling much better today. Say hello to Mandy for me cause I'm very good to kitties. Well, time for a mid-morning nap and a snack. See you all later. Love, Gracyn

  • Hello Friends,

    Sky is beautiful, as you two are. What a pleasure to meet her. She looks very happy in her home. Sky, I like to sit on the couch too!

    Francesca and Sharkey, you two are doing a wonderful thing for animals, not to mention people, everywhere. With you celebrity, you are helping people find animals to love. What a gift!

    Talk to you tomorrow.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Hello Sky, Nice to meet you.

    You are so beautiful and look very healthy. I am happy you have a new home sounds like life is good for you now.
    So happy for you and for your new humans they are so lucky as you are to find each other.
    I love happy endings yes I am a romantic Chow Chow!

    My Mama has a friend named Andrea who has six doggies that look just like you, they are senior doggies but still fantastic companions for her friend. Do you know of them? They are mascots for National Cancer Society for Animals located in Norton, MA?

    Sharkey & Franny keep up the great work with your interviews you are the hardest working bull dogs I have come across!

    Enjoy your day.

    Until next time,
    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

    P.S I love to have a bath and spend a day with the groomers, I have had the same groomer since I was a puppy now I am going on 14 years old. I get to eat with my groomer and play while she baths the smaller doggies. It is getting harder for me to lay down so long so she lets me out of my hold pin while she works yahoo!

  • I want to say that I think your story with adopting Sky was an excellent one. She is an absolute sweet heart! I know you live in Brooklyn, I am located in Kansas recently my fiance and I adopted two dogs that were abandoned. One happened to be dropped off at a bridge with a bowl of food and water and the other was running aimlessly around. There is a certain feeling you get when you adopt an animal that you can't really explain. It makes me think in the future I will continue to adopt lost or abandoned animals!!! Great Story! I hope that there are more posts with similar stories!

  • Bpppup. Hi, Fwannie! Hi, Sharkey! Dis is Mandy mrrrowing today. Wemember Edgar? He was my big brofur!

    (Pwease awwow me to spwain da 'bpppup', otay?) See, I'm a kittiekittie dat doesn't talk a whole wot - instead, I make dis wittle warble sound dat sometimes ends up in a wittle mrrrow, but dat doesn't happen too awfulwy often. To help you git da gist of it, do dis: bweathe out and make yer wips vibwate at da same time; twy to hum a wittle tune at da same time 'n make it high-pitched (but make it sound wike a question - you know, wif an up-turn on de end)...dat should give you an idea of how I sound. Otay. Now dat you got de idea, you can begin to understand me better. I don't mrrrow mrrruch - just 'bpppup' mostwy. I do purrr fwom time to time, tho'...

    Otay, now dat we got dat outta da way...

    It was mrrrowy nice to meet you today, Sky. Mommie says God bwess your mommie Twessa fer adoptin' you 'n giving you wots of wuv and a secure home. I know dat I got it good and am spoiled-n-all... Mommie dotes over me all da time, 'n I could care wess most of da time...she's all mushiegushie over me 'n I just wanna wun away fwom all dat. I don't have da time fer all dat - I got too mrrruch ta git into! What I'm twyin' ta basicwy say is, WET yer mommie care fer you 'n give you dose awful baths-n-all - she's showing you she wuvs you, 'n if she wants to hug you fwom time ta time, WET her. Dats how our purrsons show wuv. Bpppup...guess I should take some of my own medicine, how 'bout it? (I got mews for mommie, tho'! Dere is NOOO way on earf dat I is gonna way on her wap wike Edgar mrrrowy way!)

    Mommie is gwad to hear dat Basil's feelwing mrrruch better and dat his wittle medicines are helping him. Mommie is ALWAYS gwad to hear evwybunnie's bootiful voices - each 'n evwy day! Oh, and I hafta say mrrrow to Gwacyn, too! Bpppup. I'm gwad you is nice to us kittiekitties!

    Mommie weminded me to not fergit to mrrrow da fowwowing:
    Happy Purrsday evwybunnie!

    Edgar's wittle sisfur (and yer good fwiend, too),

    (Edgar went to Heaven 2 weeks ago this verwy day!)

  • Hi Girl Friends, Thank you so much for introducing us to your new friend, Sky. WOW, she sure is a beauty! Even thought she is bigger than all three of us, I'm sure she would be a great playmate. I sure would love to meet her and maybe we could all have fun together. Thank you Tressa for adopting beautiful Sky. I'm sure you will have a fabulous life together. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxoxo

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