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Posted by Francesca

We know a little bit about getting our paws dirty and now we are asking you to do the same. Although you don’t really have to get dirty…you just have to pledge to help out at a local animal shelter or help create awareness of shelter pets. When you do, Purina ONE will make a donation of $5 up to $500,000 towards pets in need. As part of OUR pledge to help, we want to use our star power to bring attention to the fact that many employees of Martha's company have helped out our kind (and even cats) by taking in animals in need. We thought it would be great to tell you some of their stories!

This nice story comes from Amy Faltin, Advertising Assistant at Body+Soul Magazine. She saved our friend Luna in April of 2005.


"Four years ago, a coworker of mine at the time had a roommate that worked for the SPCA in NH. She had heard about a litter of 8 puppies in Georgia that were found abandoned in the streets, in need of shelter and all suffering from bad cases of worms (among other ailments). The shelter they were brought to was overwrought with animals and the puppies were in danger of being put down, so the two girls drove down in their pick-up truck and rescued all 8. When they weren't snuggling in the bathtub, the pups were corralled in their kitchen, waiting for adoption and getting nursed back to good health. I stopped by one night after work and met the love of my life, the runt of the litter--a tiny, floppy eared, black and white spotted pup with one bright, blue eye. Once I picked her up, and she wrapped her little paws around my neck, I couldn't let her go. I adopted her the next morning, and she's been my best friend ever since!"

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  • Wasn't Luna lucky to find Amy and Amy her? This short story brought tears to my Mama's eyes such a happy ending for this dog. I love happy endings we need all happy endings don't we? Our companions are our best friends and our family too.I hope Luna's brothers and sisters found good homes too.

    Thank you for sharing this story Franny & Sharkey makes me SO happy.

    I hope you gals got to go to Skylands with Mama this weekend did she invite you along for her next adventure?

    Until next time

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow from California!

  • Good Morning Girls
    Luna is such a cutie and what a nice story.

    My mom gave a donation at the Bemyhero website, she just loves animals. She always supports the Humane Society buying her Christmas Cards from them and they are always selling t-shirts and hats. The proceeds go to helping the animals, such a good cause. I have a good mom :)


  • Hello Francesca and Sharkey: Hello to Luna too. It is good to find that special person who will give us a "forever home" and treat us very special. Some people don't think of us as worthy of being treated good and kind.

    My mommie told me about a puppy she named Heidi, who at 4 months had distemper and was starving. She said Heidi's hip bones stuck out like sharp needles (found her at the pound on a military base in Albany, Georgia). Momma took her home and to the Vet and even he told her that it would be best to euthanize her. Momma would not do this and gave Heidi special nutrient-rich food and baths and more Vet care. Sure enough, Heidi got all better and lived 10 more years-all in the best of health. Heidi passed away from a blood clot after dental surgery. Momma did this for my grandpa cats too and they lived almost forever (18 and 20 years).

    This is why special people should go and rescue little pups and grown pups. The world would be so much better. By the way, about the bath I was expecting, mom and dad will take me to PetSmart on Saturday morning for a spa treat! Well, see ya later, it's time for a snack. Love Gracyn.

  • Hello Ladies,
    Such a heart warming story you posted today Francesca. Luna and Amy are very lucky to have found each other. My entire family supports rescues and animals in need. I think it is wonderful girls, through your stardom that you are helping make others aware and contribute to our friends in need. My mom is gearing up now for her annual production of dog biscuits, that she donates all the money to no kill shelters. Did I ever tell you that her business is named after Tasha and myself? It is called Danciang Dogs' Artful Creations. You see when she quit working outside the home and came home Tasha and I started dancing we were so happy. That was five years ago and she has made thousands of hand made things since then. She mainly makes all occassion cards and knits items. But as a side to her annual sale she started the dog biscuits and has a following I must say--Bananna, Carrot, Pumpkin--yumm! We can hardly wait for the ovens to get started. Have a great day all!!
    Love & licks,


    Welcome Luna! You got any tics? Ha! Get it? Luna tic? Oh, don't mind me, Shoeboy's my name...yeah, like paw-in-mouth! But I understand the reality of our homeless friends. I, too, was homeless but love finally found me! Thank goD!

    We're going to make our pledge next month. Mom has the agenda to her budget and I'm hoping she'll adopt me a little sister!

    Always nice to chat with you F&S and so happy for you and the new arrival!

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    I’m really pleased that you would use your position to get the word out about the many animals which are in shelters awaiting adoption. You have presented just one of thousands of heart warming stories which are taking place around this country each day. It’s so sad when I hear of an animal not being adopted. There are many animals just waiting to meet their own special person. I’m so glad that I have my “special” person even though I wasn’t in a shelter. Thanks for sharing this story with us.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Hi Frannie and Sharkey,

    We are three lucky cats that were adopted from Kate and Me Cat Rescue in Newmarket, Ontario. Our Mom adopted Bella first, after her beloved cat of 18.5 years passed away. That was three years ago and Mom has been volunteering ever since that time. Sweetie was adoped next - she was the tiniest cat of a litter who was getting pretty weak and sad because all of her litter mates had found homes. Finally Beau adopted Mom - he took one look at her, jumped into her arms and refused to be put back in his cage, so he came to join the family.

    We are all very happy and very loved and are so very happy that you girls and Martha are working so hard to bring the topic of adoption into everyone's minds.

    Love and kisses,
    Bella, Sweetie and Beau

  • Oh BTW F&S,

    Mom has a little going-green-thing going. This time of year when the heat has put such a strain on things she likes to do a little unplugging for awhile. She shuts down the A/C the TV, and The Daily Wags PC will also be affected...;( But she's the boss so I have to listen. She thinks she'll start a trend where others will keep off the grid as much as possible during these hottest days of summer. After all, we just play here on the's not like with your mom who uses the internet for her business.

    I'll miss you both but I'll come back and let you know how our fall garden is doing. Our tomatoes are three inches high. Lots of work ahead of us out there in the dirt!

    See you soon,

    Love, Shoeboy

  • Hello Friends,

    Thank you for sharing Luna's story. As you know, I, too, am a rescue dog and my Mom is grateful everyday that she found me. Luna's Mom is too! Afterall, Luna looks pretty extraordinary from her photo.

    I am so glad you both are using your celebrity for the good of animal kind. The bond between a family and its pet is strong, enduring, and always mutually beneficial. I am fully supportive of all your efforts to increase awareness about the joys of adopting and rescuing a pet!

    Great work my friends! Keep it up!

    Fisher Jimmy

  • What a heartwarming story, girls! It looks like your friend Luna likes to run and play, just like you puppiedoggies! Aw, isn't it just wonderful that Luna's purrson found her and made that special connection?! That must've happened, too, when mommieMartha brought each of you home!

    My Edgar and Mandy came from our local SPCA shelter!...their dad picked them out when they were babykitties! Little Edgar was NAMED Edgar, because his head was much larger than his body, and his dad tho't he looked like EdgarAllenPoe (and that would've been 18 years ago this very month!) Mandy is calico and mainly white-based, with black and tan spotting on the top of her back and on some of her legs...I can only IMAGINE how adorable she was, in miniature of her current spotted little self!

    I KNOW that mommieMartha is probably helping with your endeavors to create this awareness - I know it's near and dear to her heart. It is a wonderful cause, girls, and gee whiz, USE your stardom in any way that you can, to help spread the word! I stand behind you - all the way!

    Oh, and happy Purrsday, everyone!


  • when you have loving hearts which includes Martha’s company, and that of Amy Faltin who opened her heart to Luna, it makes you realize that there are good people in the world, and that good things can happen for those poor animals left behind. I pray that someday we will end irresponsible breeding/overpopulation and neglected pets, holding human beings responsible for their that all animals have a fair chance in life.
    Thank You Purina ONE for doing your part. God Bless!

  • What a beauty! No wonder she got Amy's heart. I am a big fan of Purina also. Francesca, you & Sharkey are so kind to animals. We're lucky to have such big-hearted people & dogs looking out for shelters. It makes all the difference.
    4 paws to you!

  • What a nice post today. Just looking at Luna's picture makes me feel happy.

  • Hi Girl Friends, Thank you for sharing this wonderful story about your new friend, Luna. She is one lucky dog just like I am. If it wasn't for the terrific rescuers, where would we be? I don't even like to think about it because I am truly happy where I am and I am sure Luna and all of the other rescued pets feel the same way. Now if we can just get more people to care enough to rescue more animals or at least help with rescue orgainzations, the world would be a much better place.

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