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As part of our pledge to help animals in need, we want to use our star power to bring attention to the fact that many employees of Martha’s company have helped out our kind (and even cats) by taking in animals in need. We thought it would be great to tell you some of their stories! This sweet little kitty cat (Yes, we do like some cats) was adopted by Sarah Rutledge Gorman, managing editor, special projects group.  Dot is a 5 years old mixed breed cat who was adopted in March 2006 from The Artemis Project/Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital in New York City.



This is what Sarah told us about her kitty: "I originally contacted The Artemis Project about another cat, but the adoption coordinator asked if I would be willing to meet Dot, an almost-2-year-old who had been adopted as a kitten but returned after a few months because she did not get along with the other cat in the house. She had been a free-roaming cat at a vet's office for more than a year, and had gotten used to the life (and was often caught with her head in the dog-treat jar). When I first met Dot, she yawned and rubbed her face, then proceeded to ignore me for an hour--except to give me a head bump. The staff at the vet's office was delighted; apparently she hadn't ever been that nice to anyone.

I went back a few days later and lured her onto my lap with a treat. I was packing my apartment to move in a few weeks, so I arranged for Dot to stay at the office until I was settled in my new place. I visited her every other day, and by the end of the second week she recognized me; by the third, she was coming when I called and meowing if I petted the other cats. The day I arrived to take her home, she climbed into her carrier with no struggle, and she made herself right at home in the first five minutes. Dot is soft as a rabbit, a big fat lap cat who likes to wrap her paws around my shoulders and "hug." She recently got a dog brother, and although she gave him a hard time at first, she likes to curl up against his legs and groom his ears. And she still eats dog treats."

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  • Awwwwww! I am a sucker for happy endings, so HAPPY to hear Dot found a good home. Hi Dot.
    I think in many ways Chows are like a big cat, we share many of the same characteristics.

    To Sharkey & Franny I saw you and your Mama on the cover of a magazine yesterday the Fall issue of Doggie Aicionado, lots of nice photos of you gals .I told you your celebs now diva doggies~

    Until next time,
    Be good.

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Very pleased to meet you Dot. It’s so good to hear that you have such a nice home now. I do have to let you in on a little secret, cat’s are for chasing. Well that’s what I have learned by watching mom chase the cats away from the bird feeders. Stop by sometimes and you and I will have a run around the yard a couple times. Dot, that was a joke but I see you are not laughing.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • How could you not fall in love with Dot? Her picture says so much about her! She was destined to be with you, Sarah, so enjoy her and love her. What a great story!!!!


  • sweeet Sarah a Big purrring rub from me "Kitty" and a hug from "mommie delia" for saving this gorgeous Puddytad relative 'Dot' (hey, I got a dot on my nose too Sahra, you can see it here, lots of new images.)

  • OH MY GOODNESS, Dot is a BEAUTIFUL little girl! What a beautiful little face! My heart has already melted into a puddle! I could envision all the scenarios of Sarah's story - the aloofness, then the eventual recognition when she called Dot's name. How precious that these two found each other! (And) what can add more humor and lightheartedness to a household than a dog-treat-eating kittiekittie?!! [giggle]

    Now, Sarah's life is 'complete' - having a kc AND a of each!

    Life is good, isn't it?!


  • Hi Girl Friends, It's so nice to meet your friend Dot. I love cats and she is beautiful and I would love to play with her. Be sure to thank your friend Sarah for being kind and caring enough to take Dot home to live with her. I would love to meet Sarah's new dog, and play with him. Hope you girls are having fun. Love, Dudley Do Right xoxoxoxo

  • That is one lucky cat! Living a dog's life without have to do tricks!


  • Hi F&S!

    The growing 'Daily Wag' has become a hand reaching out to those less fortunate. For a couple of dogs you make great humanitarians!

    Love Dot and her story! Ever since our dear Edgar ( and I miss him a lot) taught me that cats are cool - 'Happy Tuna Tuesday' and all of his wonderful quotes - I've reevaluated my relationship with the felines. Yup, Dot's a cool cat. Any cat who'd stick his head into the dog treat jar is a cat worth adopting! The cat has guts, you know?

    Keep up the good work girls! And hi! to Dr. Pia and little Pickles AKA SP or BG...Hee hee! :)

  • Since my Edgar would assist me from time to time as well on Twitter (I joined Twitter thanks to our beloved mommieMartha), he and I learned a thing or two from all our anipals. We then taught Mandy, too, so I'll clue you in, Shoeboy, as to the key phrases that you may hear for each day of the week.

    Here goes...(you're gonna love it! - they're too darned cute to not make you smile!)

    Meow Monday
    Tuna Tuesday/Turkey Tuesday/Treat Tuesday
    Woof Wednesday (for the puppiedoggies)
    Feline Friday
    (Sunday's saying?)

    Well, I didn't learn any Sunday sayings...Sunday is the Lord's day - a day meant for rest.

    Happy Feline Friday, Shoeboy!

    (Twitter: catwhisperer17)

  • Dot and I thank you for your kind comments! My husband says that the photo is not realistic because she looks so little. She is one big girl...

    Happy weekend to everyone and their furry friends.

  • Hi sweetie Mandy!

    Shoeboy here! I just wanna say thanks for cluing me in on Edgar's 'wittle' sayings.

    They really are fun. Makes me think of a few myself..."Mello Yello Monday", for one! Ha! (Love my soda...or used to.)

    Ah...but I think you've got the Top Cat slot in the CATagory of weekday-naming, so I'll just prance over here to the side and let you have the show.

    I'm really learning some manners with the felines. I'm so proud of myself. Yeah, but I still talk about myself all the time...Mom and me are working on it. Dr. Pia can help, too. I need all the help I can get!

    So thanks again, Mandy (and Mother Cindy) for "...just another 'Mandy' Monday!" Ha! :)

  • I work with the Artemis Project and I have to say that it is wonderful to see Dot and Sarah's story here!

    I have fond memories of working at the veterinary hospital and spending much time with Dot as she lounged around or curled up for naps in her favorite spots. One of those spots was a box of shoes. We always had a good laugh about that.

    When we said a fond farewell to Dot, one of the girls at the vet hospital even baked a Farewell Dot cake and decorated it with a Dot face on top. Lots of cats came to the party. They all got catnip cigars (and catnip bananas) while we ate cake.
    A good time was had by all!

    If you want to meet any of our cats our learn more about us, please visit .

  • Pumpkin says 'hi' from heaven.

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