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Posted by Francesca

I couldn't find Sharkey the other day and I was getting a little concerned.  I thought I found her, but something wasn't quite right.  Then things got a little crazy.  Take a look at this!

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OMG!!!! Sharkey, what happened to you? Are you feeling a little down?

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  • Silly, silly Franny but so cute. You have a good sense of doggie humor.

    Have a wonderful Woof Wednesday

    Until next time

    Mrs. Bosley Chow Chow

  • Way to go Franny - CHEW CHEW CHEW :)

  • I wasn't finished with my blog, I'm on mom's lap and hit the keyboard. See I really do sit on her lap and read/respond to your blog.

    Who was that playing tricks on you? Sharkey???

    Mom had a smile on her face looking at your pictures this morning, she always says that Frenchie's are just the cutest little things - I agree.

    Another hot one here in South Jersey yesterday, I think I'm ready for fall - this heat is too much for me. I love to lay and sun on the deck but it's way to hot. I helped mom pick cucumbers last night in the garden, I got to much on a few cherry tomatoes that fell to the ground, I love them - very yummy.

    Well Franny and Sharkey have a nice day.


  • Hello ladies, Kirby here.
    Will the real Sharkey please stand up. I’ll bet Sharkey was hiding somewhere watching you and laughing. I agree that sticking the tongue out is not nice; but hay, that’s what dogs do.
    Catch you later, Kirby.

  • Who is playing tricks on you Franny? But you showed them in the end. I was looking at the new Living Magazine with Mom yesterday and saw Sharkey's photo. How beauuutiful you looked Sharkey. It must have been taken when Franny was sick, as she was no where to be found. Have a fun day, and you trick Sharkey next time, Franny.
    Love & licks,

  • But Franny, where is my beloved Sharkey? Are you sure someone didn't throw magic water on her, melting her into one of the photos? Are you sure all of the photos aren't melted dog friends of Sharkey's? Where is Sharkey?

  • Very cute, Frannie!

    Where are those cute pictures from?

  • Hi Sweeties,
    One little Sharkey, two little Sharkeys, no little Sharkeys. Btw Franny, how did she taste? Yeah, someone played a cute trick on you alright but you're too smart for tricks! Did you ever wonder how long your human friends stay up at night thinking these clever things up? You have to admit, they are pretty clever but still not quick enough for you, eh? Okay, now I’m going to get mushy because you two are just the cutest little Frenchies. Franny, I really love your expression in photo #7 and I wish I could kiss you right on your little nose. Stay cool gals and I’ll catch you later.

  • Hello Friends,

    Francesca, you are so adorable. Did you make the paper dogs of your sister Sharkey? What a funny trick you pulled on me. I almost thought Sharkey was really lost.

    I can't really play fun games like that with my kitty sister. All she really likes to do is chase me around the house. I pretend I'm scared, but I'm really not. I let her think she is the boss. However, we all know that I rule the roost!

    Talk to you tomorrow.

    Fisher Jimmy

  • Oh, Frannie, I just want to scoop you up in my arms and hug you! - you are soooo dear! Somebody WAS playing tricks on you, weren't they?! You have to admit, though, that the little Sharkeys on the floor were awful cute, especially the one with the little pink tongue!

    Awww...poor confused little girl!...


  • Wow Franny, picture #7 reminds me never to get on your bad side. EVER! :lol:

  • Hello everyone: Oops! I was late getting my mom to the computer. Sorrrrrry. Francesca, what happened to Sharkey? She's flatter than a pancake and she shrunk too. Oh no, I hope she doesn't stay that way.

    It's very hot and muggy today and the clouds are very dark. It will rain and thunder too. I run to my dad when that happens. I don't even want to play in the house when there is a storm. Too noisy and I get scared even though mom and dad are there. They keep saying that I'm a brave little girl but I don't know. Oh well, it gets overwith and the sun shines again the next day.

    Everyone take care and please help Sharkey get back to her normal size. See ya later. Love, Gracyn.

  • love the cute cut outs of Frenchies...chewed one up did ya? soooo, did you ever find Sharkey?

  • Hi Girl Friends, Franny, how could you not find Sharkey?! You two are always together, as far as I can tell from your blog. Me thinks that Sharkey was behind all of this fooling you technique. I guess you are going to have to pull a fast one on her when she least expects it. Have fun! Love, Dudley Do Right xoxo

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